Jeff Ament Storms Off Stage At The End Of Pearl Jam Show In Baltimore

Last night at Pearl Jam’s show in Baltimore there was tension between Jeff Ament and the rest of the band.  Eddie Vedder did not introduce Jeff during the band introductions, and Ament reportedly looked upset when Eddie failed to mention him and his mood changed after being upbeat earlier during the show.  Ament threw down his ear plugs and stormed off stage immediately with a pissed off look on his face when the show ended.

Hard to Imagine
Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
Lightning Bolt
Mind Your Manners
Given to Fly
Daughter (Walk on the Wild Side tag)
Present Tense
Spin the Black Circle
Let the Records Play
Setting Forth (Eddie Vedder song)
Unthought Known
Yellow Moon
Man of the Hour
I’m Waiting for the Man (The Velvet Underground cover)
Better Man (Save it for Later tag)
Do the Evolution

Encore 2:
Love, Reign O’er Me (The Who cover)
Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young cover)

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  • Bryan H

    I was at the show and noticed that Eddie didn’t introduce Jeff and saw Jeff walk off the stage first. I was in sec. 102.That made me do an internet search and was lead here. It was an INCREDIBLE show. I hope it’s nothing serious. This is my favorite band, they have made great music and continue to make great music. Sirens is in my top 10. They also put on an OUTSTANDING show. Whatever the disagreement was, it needs to be worked out. The fans and I around the world need Pearl Jam until we die.

  • karakenio [Ze]

    I hope is something serious; so we can get more Soundgarden. Hehe.


    • DownUnderTheUpside

      I 2nd this^^^^^

      • Rick

        I 3rd this^^^^^
        Music is in desperate need of more King Animal and less Lightning Bolt seriously.

        • Rival

          I totally agree with ^^^^ !!!

    • PUNK JAM

      :) your mean

      but i can understand, you want matt cameron to go back to soundgarden


  • Matt

    I was there, and this headline is kind of “sensationalized”….he didn’t really “storm off the stage”…I’m sure it was a honest mistake by Ed anyway, he was kind of doing intros then lost his train of thought when he got to drums (he said something about having two of the best drummers ever being there, said Matt Cameron was one, then started talking about something else and forgot to get to Ament on bass, that’s all…)

    • Ryan

      I was there too, and I second this account. And besides, does any member of Pearl Jam seem like they’re the type to “storm off stage?”

      Also, what about reporting on all the cool stuff that happened at the show. For example, it’s apparently the first time the band ever played in Baltimore in its 23 year history. Or EV spotting a super fan way in the back, and calling on him to rock out on stage during Rockin’ in the Free World. Or all the Lou Reed tribute stuff?

      • MindRiot132

        Yeah agreed, I was there too and while it seemed odd that he forgot to mention Jeff, it seemed like an honest mistake. Ed was doing his normal babble and they were all getting pretty tired at that point. Didn’t notice Jeff storming off either…

  • Superfuzz

    Lovers tiff… Eddie and Jeff are the tightest in the bunch.

  • Jaf

    :( I hope they’re alright… Eddie and Jeff have spent many years together.. I hope they’re not pissed off with one an other..

  • Dee

    Come on! After 23 years together you think that a silly episode like that can means something? Ed doesn’t introduce one of the guy? Well that guy can take the mic and jokes about. To me, Jeff was in a bad mood for his personal troubles.

  • Billy Corgan

    PJ without Jeff Ament is not PJ !!!

  • Big M

    These days this band is pretty drama free on the outside so I’d be really surprised if this was something serious. Time will tell I guess.

  • goon

    Eddie didn’t introduce Jeff in the Worcester or Hartford shows either.

    • sifting

      ament got introduced i was at the hartford show

  • Keiv

    He looks pretty calm to me

  • Shawn Murphy

    Here’s a video of the last part of the show. He certainly didn’t storm off but obviously didn’t wait for the bowing as they usually do at the end of the show.

  • Christine

    Seems very strange but seems like something that can be worked out. Hell, we’re all getting old, it may simply have been a senior moment.

  • JarJarStinks

    He’s obviously pissed that the kid was all in his space at the beginning of the song. Notice he doesn’t acknowledge him when walking off the stage. He likes to jam out for RITFW and probably just wanted to do it without worrying about taking the guy out with the neck of his bass.

  • AmentWhatIsaidIsaidWhatAment

    He’s 50, give him a break

  • Patrick

    what if he just had the trots or something? I’ve been in meetings before where I wanted to get the f-out a soon as it ended just to spackle the porcelain.

  • Joe

    Reported that he was in a hurry to shower and meet with a large group of friends and family who had attended the show. Nothing to the rumors.

    • Queen Vedder

      Exactly. There was no “storming off”, either. This should be a non-issue, but thanks AN for sensationalizing NOTHING.

  • Puget Sound

    Read on another site that when Ed did the band intros he said there” were 2 great drummers here tonight”, then introduced Matt but didn’t mention anyone else. That may have been a shot at Jeff or maybe Jeff’s rig wasn’t right for the entire show and they were pissed at the sound guys.

    • The grinch

      The drummer if fugazi was in attendance. He was referring to him and Matt. Ian from fugazi/the evens/minor threat was also there. Eddie had a huge hard on and mentioned him a few times. Ed always remembers to name drop his famous friends but can’t remember his band mates.

  • Jack Irons

    No rift… He was racing backstage to count his money!

  • swtKowalaPebbs

    Drama queens alert

  • RJC

    This band is never gonna make it

  • Peace Frog

    And I think Corduroy was replaced on the setlist with Not For You.

  • Vitalogy

    “This band is never gonna make it”?? Its been 23 years! Not many bands on this site have lasted that long without breaking up at least once. Have more hope for them. Eddie and Jeff have always been really close. If this even has to do with THEIR relationship(which i doubt) maybe he was sick? Or in a bad mood. Maybe something bad happened in his life? Its really none of our business anyways.

    • Spencer Willock

      Wasn’t the poster so IDK but I’m pretty sure the person who said “this band is never gonna make it” maybe, just maybe, was speaking sarcastically.

      Also, I’m with the “Jeff really had to pee” theorists.

  • Adam

    He had to drop a deuce.

  • Matt

    Yeah i’m pretty sure RJC was kidding. Either way Jeff did seem to leave a bit abruptly but I think the having to go to the bathroom idea is far more likely than some kind of hissy fit. Ive never met him but I don’t get the impression he’s like that

  • fsh

    I watched the video. Seemed a bit odd. They were still playing as he was walking off. When they hit the last note, he was already off the stage. Whatever he was going to do, he couldnt wait 10 more seconds? I suspect he wasnt happy about something.