According to, Barrett Martin stated in a recent Q&A with Jet City Stream that Mark Lanegan will sing on some songs on the new Mad Season album. The songs Lanegan is singing on were originally written for Layne Staley to sing on. Martin and Lanegan were bandmates in the Screaming Trees from 1991 to 2000, and Lanegan contributed vocals to two songs on Mad Season’s first album (Long Gone Day and I’m Above).

  • atomic

    Holy shit!

    Although ML only singing on “some” of the songs allows us to continue to speculate. I’d like to hear some Cornell on it, with perhaps a Hungerstrike reuinion? (Cornell/Vedder duet)

  • MindRiot132

    Yeah I hope they choose very carefully who will take the reigns on the remainder of the songs (if they’re not instrumentals or something). Would be great if they had some outtakes from Above with Layne on vox…Lanegan is far and away the best choice. Great news.

  • Scott

    That’s interesting and knew they were going to come back. AiC did and so should they.

  • Elle

    Yess in deed, I was so hoping for this can’t wait to hear the new Mad Season album.

  • King Cornell

    Excellent. And the rest of the songs will be performed by…Cornell? I hope so.

  • Peace_Frog

    Id love to see Eddie, Chirs, Mark(confirmed)Cantrell among other to contribute as long as it still felt like a cohesive album. Im not looking for a soundtrack. In order for it to sound like a full album, I kinda think they need one singer for the whole thing. The thought of other singers sounds great in therory. But in a way, Id like it to be a Mad Season part two. Sure no layne, but they could atleast stay as true to it as they can. Obviously it sounds like there will be multiple singers. Kind of a bummer imo. One solid album would be great. And so, we wait to hear of the vocalist for the rest of the songs. Very strong candidate out there. I just hope it doesnt sound like a tribute album. On the other hand, have a song sung by anyone I really wanted to hear, I doubt Id be complaining TO much. Very mixed feelings on this project.

  • Triz

    anymore negative mr frog?

  • babar

    what about the singer from Shinedown or three days grace?

  • jjc19461

    Fail troll is fail, babar. What about Chad Kroger from Nickelback?

  • Fuzhi

    Awesome, I hope Lanegan will sing all the songs

  • Paul

    Really awesome, excited to hear this. Lanegan is the only guy who makes sense for this project, why you guys are suggesting Cornell or Vedder is beyond me.

  • YUMM

    Awesome. It would be better if it was just Lanagen but thats a great start.

  • g

    no eddie, no chris… i think jerry would be a good fit, if he desired.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I’ve always enjoyed Lanegan in small doses ie: mad season, qotsa so to find out he’s only singing on a few sounds great to me.
    I’m not worried what they do with rest of album because they won’t tarnish laynes memory with this.

  • Matt

    I hope it’s all ML.

  • Jake

    why others being mentioned is a no-brainer. The band had Layne not just Mark. So another person makes it more interesting and the vocals would be more diverse.

  • dakotablue

    Agree with Paul ^^ up thread.
    Yeah the band had Layne so they didn’t need anyone else.
    Cuz Layne is the KING of sing!

  • drew

    additional vocals by mark arm is confirmed!

  • Kris

    This decision is perfectly fitting. Lanegan is the right person for this role.

  • Adam

    @drew – where was that confirmed!? i hope mark singing as well is true!

  • Ben

    Great news.

    I really do NOT think that Chris, Eddie or Jerry would be an appropriate choice for this project. I would like to hear someone new… someone who is a very talented singer but not well known and definitely not a Layne sound-alike rip off. If Chris or Eddie were to do a minimal backing vocals on a song or 2 that would probably be ok with me but I think leave it to someone else.

    I’m confident that Mike & Barrett will make the right choice. I do hope there is an instrumental track in the same vein as november hotel. Me = excited.

  • Tommy

    Great that Mark’s on board. Eddie and Chris is ridiculous… not the right feel. Think more Mark Arm, or King Buzzo, or Duff McKagan, even Josh Homme.

  • Brett Weir

    Lanegan should be the only singer on this album.

    That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Brett Weir

    I feel like any appearance by Cornell or Vedder, and /or Cantrell (who should be the last person on this album imho) would take on too much of a Layne tribute vibe, about which I don’t think this album should be.
    Certainly, I hope a lot of the themes pay homage to Staley & Saunders, however, I’m nervous it will turn into the ‘Staley Tribute Album’. He deserves a tribute, but not masquerading as the second Mad Season album. (or vice versa, Mad Season deserves better than that too)

  • GenXLady

    This is great news! Lanegan is indeed a fitting choice.

  • Lee

    I want Mark Lanegan, and only MARK singing lead on this album to bring this album to life….All other options fail in my opinion, no matter how good they are!

    Yep I know bands can go on without their original lead singer, several have even become so epic that you cant imagine them in todays times with the old singer at the helm. Time does funny things to people’s pysche. Having said that, Brian Johnston comes to mind as a more than suitable replacement for Bon however I cannot find anyone in my mind that can or could replace Layne. No one alive IMO can replace his voice however Mark can bring back his soul.

    This I truly believe. If the songs have been originally written for Layne, I only want Mark singing them..sorry if this upsets anyone else’s opinion, but I couldn’t care less not because I’m sure they couldn’t do a good job of it, its just that no-one other that Mark has the ability to bring Layne’s spirit back to life. Mark & Layne were spiritual brothers, if you don’t believe this, take another look at Layne when he introduced Mark to help him sing “Long Gone Day”…there is genuine love, affection and respect here. I believe Layne would love Mark to sing the songs writeen for him, the empathy that Mark could bring to these songs would in my opinion only be his best work to date.

    Big call…mmm..I agree but anyone else singing on this album for me personally would just be singing to fill the space and I don’t want that. I also feel that the issue is not about replacing Layne but more on who’s gonna do the Bass work…now that is a whole different issue, which I will let others more opinionated (lol) than me, decide!

  • Dreux


    The instrumentals had already been recorded before Baker died. There is no “issue” with finding a bassist.

  • Dreux

    And I, too, do NOT want to see Cornell, or Vedder, or Cantrell on this album. I always thought of Mad Season as a very mellow, quiet band that creates a sort of “isolated” experience when listening to Above. Assuming this material is in that same vein, it would just feel kind of bloated with all of those names. I don’t want to see this become a big “grunge gods” album.

  • cosmicatomic

    I certainly have no problem with all Lanegan and that is what I’ve been hoping for all along.

    The only guy who I think should 100% NOT do it is Jerry. He simply should not impede on this band of Layne’s. That would be tacky.

  • Kirill

    As much as I like Eddie Vedder, i dont want him to be on this album, hes place is with his own band + Temple Of The Dog (which id like to see making a new album with Chris Cornell) As far as Mad Season, Mark Lanegan is a great choice and maybe throw Maynard James Keenan in the mix and wed have a blast new album!

  • Matt

    You all know you want Scott Stapp, Chad Kroger, and the singer of Wolfmother on this record.

  • Andrei

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  • dakotablue

    hell no to Cantrell
    he can’t sing that great and McCready already has the guitar covered

  • bon3z


  • bon3z
  • ParkerLewis

    thats awesome, mark lanegan is a genius and without him it would be not mad season!!! The new album cover is a very funny idea @bon3z :D

  • Jockser

    Seeing as we dont have Layne anymore, theres only one man to sing on this and thats Lanegan. Although doesnt Barrett Martin do some vocals now and again too? Bringing in a brand new vocalist and calling it Mad Season would be disrespectful to Layne

  • ParkerLewis

    i dont think so, he left the band in 1997. but i think lanegan must sing all songs, eddi vedder or chris cornell would be interesting as the other singer:)

  • Staley_Forever

    I really think having Shawn Smith from (Brad, Satchel) would be an excellent choice to have as a second vocalist on this album. I think he would harmonize very well with Mark Lanegan. I agree that Chris and Eddie should not be involved in any way,shape or form on this record as they would just not fit into Madseason’s dynamics, where as I think Shawn Smith would. I find Shawn to be highly underrated as a singer/vocalist.

  • Lee

    bon3z 1.58PM 24/7/12

    Got a big laugh outta this bon3z….maybe they could call the new album “BELOW”….just a thought! (kinda reflects Layne looking down below on them all and probably getting the biggest laught outta all this)!

  • Aliceinchainhead

    I think billy corgan would be the best fit…imean thats all brett posts about…..jk…but this is awesome news….Lanegan is more than perfect…him and William duvall…i keed about duvall too

  • Adam

    knowing mccready AND laynes relationship with the heart sisters makes, at least, one of them a high contender on this record.

    both those ladies are very close with aic and mccready. nancy and mccready wrote a tune for the rockfords record and it’s a pretty solid tune.

    i say we’ll seem them on it one way or another.

    who was saying mark arm is confirmed as a second singer?

  • Silent Snail

    Why don’t they get William Duvall to do it, he’s taken over Laynes other vocal duties.

  • KingKoCk

    Those stars on the fingers look so cool NOT! More like he put his fingers in a jar of those kids stars stickers, see what drugs do to your brain.
    What is the thing about this big coke head that people think is so cool anyway.
    That sandpaper voice that sounds like a mouth full of rocks?

    Oh he is so scary LMAO.

  • Silent Snail

    Kingcock have u not heard ‘Nearly Lost You’? Good song that one, bloody good song…

  • Dreux

    King, you need to learn the key of trolling: SUBTLETY.

    You need to understand the level of tolerance and intelligence of your target. You don’t just jump in and say the obvious things another pointer: be creative). It doesn’t work like that. It’s alright for a quick laugh, but it’s lazy. It’s so bizarre to me how the concept of trolling has taken over the internet, and yet 95% of the people that do it don’t even know HOW to do it properly.

  • Lennart

    I would be fine with Duvall. Check out comes with the fall NOW, he is an amazing singer. Chris would be fine by me too.

  • Breadbitten

    My life is now that much more complete.

  • bon3z

    @ “.maybe they could call the new album “BELOW”

    lawl :D cool idea!

  • KingKoCk

    Dreux I don’t agree with others about some of the so called brilliant artist’s here so go fuck your hand Dr Fraud. LMAO Yeah fraud. LOL made my self LOL when you people think some of the grunge gods are so talented. Half are dead the other half are still druggies.

    Layne is the best period and would out howl that mother fucker “Scream” in a contest.

    I have my right to say what I want so get use to it.

  • Dreux


  • KingKoCk

    Okay? FUCK YOU! I busted my balls to LOL at you, and that’s it?!? Now what am I supposed to do with myself? Make sweet love to my mother again? Fuck that! I’m going to go rub one out to good ol’ Layne, the one I WORSHIP like a GOD.

  • bon3z

    kingkock dont u dare to touch your mother, she’s mine!