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The latest issue of Mojo magazine has a new interview with Mark Lanegan where he discusses his new album Blue’s Funeral. Mark mentioned in the interview that his collection of tapes of musical ideas he has to usually draw on for an album was wiped clean, so he had to start from scratch. Mojo writer Keith Cameron also gave the new album a very positive review, giving it 5 stars. The review states, “The stranger returns. After seven long years singing other people’s songs, Mark Lanegan proves that he keeps the good stuff for himself.” Here are a few quotes from the interview:

“I really like [Blue’s Funeral], and I can’t say that about all of the records I’ve done. If I heard it now I wouldn’t hang my head in shame.”

“[All of the songs on the new record] were written right before or during the period when we recorded.”

“Generally I write on the guitar, but this one I started a few with the keyboard and a drum machine, to do something different. With Al [Johannes], I can show him something on acoustic guitar and give him a description and within a couple of hours it’s done.”

  • Shwax

    Nice to see Al Johannes is also working on the album. Lanegan is a great songwriter and singer, but Al definitely helps bring everything together.

  • drew

    can’t wait!

    good job mr.lanegan!

    maybe a lanegan/cornell track?!