Kurt Cobain’s Daughter Filmed Dancing In Hot Pajamas


Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain recently uploaded a two part video on her Instagram story of herself dancing to Foster the People’s “Sit Next To Me.” You can watch the videos below.

Frances Bean Cobain has shared her January 2019 reading list on her Instagram story, and it includes an issue of Playboy magazine.

The books I am reading in the month of January are:

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

The Captain’s Verses by Pablo Neruda

Salome by Oscar Wilde, Illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley

Also this issue of Playboy with Anna Nicole Smith on the cover.

The Playboy magazine features the late Anna Nicole Smith on the cover with the headline: ‘$450,000,000 Playmate.’ Other articles include: All The Littles Lies Behind Survivor, Xtreme Interview: Vince McMahon, and Playmates Pick Cars That Drive Girls Wild.

Frances Bean Cobain has done modeling of her own for Marc Jacobs in 2017, which is interesting now as Nirvana are suing Jacobs over a new t-shirt.

TMZ are reporting that Nirvana believe that their iconic smiley face design was stolen by clothing brand Marc Jacobs, and they have filed a new big money lawsuit. Lawsuit documents claim that in November 2018, Marc Jacobs announced the release of its “Bootleg Redux Grunge” collection featuring socks, shirts and sweaters with the MJ line and a squiggly yellow smiley face. Nirvana has owned the trademark to a very similar smiley face design since 1992, and the band think “Bootleg Redux Grunge” is a blatant ripoff of the design.

  • jamey

    Yaaaayyyyy!!! She just had me check out that song and I’m LOVIN IT…..I’ll check out some of the books she mentions…I’ve always wondered what she reads, as a BIG reader myself. (Music and reading are my two favorite things) so happy to see shes in a good place…but as reference to this song…..I hope she keeps man #1 chopped and dear universe PLEASE keep her away from that one!!! Her dog is cute…..wonder how many animals she has now?! I love that she loves animals and rescues them

    • jamey

      Dang Bean I introduced me to the foster the peoples song that shes dancing too…..oh my gosh, we must be feeling the same wavelength or something…..Haha. love being introduced to amazing music!!! Cant wait to check out couple of the books after I’m done reading the new Janet evonvich “look alive 25” stephanie plum series

  • Ivanov leftney

    I’m goin wowsers in muh trousers.

  • liltrixie52

    Is it really necessary to constantly refer to her as “Kurt Cobain’s daughter?” The dude’s been dead for 25 years, let his daughter be her own entity for once.

  • Troy Stephens

    Filmed? We date ourselves with such faux pas my friend . Videoed. 👍lol

    • Corndog

      I would have said taped:)