Keith Richards Reveals Hot Photo Of Granddaughter


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has shared a new photo of his 22-year old granddaughter Ella squatting in a new photo for British Vogue magazine.

“Ella Richards featured in British Vogue/May wearing Clothes from her grandmother,Anita Pallenberg’s archive. A beauty!@ellarichardsr.”

Ella Richards was interviewed by Town and Country Magazine a few years ago.

Do family members offer advice about being in the public eye?

They tell me to behave, watch my back, and stay in touch. But they’re quite relaxed and let me do my own thing.

Do you like sharing your life on social media?

I get a bit nervous about strangers knowing what I’m doing. reported in 2015:

Ella is remarkably unaffected by her starry heritage. ‘I’ve looked at a few pictures of Maxime,’ she says breezily. ‘She was very tall, like me. With very long legs.’ She stands up. She’s wearing black AllSaints jodhpurs and her legs seem to go on forever. ‘My friends call me Bambi or Giraffe. I’m awkward and I’m always banging into things.’

She is mates with Lottie Moss and Florence Kosky, and seems close to her little sister Ida, who is 13 years younger. ‘The age gap is crazy… I’m like her sister and her mother!’ She also enjoys playing the LA Noire computer game and reading crime fiction.

Growing up on tour with his dad, Ella’s father Marlon is said to have learned to count by looking at the numbers on hotel elevators and his first words were apparently ‘room service’. But in his autobiography, Keith Richards commented: ‘Marlon is bringing up his own kids in a very secure way, hands-on all the time, because he never got that.’