MORE ON NEW PEARL JAM SONG SIRENS: “I HAVE NEVER BEEN TAKEN BACK BY A PEARL JAM SONG LIKE THIS” reader/contributor PJ has given more thoughts on Pearl Jam’s new track “Sirens” off their upcoming 10th album:

“Ya know some people are gonna be let down by this comparison. Nothing will be like Black. This record isn’t coming out in 1991 and this isn’t the end all be all ballad of unrequited love.

But musically, I have never been taken back by a PJ song on my first listen like this and I love all their songs and am an obsessive bootleg collector. It fits the same mold as Black would if it were to just be released is my point. And yes, Mike McCready is as Dimi has said 1000000 times, God. On this one especially.

Mind Your Manners is an obvious first choice for a single of the four that I heard. The same as Save You, WWS & The Fixer were in retrospect. People like myself and those commenting on the boards about this are gonna eat this shit up regardless of what the single is. The general music listening population doesn’t know shit from roses so you won’t hear this song til October. They could have gone with the Uke song had it not been off Ukelele Songs but Mind Your Manners it the best choice. If you look back at the August 2009 leg they did before Backspacer was released on a Sunday in September, they were only playing The Fixer, Got Some and debuted Supersonic. I would expect the same and you will hear Mind Your Manners and MAYBE that Uke song because it’s not really new at the two July shows coming up.

Don’t know what else there is to say. Hope you’ve enjoyed what I have had to report but if you’re putting all your expectations in hearing Black 2… you’re for lack of a better saying… really fucking stupid.

Love your PJ. They’re the greatest band ever. Stop being so cynical about them. It is what it is. Matt Cameron is the greatest.

PEACE & you can all buy me beers in Brooklyn.

(Not calling you stupid, Brett. Love the site. Keep it up) :)”

PJ left a series of comments on our May 31st story about Pearl Jam’s Mind Your Manners single.

He claimed that when a countdown clock showed up on Pearl Jam’s website, the band would announce their full fall tour a week later. He said the date of the announcement would be July 8th. He also claimed that the tour will take place in October, and that the album is likely to be released before the tour and that it could come out on October 1st. Usually I wouldn’t buy into comment rumors like this but PJ was correct a month ago regarding Pearl Jam’s announcement date being July 8th.

  • jjc19461

    “Hey It’s PJ, i just want you to know i found a mole under my left ball and it is reminiscent of kim thayil’s beard. Prehaps a Temple of the Dog tour reunion is on the way with Soundgarden opening for the tour in October.”

  • PJ


  • K-Man

    Thanks PJ – this really sounds fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Ok.. So.. can you tell me if it is about a world tour or just an american tour?… ;)

    • Brain_of_K

      If i were putting money on i’d reckon that this will be a US tour, with European dates next year.

  • Dave

    It’s aback.

  • mgiusto

    Album release date should be August 27th, that will mark 22 years to the day that TEN was released in 1991, and yes, it is a Tuesday. ;-)

  • My head hurts

    Why can’t PJ tell us which Uke song it is? PJ is giving us descriptions and titles for the other songs. Doesn’t make any sense.

    • PJ

      I confirmed a post in the ten club forum that Sirens was one of 4 songs that were previewed for a lucky bunch in early May. It had a description that was 100% accurate.

      I’ve seen people guess in a thread which of the Uke songs it is and literally none of them got it.

      (Whoever said the Sky Is Falling is an impostor)

  • Pingfah

    I cannot fucking wait for this shit. Album-wise PJ have never disappointed me in 20+ years of being a fan.

  • Tom

    thx for info PJ

  • Limeade

    This guy may have heard Sirens but it doesn’t sound anything at all like Black.

  • Stone Fan

    Comeback was what many consider “Black version 2.0″ so maybe this is version 3. Hopefully, it’s not another Parachutes

  • CagedTiger

    Okay I’m gonna address the elephant in the room… I think PJ is full of shit and is looking for attention, he’d tell you which uke song it was if he was telling the truth, fact is he doesn’t know cos he’s heard nothing…

    • PJ

      Now I believe in nothing, not today

      • Hmmm

        So the uke song is “Sleeping by Myself,” then?

    • charles

      He’s already proven he’s somehow on the inside by announcing the countdown clock and other tidbits of news “before” it was put up. No reason to lie now and I for one believe him and can’t wait for sirens along with the rest of the album.

  • Big M

    hahahahahahahha this is ridiculous!

  • Shark of the Wire

    Well, the truth eventually surfaces
    As the old adage goes, “Give people enough rope…”
    tick tock




  • Loder

    PJ is actually Eddie Vedder spamming his way into this site :-D

  • Gonzo1977

    The description of this “Sirens” song sounds promising.
    It would be nice to have something that aims a little higher this time around.
    Hopefully it’s not another Amongst The Waves or Force of Nature..

  • Clem Halibut

    This actually worries me….”Epic Sounding” was what people were calling “Inside Job” , “Amongst The Waves” and “Force of Nature” -all of which turned out to be heaping piles of heavy handed dog shit.