Mike Patton Gets Punched In The Penis During Dead Cross Surprise Show In London


Dead Cross played a super surprise show in London, England and Alternative Nation were there to witness the chaos.

With just over 24 hours notice Dead Cross announced via social media channels that they would be playing a one off intimate show at The Underworld in Camden, London. With a band featuring Faith No More singer Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo ex-Slayer drummer it was no surprise that the show sold out within hours. The anticipation before show time was electric as 500 sweaty fans clambered into the tiny venue to watch Dead Cross’ first UK club show and only their 2nd gig in the country.

Just after 9PM the band emerged and it was very surreal to see Mike Patton in such an intimate setting. Tonight was always going to be hardcore, brutal and in your face and that is what we are treated too. The opening chords of ‘Seizure and Desist’ ring out and Patton stage dives 30 seconds into the show, on yours truly! You have to keep reminding yourself that Patton is now 50 and his energy in a tiny club as hot as hell is infectious. What we are getting tonight is a throwback to the punk/hardcore scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s and Patton is backed up well. Justin Pearson plays a mean bass and shares vocals, at one point Pearson wakes up a fan with the sole of his foot, the fan looks the worse for wear and we’re only 3 songs in.

The gig remains edgy, especially when a fan decides to punch Patton in the penis for the only reason that he is so close to the stage. Patton exchanges a few friendly slaps with his hands but gives a look back that could kill and tells the fan to behave themselves, saying “don’t make me” in reference that the fan will either be leaving with a few punches himself or ejected by security. In the end thankfully the situation calms itself down. Patton has never been one to shy away either and tells the London crowd that he doesn’t like the city though you can never quite tell if he means it as he says it with a smile. He does tell us that Download Festival was a drag and that comes as no surprise given that this band were made for moments like tonight not stuck outside in a field on a massive stage. The show continues with frantic speed and in the chaos of it all you rub your eyes not quite believing that one of the worlds greatest drummers Dave Lombardo is on stage. The man remains a beast between the sticks, after the show he was also happy to hang out with fans.

The band play their debut album in full including such highlights as ‘Obedience School’ and ‘Shillelagh’. ‘Church of the Motherfuckers’ gets a great response and they finish off the first part of the set with a surprise number- The Beatles classic ‘I want you’ (She’s So Heavy). The band return for an encore which gets the whole crowd going nuts as Lombardo launches into Slayer classic ‘Raining Blood’ but in classic Patton fashion it gets cut off for a snippet of Faith No More’s ‘Epic’ where Patton sings ‘You want it all, but you can’t have it’. The music stops the show is over and Dead Cross gave us just over an hour of bruising music leaving the crowd literally stunned that we had been lucky enough to witness this band in such a small venue.

  • Olga Stewart

    Was this a concert or a boxing match?

  • drlarrymitchell

    This “surprise,” it goes both ways, yes?

  • jeremy oliveria

    Beatles has to be a great cover

  • Outlaw Rebel Girl

    Ouch! When I read the title I almost spit out my tea and had to read it over to make sure I seen that was what I had read! LOL Mike Patton, most underrated vocalist ever! Please people, there is no good reason to punch him in the penis!

  • lima85

    It’s a Brit thing just like spitting in the Punk days. It’s their way of saying, ‘oi mate, your cock rocks’.