This was posted a week ago on the Alice In Chains forum, somehow I missed it then.  After Layne died Jerry got Layne’s cat Sadie.  Here is the story:

Many of you know the story of Sadie, Layne’s cat. She made an appearance in Jerry’s Crib’s episode, along with his brother, David, who just notified us that Sadie passed away. She was 18, she passed away the night of the Seattle show.

  • Nobrein Sage

    oh man

  • Tchelo

    Sounds like a huge coincidence. Maybe not.

    Maybe Layne saw AIC recording the 3D-shit DVD in Seattle and felt like he was really forgotten by the rest of his band mates.
    Sadie joined Layne now.

    The new era of Kravitz in the vocals is a reality.
    Full respect to AIC to continue, but it should have a different band name.

    Damn… you are truly missed, LAYNE.

  • Matt

    Is everybody pissed about the 3D dvd?

  • David

    “Is everybody pissed about the 3D dvd?”

    3D is a badly thought out gimmick which isn’t going to last….just like all the other times they’ve tried it.

  • King Cornell 20

    This is sad news. I respectfully disagree with you all about the 3D show. I think it is at least worth a try and even if it is a bust, at least you can go and watch an AIC concert on the Silver Screen. It generates some publicity at least. I understand your point, however. But it’s the Kravitz comment that really surprised me. IMHO, William may look like Lenny, but doesn’t emulate him at all. William is a great musician and singer and a worthy addition to this band, which absolutely deserves to be called AIC, especially after BGWTB. The fact that Jerry continued this band is a testament to Layne’s legacy and he has done him proud.

  • Carter

    sadie?? his cats name was yttik right? damn. thats a national tragety right there.

  • Carter

    BTW i agree with Tchelo and David. Their gonna slowly ruin something good

  • Robert

    RIP Sadie and she is with Layne in Heaven.

  • Larry

    I guess everybody is entitled to their opinion…but is all this negativity regarding the new version of AIC really necessary? I have been a huge AIC fan for as long as I can remember. I have the SAP EP on cassette for Christ sake! Is the band different with William? Absolutely! But the band is still great! If you don’t like it, then don’t listen. And why are you wasting your time bashing it? I’m sure there is another band that you like much more that you can listen to and say good things about on blogs elsewhere. I can load all my AIC music onto my media player and hit shuffle and it ALL sounds like AIC to me. I love the music for what it is! I don’t dislike it because it’s different. Everything changes. Tripod does not sound like Facelift. Their EPs were a huge departure from their studio albums. As AIC fans, we all embraced it. Stop being so narrow minded and learn to love the music for what it is…just GREAT music!!!

  • Maverick785

    After following this debate for…well, way too long now, I’m ready to postulate the following:

    Disregard (maybe even hate) for the new AIC = You’ve never seen the current lineup live. Simple. Those who have and are still pissed off are a minority.

  • dakotablue

    Not disregard or hate for the new AIC–just saw their San Diego show.
    But is there something missing? OH HELL YEAH.
    They sound pretty good but Layne’s voice was so fantastic, he will forever be missed.

  • Aaron

    I saw them on Blackdiamondskye all 3 bands killed and AIC was amazing! sure you can’t go back to the old days but man, After seeing them live, it makes perfect sense that they can continue with will.

  • Elle

    No not the cat and the night of the Seattle show? cat RIP Sadie!

  • http://grungereport Josh

    Why would they change there name because of laynes death? layne might have been the frontman and the image but jerry wrote like 60% of the songs. jerry has every right to keep the bands name the way it is

  • Tchelo

    Josh, ignoring the fact that Jerry’s lyrics and riffs are 50% less remarkable without Layne to interpret them is purely weird.

    Just to make myself clear here. There are 2 different things discussed.
    1st: There is not hate concerning the fact that AIC is back. Not at all! Actually, I fcking love “A looking in View” and enjoy “Private Hell” a lot as well.

    However, there comes the 2nd point: this is a new band, which all AIC’s members, not only Jerry, deserve to seize the incredible results and enjoy their time playing live!!

    RIP Layne.

  • bon3z

    “jerry wrote like 60% of the songs”
    if you mean liryx he wrote a little less than 50%
    so yes, Layne wrote more… :D

  • Recluse

    After seeing the new band for the second time in Seattle, I posted this. It seems more appropriate here than in it’s original Seattle thread. Again just another dudes opinion…

    “I’m the most skeptical guy on Earth and I was dead against AIC reforming. I’m anti reunions in general, but it’s a whole other story when you don’t have the original or classic lineup. And it’s just further down the shit tube when you have to replace a singer, and that singer is Layne Staley for fucks sake.

    I personally would have liked to have seen these guys change their name rather than compete with their past. I have been won over though. William is amazing and I am certain that the band with him is still Alice in Chains and he is the best guy they could have possibly chosen. The show was great, the band wasn’t perfect, but good nonetheless.

    The highlight IMO was Junkhead. Truly powerful as hell. As I was watching this band dominate that song it was clear how great and powerful they are and how much they deserve their recent success. Honestly though, I couldn’t help but think how much more amazing it would have been to see Layne turn himself around somehow and get himself on that stage with those guys after so many years apart.

    If history hadn’t written itself in the way that it did, an AIC reunion with Layne would have been nothing short of mind-blowing. Much more exciting than seeing Soundgarden back after so long. (I say this as a bigger SG fan than I am of Alice). Soundgarden is still great, but aren’t nearly as powerful as they once were. Alice in Chains on the other hand… they’ve still got it.”

  • Misty B.

    Oh please…. his cat died…RIP Sadie?? Get a life…

  • Riley R

    I saw AiC live recently and I actually like some of the tweaks that William has done to some of the songs. God Am seems different and so did It Ain’t like that. So, the new version of AiC has it’s benefits. Look on the bright side, guys.

  • shaungreenly

    I very happy that AIC is back in full swing. They are still a very good band with William DuVall as the new frontman. Jerry Cantrell has always been the centerpiece of AIC. He has written or co-written about 90 percent of AIC’s music and has also written about 65 percent of AIC’s lyrics. He is a very talented musician with a good voice. However, Layne was an amazing singer and excellent frontman and was the voice and image of the band. When you think of Alice and Chains, you always think of Layne Staley. Drummer Sean Kenney and bassist Mike Inez are a solid rythym section and have been for a long time.
    It is just nice to have the band back in action, even if its without Layne.

  • dakotablue

    hey Shaun, “Jerry Cantrell has always been the centerpiece of AIC”? What planet have you been on? Jerry’s a great guitarist, songwriter and harmony singer, but he was never the centerpiece of the band. Although he’s the leader now, it was obvious to me at their San Diego show that Jerry doesn’t really interact with the audience except through the music. So William has taken that role, which was Layne’s.

  • JD

    whether anyone likes it or not the guys are making and performing music and are enjoying doing it :)

  • dakotablue

    so Sadie went ahead to smooth the path to death for Layne’s brother and Demri’s brother, too
    RIP and sympathy to their families
    Layne, always missed

  • Swedish Grunge Kid

    Just imagine what that cat saw..

  • mara

    Layne got Sadie from me. She was the last offspring to survive from her mom, Isis. She out lived her brothers Troll and Owler, and sisters Olive and Misty!WHen I asked Layne why he had chosen the name he told me it was his chosen name for his daughter.They are together again at last.
    Im very thankful that Jerry took her after Layne had gone. From the looks of it she lived the rest of her life in cat Utopia. I have no regrets about Layne having her and I am glad he had her to love through all the horrible parts of his journey.

    • Tammy McKelvie

      Do you know exactly when Layne purchased Sadie? She looks like a purebred cat. Was she?

  • the VMNT

    @Misty B.

    Please direct your negative energy elsewhere. Sadie and Layne were fucking awesome. Kickass cat, Kickass singer.


  • Dan Da Bear

    Layne Is a Rock God! Of course we miss and love him still, however, just because Roger Waters is not in Pink Floyd anymore, would that mean you would not but a ticket to see David Gilmour? Im pissed that the one song they did as a specific tribute to Layne, Black/Blue, which is like 2 fuckin minutes long! Really Jerry, the best You could do was write a mini-song with fuckin Elton John playing a few keys on the piano! Fuck you Jerry! you should have commited Layne into treatment against his will, he would be alive. So support Chains because its the respect due, but Cantrell can go back to his Oklahoma farm and go fuck himself for not being there for layne, DICK!!!

  • Liv

    Ok don’t be dissing Layne nor Jerry. I am sure as hell Layne has a smile on his face up there in Heaven while holding his beloved Cat sadie that they moved on without him. I am sure that is what he wanted. Don’t give Jerry a hard time just because he dedicated the whole album to Layne. Jerry loved Layne just like a brother. When someone is not willing to live anymore what else can you do honestly? I’ve seen this way way to many times and it breaks my heart. I am a nurse in a rehab for drug rehabaltion they come and they go. Its always sad to hear when they wanna give up totally.

    Right now I can’t stand AIC fans especially the one’s who have been listening to this band just long as I have diss the new line up and etc.

    RIP Sadie and Layne

  • vivi

    Now We need to say RIP Mike, well you are together now! miss you LAYNE,,, MISS YOU MIKE RIP BOTH!

  • chris

    what breed of cat was sadie?