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Here is an excerpt from The Vine‘s new interview with Tool/A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan.

On writing music in his truck, with the music turned up loud: “In general, [it’s about] isolation and being able to focus on the process. The truck just ends up being a functional space for that. It could be anywhere: the shower, a small room, a large room – as long as there’s no distractions.”

“It’s an isolated space without distraction, whether it’s the truck, or a room, or a closet.”

  • Coy

    I agree with him. That’s how I like to write poetry and stories…alone with good music turned up loud. That sort of environment really nurtures creativity.

  • Queen of Uncool

    Jesus. Don’t give it all away.

  • Mark

    Guess I’m just weird. I need silence to focus. Music is the last thing I put on when I’m writing stories or songs.

    Then again, Maynard is on a different planet, so it makes sense haha

  • Dennis


    “I’m working with a friend of mine on a biography”

  • Andrei

    Can’t wait for his autobiography!

  • Tonydaltony

    The mutha fookin CIA are in the back and between listening in on phone taps they correct your spelling.

    Nah..I’m kidding. But I’d did hear that when they wrote passenger it was about not being heard or observed psychically inside the safe confines of a metal roofed truck. Maynard had to thank Chino for suggesting that a car was a good substitute for the the small tin foil hat Maynard had become accustomed to wearing during intense and inspired song writing sessions.

    Sometimes goats think Maynard is staring straight at them.