How Many North American Shows Pearl Jam Will Play In 2018 Possibly Revealed In New Rumor


Below are the latest rumors regarding Pearl Jam’s 2018 touring plans from the Ten Club board.

LeafsJaysCubsRaptorsFan posted on the Ten Club forums:

7 shows 8/8 and 8/10 Seattle. Boston and Chicago. Forget where the other one is.

juliefer posted:

Mariners schedule has Sept 29, 2018 as CCFA night with Mike doing the national anthem. So if there is a fall/winter tour, it is either not around that date, or they will be near Seattle at the time. So if it is a bunch of PNW dates, then I guess that info really doesn’t help us figure anything out either way, but I thought I’d add it to the mix.

kerbjack posted:

If I want to read more into Dimi’s posts lately, there is a new profile pic and Eddie with Canada flag on his Twitter, and he posted a PJ in Vancouver video from 2013. Now that may be digging far too deep…and BC is pretty ‘Northwest’. But there will be a tonne of us from Western Canada in Seattle if there is Safeco shows.

DSTRUB posted:

Dimi has only hinted towards Wrigley. Let’s play 4! lol

There have been a few confident people with “sources” to Safeco and Fenway. That’s all we have, keep them coming though!