Mad Season, 1995.

Barrett Martin recently revealed that “Locomotive” featuring Mark Lanegan, the first single from Mad Season’s upcoming ‘Above’ box set, will be released soon. Now, has uploaded previews of all songs from Mad Season’s new box set, including the tracks featuring Mark Lanegan and audio tracks from Mad Season’s 1995 concert at the Moore Theatre in Seattle.

You can preview the new tracks from Mad Season’s ‘Above’ reissue here.

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip.

  • Ben

    What a tease! Can’t wait for the release!

    I really hope one day they will release all the instrumental tracks even if they are just demos.

    Infact it would be great if they actually teamed up with Mark Lanegan under the name Disinformation and released a new album – unfortunately I doubt this will happen though.

    Either way I’m just glad we can hear some of these tracks and the live DVD release will be awesome! I never expected this too happen.

  • lilrockable

    ^^^ right? Yeah I’m excited for this but I wanted those demos. Think about it could have been a four disc set, the above remaster, the live album, the DVD, and the Disinformation songs. Mad Season’s Disinformation could have been a tribute to Layne and John in the sense that Temple of the Dog’s self-titled was a tribute to Andrew Wood. Again, I’m grateful that this is coming out, but I don’t like the idea that they are wasting very good songs

  • Ben

    All we can do is hope that these songs do meet the light of day…. one day!
    I agree – releasing them as a tribute album would have been perfect. I was a little disappointed when it found out that only some songs were being released and not all the whole recordings, but as I said above I didn’t expect to ever get to hear the second album so I’m pretty stocked that we will get to hear atleast a few songs off it!

  • paulonious


  • me

    neat piece of music history. thanks paul

  • Brett Buchanan

    Can’t fucking wait for these three new songs, clips sound very promising.

  • YUMMyyyyyy

    Layne was a big dude

  • Kram

    I haven’t looked forward to a music release in so long. Cannot wait to watch the live show with DVD quality and surround sound!

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  • Mia

    I’m getting so excited about this! The new songs with Mark sound very promising and I can’t wait to see Live at the Moore on DVD!

  • lilrockable

    yo Brett AliceChains have almost released their new album title
    , go to blabbermouth

  • bon3z

    Doesn’t sound like Mad Season a lot, but still i really want this stuff… Top#1 band, along with AiC, BMelon, Buckleys (both)

  • MindRiot132

    Can’t fucking wait, this is going to be so bad ass. Oh and Lanegan can do no wrong, new songs sound amazing…

  • Deviate

    Dunno how you are hearing previews. I don’t even see the play buttons. But whatever, April ain’t that far away. I can wait.