The late Layne Staley’s car is being sold over a decade after his death.  The car is a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and is being sold by Layne’s father Phil Staley. Tavis posted the following on the official Alice In Chains forum:

Hey folks my name is Tavis… I have worked for AIC for a long while. Some of you already know me. Laynes’ Estate asked me if I would sell his car for them and I of course said I would. We wanted to give you fine folks first option on purchasing the car being it would actually mean something more to you than a non fan… I will post some Pics. The car is a 2000 Pontiac Firebird Trams Am with 26,000 miles on it. It is fully loaded with T-Tops and the Ram Air and WS6 package upgrades with dual leather electronic controlled bucket seats, stereo upgrade package with a trunk mounted 12 disc changer. 6 speed Transmission. there are many options on this car that Layne personally ordered from the factory… I will not get into a debate about price being it will be through private messages. any questions about the car make here please… Thanks in Advance, Tavis

Layne discussed his purchase of the car when he and his Alice In Chains bandmates were interviewed on Rockline in July 1999.  When a fan called in and asked Layne what he was excited about in life, Layne said, “Actually I ordered a new car I’m pretty excited about that right now.”  Staley then joked, “I wasn’t even planning on buying a car, I just wanted to go in and boss them around.”  After Sean Kinney and Jerry Cantrell talked about what they were most happy and excited about, Layne quipped back, “Hey you guys wasn’t he just asking me? Shut up.”

You can view more photos of the car by clicking here.

  • Kram

    That prick was not a Father. Why the f#*k did he end up with Layne’s car?

    He was a low life piece of scum, who only used Layne and came into his life after he saw Layne was a star.

    FU Phil. FU.

  • Jac

    Layne’s car is being sold by his estate…not specifically by his father. Am I right in saying that? I didn’t see Phil’s name in the forum post.

  • Jac

    Also…That car looks amazing!

  • John

    Well, we don’t know who owns the car now, and the Estate is just being a channel to sell it, anyway, I wish it ends in good hands!

  • Joe

    Well, if Pontiac shut down 3 years ago, how will I get the part of this car for maintenance?

  • Kris

    I think his nephew, Oscar, (his sister’s son) should have got it. Wouldn’t it be cool for the kid in a few years to say that it belonged to his Uncle Layne!?

  • b.v.

    Gotta love the license plate that says “CHAINZ”.

  • SV3N38


  • TKC

    Wow, grunge report, I need to be reporting for you guys, half of your stories show up 3 days after they are already out there circulating. Evidently Phil put the license plates that read CHAINZ on the car in honor of Layne so it makes sense that it’s in his possession. How he got it is anyone’s guess. Why he’s selling it, even a bigger question. I know he’s around, maybe he’s made amends with the parties concerned. Jerry C. announced that “papa Staley was in the house” at their final show of the 2010 tour in Vegas. The vehicle only has twenty something thousand miles on it so it’s like brand new, even though it’s a 2000 model. I had the same model back in the day, pretty fun ride until you try to climb out of it.

  • MJ

    Ugh, I hope Phil Staley doesn’t get the money.

  • Dan

    It’s pretty sad to think that Layne passed-away only three years after being so excited about buying a new car.

  • ha

    nice lookn car

  • Elle

    Cool car!! it fits Layne’s style.

  • Kristin

    Hi Du, hast Du vielleicht mal 1 Mio Dollar übrig ? breit grins
    Dann könnte ich den Pontiac kaufen – See you Kiss Mutsch

  • Brett Buchanan

    Nancy sent out an e-mail to her mailing list stating that Phil’s selling it, it seems like he’s selling it through the Estate though.

  • GwynnKatie

    It’s a beautiful vehicle, beautiful – – just like Layne.
    AIC Forever

  • Yourmom

    @It’s a beautiful vehicle, beautiful – – just like Layne.@

    Comparing a stupid car to Layne? OMG….

  • Raj

    That’s a sweet looking car, Layne must have looked pretty badass driving it.

  • me

    Layne had good taste. def a Layne kinda car to jam some tunes driving around wearing his trademark sunglasses. hope this car goes to a true fan. you’ll have to jam some AIC and post a youtube video when you get it.

  • Allura

    Wow, what a gorgeous car. Would love to have it. Wish I could afford to buy it from them. :(

  • whisky

    Nice to know Layne was a manly manual man. Automatics suck.

  • NiceNcleaN

    I drove one once boy it was fast and furious plus if had NOS which would pull you back in to the seat. I bet Layne use to love driving that car. Blasting Angry Chair from the speakers as he blew past everyone.

  • Elizabeth

    No thanks. I like my 2000 T/A WS6 better =)

  • ben dover

    i would love to know as a music fan what either casette or cd was left in the stereo. what he was listening to.

  • Scott McLean

    i wish i could buy it just to keep it for Layne, or I mean what he would want for it.

  • Scott McLean

    i am an idealist just not much money.


    perhaps “someone” needs some cash in the fam. something they never had in a real way before layne had a little to share or steal from. broke.

    my thoughts are of laynes coolest moments.


    a good thing to have in tough times.


  • Kathrin

    I hope that it gets a true fan. Unfortunately, I have not so much money and if it would be nice to know that the money on ths would donated.

  • AK

    phil is a low life. once he cam back into Laynes life all he wanted to do was drugs with him he used layne and is still doing so

  • Jenna

    Laynes Dad gets half of his estate. Ends up with a young girlfriend obviously hanging out in Vegas. What does that tell you? The guy probably blew most of his sons heart earned cash. If that’s the case Karma’s a bitch. He’ll probably die broke and alone.

  • Em

    and sold today apparently …

  • J

    Whoever buys that car will be haunted by layne staley himself…although I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that. But yeah, this is just sad. This wonderful dead man has helped my depression with his depression. Turns out the main person (or thing) that caused his depression is selling his dead son’s car for money. The human race just keeps on getting better.