More News On Nirvana Reunion Performance With Joan Jett


Nirvana posted the above photo on their Facebook page a few hours ago.  The photo is of Pat Smear’s Fender Strat, Joan Jett’s Gibson Melody Maker guitar, Krist Novoselic’s Gibson RD bass, Dave Grohl’s DW drums.  Nirvana will be on The Tonight Show tomorrow and will perform at their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Thursday.

Below are photos of Novoselic, Smear, and Grohl playing the same instruments during their time in Nirvana (some may not be identical but they are very similar), along with Joan Jett playing her guitar.  Also below the photos, watch Foo Fighters and Joan Jett perform “Bad Reputation” in 2011 on David Letterman.


Krist Novoselic performs live in 1993 on the In Utero tour.


Pat Smear performs live on the In Utero tour in 1993.


Dave Grohl in the 1991 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video.


Joan Jett performs live.

  • Big M

    I mean this could work but…why? Michael Stipe or McCartney would have been such a better choice.

    • Christine

      Grohl should take the front and put either Chad Channing or Taylor Hawkins on Drums.

  • Djh62179

    This is wierd. Would\\’ve loved to have seen Stipe front them.

  • NevertheMachine

    This is one of those things everyone will bitch about until they see and it is sick awesome. Everyone complained about McCartney playing surviving members too, and that turned out great. Grohl and gang know what they are doing…

  • Boom

    Question from King Boom. Has the Nirvana members or the Joan Jett confirm that she be playing with band at RRHOF? Or is the young Brett doing the speculation due to picture of guitar?

    Boom out!!

  • Haris

    Her voice is crisp and rough and her tone can go way up there and break like Kurt’s. This is a good choice and it’s gonna be a good show. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT will sound HUGE!

    Can’t wait to listen!!

  • seattlesound

    Are you mad McCartney is not a better idea he cant sing probably he\’s about a 100 and Kurt always preferred Lennon it wound be a joke if they got McCartney to front the bandthey should get Dave singing and play guitar Kris on bass pat on guitar and chad on drums it will be a piss take if they play and pat is part of it and chad is not

  • Frou

    Krist is playing an Ibanez Black Eagle bass in that pic BTW. YW.

  • Frou

    Here’s a great Nirvana-era photo of Krist playing a Gibson RD bass. Cheers!

  • Frou

    Link didn’t work . It’s a pic of Krist with long hair wearing a Black T-shirt with the word power on it. It ‘s about half way down the page on Google images searching “Krist Novoselic Gibson RD bass. Good luck!

  • Tama Drummer

    the only guitar that is the same is what Pat is playing, which is the same Stratocaster. Krist used his Signature Gibson RD on the reunion, the older photo in Nirvana was Ibanez Black Eagle. Dave used a DW drum kit at the reunion, that photo below was a cheap Pearl or copy drum kit, only used for the video as it got smashed up, he mostly played Tama Artstar II or Granstar II during Nirvana