In Revolver magazine’s new Soundgarden cover story, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil responded to Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan’s accusation that Soundgarden reunited only to make money and play old songs.

“I’ve read all of those criticisms: ‘Soundgarden are only reuniting to play their old songs!’ Thayil shrugs. “We’ve been working on this record for a year and a half, we told people we were, we posted pictures of us in the studio.. but still it somehow kind of got out there that we were playing all the riverboat casinos and county fairs!”

  • Hailey

    He handles it like an adult.
    Slight disappointment.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I wish Billy owed Kim money too…

  • the keeper

    I understand Billy’s contentment for bands who only recycle their old tunes for money instead of creating and constantly evolving, but man he should know what band’s do that before mouthing off on a band like Soundgarden that were in the process of making an album.

    I like Billy’s conceited rants, but in this case he knew fuck all about what is going on with SG

  • Brett Buchanan

    I think Billy should make his home page so he knows the correct bands to bash. Iha bashing is always welcomed though, Billy should host a James Iha roast.

  • Jafrica

    This whole argument is ridiculous and pathetic… It is however a known fact that the Smashing Pumpkins have played shows in Indonesia and other 3rd world countries, which have been sponsored by big tabacco companies who target children as there main customer demographic. So really Corgan should mull that over before he goes about accusing people of ‘cash grabbing’.. Asshole.

  • John
  • Is he one?

    It doesn’t seem like a specific reply to Corgan though…?

  • Britney Spears

    Billy Corgan needs to get all the orignal band memebers back first, then he can talk.

  • Jason

    @Jafrica How is that cash grabbing when the fee they would have demanded would have been the same “fee” any band of their nature would have demanded from any event such as the one they were asked to perform at? The fact that it was paid by a dodgy and controversial source has nothing to do with the supposed “argument” that exists…had the Pumpkins played only their old songs then yes, a cash grab under the current argument, but their set consisted of songs from Zeitgeist and Teargarden. The sponsorship is a whole different topic best left for another day.

    When Soundgarden reformed, were they not touring off their old songs? Did the label not release yet another G/H album (with one new but old track)? Can you blame anyone for thinking that they were perhaps on that road at some point before considering a new album? Either way, time has proven that they were not, thank goodness, so can we please just move on from this?

  • Is he one?

    100% with Jason here.

    I’m sure at this point Billy won’t say Soundgarden is only there for the money. 18 months ago, sure seemed like it. Maybe he was a little late in the news.


    @JOHN that petition is aload off shit if i was billy i wound still get sponsored by tabacco

  • Kirill

    I dont care if its for cash grap or whatever, Soundgarden is back and im more than happy about it. Of course releasing a new album always proves the band is for the nature of the game and progressing rather than staying put. However, i may give you bunch of bands that were here/there for the money after being split up for more than decade.
    The interesting thing or fact is that the band like this one needs to jam together and see how they feel before they release anything special. Its the same in sports, you assemble a team anew or even the old team after a hiatus and they need to play together and have some exhibition games to gel together before they go out and produce.
    And then there bands like SP, well mainly BillCo, hes biggest problem: he cant acknowledge the fact that not everyone in this world playing by the rules. I think BillCo strategy relies on margin, the more is better and he knows whats the hip today, so he could quickly write song or two. Whereas Soundgarden approach is rather wait and see.
    So BillCo get a life and stop teasing us about Smashing Pumpkins existence well after you call it quits, cas according to you, Nirvana should be still releasing albums even thou theres no Kurt Cobain.

  • Elle

    ^^^^^^What Britney Spears said :) :):):)

  • TC

    “riverboat casinos and county fairs”

    Love it.

  • Eric

    Has Corgan even heard the new Soundgarden disc? It is epic! Wouldn’t quite call it a cash grab when they are still putting out vital tunes – which is more than I can say for the new SP music…

  • Is he one?

    Can we please make it clear that Billy’s comments about Soundgarden were made BEFORE King Animal was out and BEFORE he knew about SG’s new music to come.

    As a hardcore Soundgarden fan, I was also very unhappy with their greatest hits touring and with their greatest hits album back in 2010 and 2011.

    Now I’m sure Billy is as happy as I am that SG made a new, satisfying record.

  • Tastes Grungey

    So where does he mention BC?

  • moltas granola

    this story is getting boring! i love sp and soundgarden and i don’t care who said what to whom or when. just listen to the music instead of bad-mouthing billy here (who seems like the fav target to bash) cause it makes no difference what so ever to what’s been said. yawn!

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    Can we please stop this whole “cash-grab” argument? This is how these guys live and pay their bills. If a band only wants to tour on greatest hits for the pay day to get the mortgage paid then so be it. It only works if people go to see it. If there wasn’t a market for it they wouldn’t do it. If you think a band loses their integrity by not making new music then don’t go to the shows. It doesn’t negate the fact that they have made music in the past that you enjoy and can continue listening to today. Just listen to the back catalogue, don’t support the new tour and be happy with that. None of these artists owe us or themselves new music. If they make a new album then great, and if it’s good even better, but at the end of the day an artist can do whatever they like with their art and how they choose to present it. If you don’t like it then don’t support it. Simple as that.

  • Is he one?

    @Creative Grunge Reference

    Fans are allowed to ask or at least to hope for some new music once in a while.

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    I believe the comments and discussion on this board go above and beyond “asking for new music”. They’re more along the lines of measuring a band’s worth based on what the fan believes they should be getting from them.

  • Megamania

    1. Where’s the mention of Billy in the article? I don’t have the article, so I don’t know how you got your headline. TONS of people criticized Kim’s band for touring and only playing the old songs, yet the headline mentions BC. The quote sounds like he’s just responding to general criticism directed toward the band.

    2. This dude toured with his band for several years and ONLY played old songs. Christ, they had 3 straight releases of compilation material before releasing King Animal (2 greatest hits, 1 live). If anyone other than SG did this, they’d be call sellouts. Call it for what it is, dude. You had to make a living just like everyone else.

  • Tastes Grungey

    I wouldn’t consider compilation material from the past to be considered art.

    Art is the creation of something. Regurgitating old material to hype up a comeback is simply a quick cash grab.

    That being said, these are professional musicians with plenty of credentials. I would say that a band like SG has earned the right to make some money from their old songs. If people are going to buy it, then why not?

    I would think that a decent portion of their money made from Telephantasm and I-5 went to touring costs and King Animal studio time.

  • spifftastic sex

    Oceania and King Animal both sucked so what now! Wait for the last true artistic band left to release their next album. The band is
    Alice in Chains

  • drew

    kim is a genius, true gentleman, an amazing musician, and a smartass!

    if you don’t support what they do, or any band, just don’t buy any records or ticktets……it’s pretty simple..

  • Is he one?

    I love Kim too.

    So many love both SP and SG, I don’t like all bad blood that’s trying to be created around here. Two of the definite best bands ever. :-(

  • Megamania

    Wow, there’s actually someone out there who thinks both Oceania & King Animal suck? I’ve given both albums a fair chance, and it’s my opinion that Oceania is pristine and King Animal is average. Can’t wait to see where SG goes from here, and I’m sure it’ll be a great improvement. @spifftastic I’m curious what your definition of “artistic” is. I’ve always thought of AIC as one of the elite bands, but I don’t think of them as artistic beyond their superb harmonies.

  • adrien

    billy corgan is totally right!!!!!!!!!!

  • unglued

    Stereotype commercial : If there are march of fans, then we would release the bundle for free and cheap price. there are no non-commercial band when we try to think about it. so let it be.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Corgan’s quote about their reunion is in the article right before Kim’s quote. It’s framed in a way that the reporter likely mentioned it to Kim, and I’m sure Kim’s read about it.

  • Grungy

    Bill fucked up and should get on his knees and suck SG off.
    SG KA is the only album that is true grunge.

  • Christine

    I’m a Pumpkins fan sans tat etc, have every track bootleg or otherwise, and I’ll say it again: Billy needs to just shut up. He’s already lost my MC&IS reissue $$’s …. don’t make me trade in what I own and get my tat laser removed out of shame. Billy: “Just leave it all alone (shut up and play).” I’m ounces away from having not only no respect but on the boarder of loathing not because of the stuff he is saying but the complete disregard for the successes of those who should be his peers. Do we have to play the NIN/MM Starf***ers video for him? He needs to go to Diva rehab, I’m convinced he’s lost his mind (lived in a bubble to long). I’m embarrassed to be a fan of Billy’s work at this point because all this drama is taking away from it. Other than lack of drug dependency he’s ‘interviewing’ worse than Courtney. It’s really embarrassing.

  • Megamania

    @Christine Why aren’t you bitching about Cornell, who started this feud? Also, if you think his interviews have anything to do with the quality of music he creates, doesn’t that make you a moron? If you’re embarrassed to be a fan, DON’T be a fan. You’re whining more than BC.

  • Alternadude

    Christine is intolerable.

    Vive Corgan and vive Thayil.

  • swyche

    Kim didn’t scarf down on a slice of pizza after that statement? Does he even read this site? 4,000 people like it on Facebook so someone out there does

  • Robert

    I like how Kim says it.

  • Versus

    Brett says, “The reporter likely mentioned it [Billy’s comments] to Kim.” This is apparently enough to title this story “Kim Thayill responds to Billy Corgan…” Responsible reporting at yet again.

  • Calvin McLain

    “It is however a known fact that the Smashing Pumpkins have played shows in Indonesia and other 3rd world countries, which have been sponsored by big tobacco companies who target children as there main customer demographic.”

    This is true. And anyone who doesn’t believe it and wants a link to the documentary showing the advertising it can be arranged…

  • 10

    @Calvin In third world countries, it’s usually up to local promoters to hire sponsors for shows. It works differently overseas than it does here, so it’s not accurate to suggest the bands had anything to do with these sponsors. Whether it’s MTV or Marlboro or Frito Lay, it’s not the band or band’s management selling the sponsorship in these countries.

  • Scott

    Billy Corgan, the guy that “reuninted” Smashing Pumpkins with himself as the only original member points a finger at other bands for making a cash grab? Give me a break a-hole.