Kurt Cobain’s Bizarre Courtney Love Sex Collage Surfaces


Julien’s Live have unearthed Kurt Cobain’s collage commemorating the first night he had sex with Courtney Love.

Their description states, “A xerographed collage of ephemera pertaining to the night Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love consummated their relationship. The collage features a promo image of Nirvana above a Critic’s Choice article written by Bill Wyman for his Hitsville column in the Chicago Reader heralding a live performance by the band to take place at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago on Saturday, October 12, 1991.

Love had reportedly flown into Chicago that morning to visit her then boyfriend Billy Corgan of the band Smashing Pumpkins. After finding Corgan with another woman Love stormed out and ended up at the Cabaret Metro, where she witnessed Nirvana destroying Dave Grohl’s drum kit at the end of their set. Love and Cobain connected after the show and spent the night together at the Days Inn hotel on West Diversey, known as the Rock ‘n’ Roll Days Inn because of its history as a crash pad for touring rock groups. It was there they admittedly had sex for the first time.

The collage also includes an additional advertisement for the show as well as a room list from the Days Inn with corrections handwritten in ink. Cobain has also written the words ‘Our First Date’ in black ink across the left margin. The verso of the collage lists the address and phone number of the hotel.”

See photos below (of the collage, not Kurt and Courtney having sex):

  • Tracey McAdams

    Reads “Our First Date”, not “Daze”–although it does fit

  • Diana


  • Lanafaye

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  • Kay B

    She’s got the magical snapping pussy. They get around. She knew him for like 20 min.