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miracle posted this on the forums, a translation of Alain Johannes’ new interview.

I’m fluent. Will “transcribe”

“and at the same time i’m producing Mark Lanegan’s new record[and also Brody Dalle’s, Josh’s Wife]”

Radiohost: Now that you mention Lanegan, we here were able to interview him last year when he was performing here, and last Tuesday we played the song, whats its name? ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, can you tell me any inside details on how the new Lanegan disc is coming along?

Alain: Well up to this moment we have seven songs ready, there are still a few little things lacking. We are trying to find Josh, who is very busy with the tour and everything, to play a couple of guitars and something like that, but seven songs are almost ready, three are still left [to be completed]. i think we’ll be ready to mix the disc in June.
Jacobs ladder was done first for Rage the video game

  • Ben

    Jacob’s Ladder sounds good.
    I just hope Josh Homme is only playing guitar and not singing – his vocals are so boring and lifeless!

  • David

    I’m presuming Josh Homme means it’ll be a more “electric” record in the vein of Bubblegum & away from his earlier albums.

  • Paul


  • RödeOrm

    Fuck Josh. When i heard Burning Jacobs Ladder I thought the new album would be a little like the old ones, kinda “whiskey for the Holy Gost”, but now that sellout gingerhead comes along and will fuck it up.

  • Bronx46

    route 66 isn’t that a kmart brand? kmart sucks

  • Matt B

    @ Ben and RodeOrm – you are both lost in a forest of dilusion with no idea on what a good vocalist is or isn’t and probably music for that matter. Why don’t one of you try write a song half as good as Josh’s worst – you will surely fail. Boring and lifeless – save it. You deserve a smack.

  • Hernán Manzo

    Wow! we did that interview!
    it´s great to see that we contribute to some Lanegan´s news to the world!
    Greetings from Argentina!