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A fan asked Perry Farrell on Twitter asked about progress on Jane’s Addiction’s fifth studio album, Farrell responded by saying, “We’re getting together on Friday.” Farrell told GrungeReport.net two months ago, “There’s over 60 lyrically written and then there’s probably 38 recorded, but they were not Jane’s Addiction, they were mine, for the next project. The next project’s going to be a really interesting affair, never before done in history. It’s going to be immersive theater, like a musical or a play. I’m going to have Jane’s writing one record and then I’ve written another one that’s electronic. It’s theater, and in some cases, the scene takes place out in a place like Phuket or a region like that in a bar or a club, so you’d be listening to dance music. I’ve written that part of the show, which is the first half of it. In the second half of it, lyrically, I have many song melodies, but they haven’t been recorded or worked with Jane’s Addiction yet.”

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/chrisedwards chris

    It’s weird, Brett. JA was one of those bands that, at a point in time, I swore I’d listen to for all eternity, but for some reason I don’t look back at their two stone classics the same way I do other records from the 90s I was into heavily. I still love the vibe on those records when I do pop ‘em in, though. That being written, while it is totally cool that an incarnation of JA is around and a viable touring act, something’s missing. I think it’s something in the form of Eric Avery. Every Jane’s record I’ve heard without him just missed that slice of the pie that made it all work in the beginning. His basslines, beautiful as they were, aren’t just it either. I’ve not heard all of their last one, but what I did hear left me going “meh.” What’s your take on that record?

  • Brett Buchanan

    The Great Escape Artist is pretty mediocre, the only song that feels like Jane’s Addiction is “Underground” which is great. I actually liked Strays quite a bit, the 2003 album. Not quite the same as the first two albums but damn, some really solid songs and melodies on that album, it’s very ambitious sounding unlike The Great Escape Artist. Great album to work out to as well.

    The first two Jane’s albums are two of the greatest alternative rock albums ever (Nothing’s Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual). “Three Days” and “Then She Did” are two of the most epic songs of all time. It’s a damn shame they broke up when they did in 1991 because they were well on their way to becoming one of the greatest bands of all time.

    Avery’s bass was a huge part of Jane’s Addiction, he’s my favorite bassist ever. Incredibly melodic basslines, it’s a shame they couldn’t do a new album with him. I’m happy I got to see him with Jane’s in 2009 though.

  • http://my-horror.com Pris

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, although the heavily implied grandiosity of the new JA ‘project’ fills me with mixed feelings.

    @chris, Brett:
    Here’s my take on the longevity of Jane’s Addiction:


    It was written before the release of The Great Escape Artist, which I find ‘pretty mediocre’ as well. Great expectations gone sour …

  • Old MR

    Great escape has been the only decent american made thing that has hit the radio in the past 2 years. New JA is the best news of the year.

  • Jason

    Nothing’s Shocking one of the greatest albums ever made.

  • Dan

    I really liked TGEA, especially the songs written with Duff.

  • b.v.

    I thought TGEA was surprisingly good. Not great, but way above mediocre.

  • Mark

    I’d rather have something from Jane’s rather than nothing at all, but I’d have to say The Great Escape Artist was a bit of a letdown. I definitely prefer Strays…and nothing can touch Nothing’s Shocking or Ritual…or the self titled disc for that matter!

  • Craigory52

    Please let this be better than Great Escape Artist. I didn’t care for it at all. I thought Strays was a great album from start to finish. Hopefully it’s more like that or their older stuff with a new twist of progression.

  • Sonic_Junkie

    Eric Avery was not only a great bass player, he was very involved with the song writing process in the old days. In listening to the newer material without him it’s pretty mediocre. They even had to bring in an outside writer for TGEA. It’s just not the same without Avery.

  • Mr. Bungle

    Escape artist is a fantastic album and even better than strays… i can’t understand how some people think it’s mediocre….

  • Deviate

    I like TGEA with the exception of a couple songs that don’t do anything for me. The rest of the album is good.

    However, I don’t like the way it’s mixed. (At least the digital download anyway). The bass is just waaaay too hot and sounds like it’s going to blow out speakers/headphones regardless of volume. It’s kinda strange. Almost like it requires a sub woofer and bass-blockers on everything else to sound right.

    I’ve heard similar bad engineering on other recent CD’s and MP3 releases before but this one has some really hot spots. But musically I think it’s a really good album.

  • Wam Meesly

    Any JA news is great news to me. Its without question that the work of 2003/Strays onward has not held a candle to the original lineups’ body of work.

    Considering how many incredible productions were released collectively by the camp from 1991-2002, its actually a rewarding sum. Porno For Pyros, Deconstruction, Perry’s Song Yet To Be Sung, to name a few, are all very impressive.

    I don’t know what club music from Phuket is, but if its Europop, I’ll pass. If its Satellite Party, I’ll listen.

  • JBJ

    Strays sounded like Bon Jovi! At TGEA sounded some ambition to do something new. Sadly, the dark voodoo went 20 years ago…

  • Cobainsweater

    Agreed. The band that made Strays and Great Escape Artist sound like a generic, by-the-numbers modern rock bro band compared to the magic that was going on amidst the first two records.

    I blame Avery’s absence and Perry’s enormous ego/meddling wife.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    Jane’s Addiction OWNS me. I can barely wait for a new LP and another tour (I was sick when they came to town last fall).

    I loved Strays (Perkins rules).

    Jane’s can do no wrong by me, I was in awe in 1988 and they never stop amazing me, especially if and when Perry gives interviews.

  • CagedTiger

    @Deviate: it’s that way on the CD too, mixed way too loud to the point where it crackles a bit. It’s a shame because the songs are great but the awful mixing does take away from them a bit.

    I think TGEA is a far superior album to ‘Strays’ personally, that album had a few good tracks but the rest was very average, none of the songs on there are as good as ‘Twisted Tales’, ‘Splash A Little Water On It’ or ‘Underground’ which are my 3 favourite cuts from the latest album. Also as someone else mentioned, at least you could hear them experimenting with their sound on it too instead of just making a generic rock record, which (for the most part) ‘Strays’ was.

    I don’t think they will ever release anything that touches the greatness of their first 2 studio albums though, those times are behind us.