Motley Crue Member Calls Out Bizarre Lie By Bandmate In New Video


Over the weekend, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx pulled out some old Motley Crue memorabilia in an Instagram live stream, including a Shout At The Devil demo cassette tape, which had an unheard intro. He thought it could potentially be the actual record, but leaned towards it being the demo version of the album. He also found an old promotional press kit, where he said Mick Mars lied.

“On bass guitar and vocals and at twenty-two-year-old … Nikki is an exceptional songwriter heavily influenced by Cheap Trick (which is true) and is the inspiration for Mötley Crüe’s music, so I took all the credit there, Mick Mars at 25 may be Newfoundland’s greatest claim to fame. Mick Mars lied, he is not from Newfoundland.

Tommy Lee at age 21 on drums is high energy personified. That doesn’t even make sense. When Tommy picks up the sticks no one sits still. Vince Neil, and they spelled his name wrong, the fair-haired 21-year-old will have the girls’ hearts throbbing … Vince commands the stage and his every move is watched intensely.”

He also found an old 80’s Motley Crue poster.

“Here’s a poster that showed we played the Whisky, Pookie’s Sandwhich Shop, Starwood and the Troubadour – it’s a rare find.”

  • jrev2020

    This is journalism at it’s worst. Nikkis statement is sarcasm. The real joke was that Mick was also not 25. Mick was just bsing around and saying he lied about New foundland is part of the joke and diversion. Mick is like 104 everyone knows that.

  • Trask

    I think it’s time we all start thinking about the world we’ll be leaving to Mick Mars.