Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that Pearl Jam are currently working on demos for their new album, and will record soon. He also said that there are 7 songs nearly completed, and another 15 they plan to tackle soon along with any ideas Eddie Vedder might bring in. He said the album should be out in 2013.

McCready also described the new material, “I would say as a cliché answer it’s kind of a logical extension of what Backspacer was. But I think there’s a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There’s a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there’s a punk rock edge to other stuff.”

  • Butthead

    Sweeeet. I hated Backspcer.

  • Calvin McLain

    Hoping what Stone said about Binaural is what they do with this one. Do something completely original and experimental in it’s sound and have it slowly work it’s way into the hearts of die hard fans. As opposed to having the typically catchy riffs and tracks we’ve grown to expect from each new album.

  • PJ

    Agree with Calvin. Skip the catchy songs and release an album that has more substance to it

  • NiceNcleaN

    Expect some more trippy long tunes unlike anything yet they have done.

    I can see some 7 minutes plus songs.

  • Craigory52

    I like experimenting just as long as it isn’t Binaural experimental then I’ll be happy. Either keep the crisp production of Backspacer or raw production like Vs would be sweet. Don’t go all muddy, muffled, and bland. I’m awaiting for some new great rock tunes that’s for sure.

  • MindRiot132

    I love Mike, but he is probably the least reliable when it comes to album releases. A bit too optimistic in his estimation, you always have to add about 6 months to a year onto his estimate. Even still, great news to hear.

  • FanGirl

    Any way you cut it – Jeff, Mike or Stone – something’s coming and I’m expecting greatness.

  • juca

    I love PJ, ;) great news, album with a mixture of punk rock and pink floyd? I was curious! hahahaha But the new album from PJ is taking too long.

  • Curmudgeon

    I smell a new album in September and a full US tour to start in October

  • Jack Irons

    Ed’s “Teen Wolf” finger nails on his right hand creep me out.

  • ShaneC

    They are going to experiment with how well they can make the new album sound exactly like the last 4 albums combined.

    I’ve seen them live, They are great!

    My favourite album is Yield. I havent liked a PJ album since.

  • sex



  • Patrick

    Punk + Pink Floyd = Not sure how to describe the sound of the new album.

    That could be a good thing.

  • Iowa Mike

    Enough of the power punk crap. Find the Yield vibe!…songs we can all sing to. And don’t bury Ed’s vocals in the mix. Just whip ass and hurry the fuck up!….cuz the AIC album is going to suck (it will, trust me) and we need this. Oh, and play some Midwest tour dates in cities that don’t just start with a “Chi” and end in “cago”.

  • ShaneC

    “AIC album is going to suck”

    Unfortunately, Iowa Mike, I know you’re right.

  • juca

    Punk + Pink Floyd = wonderful styles, punk rock ramones reminds me, and Pink Floyd (rock progressive) do not need to comment after the Beatles were the greatest band of all time!

    GO GO GO PJ! ;)

  • juca

    Mike McCready telling the truth??? :o mixture of punk rock + pink floyd = good thing going!!!! GO PJ! I LOVE THIS BAND :D

  • Glen

    The hating of Backspacer makes me want listen to it again but I hope they are less one dimensional this time

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    BBB = Bring Binaural Back

  • kez

    i like the sound of the pink floyd feel but not punk..im sorry but eds vocals are just terrible on their punk tracks he sounds like a cat getting skinned..dont get me wrong i like a little screamo in the low end like ed in 98 but not high pitch crap like ed does now

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    As long as they don’t have a “U2: POP” experimental LP, I think I’ll be okay….. (please don’t let that happen). Or that last track on Vitology, “Hey Foxymophandlemama, That’s Me” aka “Stupid Mop”, which should be removed from the face of the planet…., please gentlemen don’t ever experiment like that again. Gawd I hate that track. :D

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    PS: I think my fav might also be Yield.

    I tend to combine Vitalogy with No Code the way I combine The Beatles Rubber Soul with Revolver, then let Yield stand on it’s own the way Pete Townshend “White City” stood out (didn’t stand the test of time though the way Yield has done).

    Yield stands out to me the way Joshua Tree stood out for people who seemed to have missed 1979 to 1985.

    It’s like everyone who missed 1988 to 1995 grabbed onto Yield in a similar way. I think the difference is that Yield didn’t get as over played – where you can still hear joshua tree tracks at the dentist, you won’t hear a yield track.

    Great drumming on Yield, and I think Ed’s vocals were at an amazing peak.

  • shoegazer

    What makes PJ “experimental”? Their sound has been pretty straight-forward, no surprises throughout their career for the most part. Sure, the production has varied, but this isn’t a band that uses a wide variety of guitar tunings, effects, instruments, synth, harmonies, etc. I love that PJ always sounds like PJ. Their sound from album to album always changes a bit, but I think one of the things that makes them special is they don’t try to re-invent the wheel. They’re a great rock band, but I don’t think anything they’ve done is “outside the box.”

  • drew

    ah, not a wide variety of gtr tunings shoegazer? ten alone had 2-3 different tunings; std, drop d and some
    weird open tuning for oceans….

    vs had 3-4 as well………just tab some of their songs and you’ll see………….

    they travel with dozens of gtrs because of such……in terms of effects, look at mike and stone’s pedal boards!!

    ever heard you are by chance?

    boom is b3 master! f the fake synth tones!

  • subzero mccarthy

    Either way, I don’t think we’ll see super old songs on it. Off The Earth is at least 8 years old now. Don’t remember the last time they put out a song composed with in the era of the band (Better Man doesn’t count) on the next album in line.