Marilyn Manson Reveals Bizarre Dream He Had About Justin Bieber’s Naked Nipples


Marilyn Manson described a recent dream he had about Justin Bieber in a new Sun interview.

“I don’t want to judge him as I’ve only met him one time. It’s strange, I had a dream last night where he had grown into the size of the Hulk but he was all yellow.

“You could call it a nightmare I guess, he was shirtless singing Christian rap. It was weird. He had nipple piercings too — I’m not making this up!”

But hip-hop star Lil Uzi Vert seems to hold Manson in much higher regard. Manson says: “He said, ‘you’re real’ and while he grew up in a very different world to me he reminds me of me. I like his voice, approach and that he gets rock ’n’ roll.”

Manson also discussed Bieber in a new Yahoo interview.

“It’s arrogant of him to say he made me relevant again. I think it’s ignorant to be arrogant. He has obviously figured that out about himself when they first started doing retro T-shirts for bands that are still around. This is a different wave. It’s almost like us wearing your brother’s punk rock T-shirt, but in a genuine sense. It’s strange to be part of that new element of pop culture. To me, people like Justin Bieber are not the same as other people like, Lil Uzi Vert, who I met and hung out with. He’s the same age as Justin Bieber and is a totally different person in every way possible. I don’t know Justin Bieber that much, but I know Lil Uzi and he’s a rascal. He has the potential to be great. He reminded me a little bit of me when I was starting out.

But it’s strange to become that type of symbol. I’m not really sure how to process it. It’s not like being dead and being famous. It’s not being alive and being a part of history. And it’s not being a parody or a cliché — you know where someone wears a heavy metal T-shirt to be ironic and they never listen to the band? It’s none of those. But I think it’s a good position to be in, because I think it proves the confusion that I was looking to create. It managed to seep through. There is some part of the world that still has a sense of history. Now, maybe it’s not always correct or what we want, but at least there was enough of a dent for someone like Justin Bieber to think he could put a dent in it. So that it’s a little bit of a ball of confusion.”

  • Trovoid

    Today’s wave of rap artists like Lil Pump, Lil Uzi, Kodak Black, Lil Yachty seems like a big inside joke. Never been a huge lover of rap anyway but if you ever want to torture yourself listen to these guys. It’s laughable, they take pride in being ignorant and I’m not even exaggerating. That or they’re just literally that slow..

    I agree with Manson about the shirts and throwback element of our culture now. Everything is nostalgia fueled and borrowed from other decades. It’s amusing to me though that these older artists meet up with these young talented schmucks. It’s like they’re desperately trying to keep up with the times. I don’t understand why they embrace mediocrity.