Maynard James Keenan Calls Out ‘Entitled Snowflake Assholes’ At Tool Show


Maynard James Keenan discussed entitled snowflake assholes, including himself, at Tool’s Boston Calling performance over the weekend. WZLX reports that Keenan said the following:

“As artists, we interpret and report, that’s our job. We are merchants of emotion.

“We have the privilege to do that because of active and former law enforcement and military defending our right to do so.

“Those of you who are law enforcement and military, your job is to defend our right to act like whining, entitled snowflake assholes. Myself being one.

“Snowflakes, your job is to respect that I’m fucking doing that for you.

“Divided we fall. Don’t believe the hype dumb-dumbs, we’re all in this together.”

  • Stone Gossardish

    It is kind of funny a snowflake of all snowflakes “called out” others of his kind.

    This is no big deal, but it’s kind of ironic.

    • Christopher

      You only read the title, didn’t you?

      • Stone Gossardish

        I did completely. Thus, noting that it was ironic.

  • Jack S

    What he’s saying here is that we need to be united. Right… that part is obvious

    “Snowflake” is a term thrown around a lot lately when extreme right and left wingers clash.
    He’s upset about the state of the world and he’s concerned that we’re all being led apart by manipulative forces from various angles… and if you look hard and long at what is going on and where it could lead, you may see that hype out there really is toxic.

    Context: Watch the Puscifer “Arsonist” official video where he’s got the trump monster destroying the United States and then getting swarmed by people.

    When shit hits the fan, it doesn’t matter who dealt it – we really are all in this together.
    Snowflakes, liberals, conservatives, globalists… whatever you want to call yourselves and each other.

    Whatever happens, we really need to get over it and stick together. This is the message.

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  • Mike Turner

    What happened to “Think for yourself Question Authority”