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Here are a couple of quotes from Guitar Player magazine’s new interview with Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil.

“There are some things that sound similar in a sense to Down on the Upside, so it’s kind of like picking up where we left off. There are some heavy moments, and there are some fast songs.”

“I will say that Chris tracked a mandolin part last night. Rest assured, though, it was more in a Zeppelin way than a Renaissance way. After that, I grabbed the mandolin and we all had fun jamming acoustically. It will be interesting to see where we wind up.”

  • Robert

    To it would sound like a mixture between Down on the Upside and Louder Than Love with Led Zeppelin influence with a new direction combine which sounds like a pretty cool combination too me.

  • Ben

    Sounding good to me and I’m sure it will be amazing!

  • King Cornell 20

    Was kinda hoping he would mention Superunknown but DOTUS is one hell of an album in its own right. Can’t wait. Hopefully they can really progress their sound past Dotus as they did with each of their albums.

  • Denis

    DOTUS already has a huge LZ influence. The album is going to be very Led Zeppelinish, which is great!

  • Joe

    Oh shit! Damn! What the fuck? I was thinking they wold release something heavy, but they are worried about making a soft album. Bulcrap, I fucking hate soft rock, that’s why I hate Pearl Jam. That sucks!

  • Jimmy

    Hahaha, Dotus is not soft rock.

  • Matt from DC

    Down on the Upside is a fucking great record! Honestly I’m just happy that we have a chance to see them again.

  • tmekt

    @Joe – DOTUS soft rock? Really? Do Ty Cobb, No Attention, Never The Machine Forever or An Unkind sound like soft rock to you?

  • Gsus

    Down on the Upside and Led Zeppelin!!!

    That sounds Like something I am gonna enjoy a lot (heavy and diverse) from what I can make of that it sounds like it will be Superunknown with a bit more bite, not that there was anything wrong with Superunknown from beginning to end.

    God damn, let the good times roll!

  • King Cornell 20

    Neither DOTUS nor Pearl Jam is “soft rock”. There is nothing soft about Ty Cobb or Not for You

  • RödeOrm

    there is nothing soft with Gonna See My Friend or Comatose either. but if you cant extend your enough to at least appreciate calmer music, you sir, are a pretty close -minded person…

  • Philip

    Joe- you’re a fucking moron.

  • Grungy

    Both bands can rockNroll hard when they want@Joe nothing soft here.

  • Pete

    We are so lucky to even have Soundgarden together

  • Olivavu

    Pearl Jam are the best band ever!!

  • GrungeJunkie

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