NEW PEARL JAM SONG ‘SIRENS’ COMPARED TO ‘BLACK’ commenter PJ has left some additional comments regarding the material he has heard from Pearl Jam’s 10th studio album:

“Let’s just say, Mike McFuckinCready is a BEAST.”

On Mind Your Manners: “I would agree that Mind Your Manners might evoke a Spin The Black Circle feel (not that it sounds the same).”

On Sirens: “But there is this one that is just HUGE. A classic Pearl Jam, mid-tempo, ballady in a not Just Breathe kinda way, monster that wouldn’t be suited for a first single. But neither was Black. McCready is just unfucking real.”

PJ left a series of comments on our May 31st story about Pearl Jam’s Mind Your Manners single.

He claimed that when a countdown clock showed up on Pearl Jam’s website, the band would announce their full fall tour a week later. He said the date of the announcement would be July 8th. He also claimed that the tour will take place in October, and that the album is likely to be released before the tour and that it could come out on October 1st.

  • Andrei

    OK, I’m really getting psyched now! :D

  • Riley Rowe

    I guess this disproves that rumored track listing.

  • Craigory52

    Yeah that definitely was a rumored track list. Either that or it’s one that wasn’t finalized. Looking forward to hearing Mind Your Manners and Sirens. That’s cool that people are comparing them to songs like Spin the Black Circle and Black which were off of two of Pearl Jam’s biggest albums. Can’t wait to hear the album!

  • The grinch

    Your reporting on comments someone has left on your site. I have it on good authority that Scott Stapp and Scott Weilend are starting a hip hop band called MC’s Scott Squared. Your welcome for tomorrow’s headline.

    • trev

      Grinch….best comment ever

    • Creep


  • Ryan

    who cares?? wait til July 8 and then we’ll all know for sure…

  • Spoonman

    wow i cant believe all of the comments becoming headlines. like sometimes its appropriate (i actually provided accurate info on AIC’s last album) but man you dont need to make story from every comment. altnation < grungereport

    • Hooker With A Penis

      I think you sniff some PCP, and chill the fuck out bro.

      • Macgyver06

        I’m just talkin’ bout Dirty Frank

  • bbuttssmellgood

    I love me some PJ on white bread. I hear one song is about an animal. Mabey even a king.

  • Brett Buchanan

    I only have reported what this guy said because on May 31st he commented that there’d be a countdown clock and an announcement on July 8th. Unless he’s a great fucking guesser he has some hookup, so I might as well report some of the stuff he says.

    Also according traffic the last two days, AlternativeNation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GrungeReport

  • Big M

    While Black is not one of my favorites off of Ten it is still ten times better than the vast majority of stuff PJ has written in the last ten years. Actually if I had to list my top 50 pearl jam songs black would be closer to 25. Point is, I hope this guy is right!

  • PJ

    Ya know some people are gonna be let down by this comparison. Nothing will be like Black. This record isn’t coming out in 1991 and this isn’t the end all be all ballad of unrequited love.

    But musically, I have never been taken back by a PJ song on my first listen like this and I love all their songs and am an obsessive bootleg collector. It fits the same mold as Black would if it were to just be released is my point. And yes, Mike McCready is as Dimi has said 1000000 times, God. On this one especially.

    Mind Your Manners is an obvious first choice for a single of the four that I heard. The same as Save You, WWS & The Fixer were in retrospect. People like myself and those commenting on the boards about this are gonna eat this shit up regardless of what the single is. The general music listening population doesn’t know shit from roses so you won’t hear this song til October. They could have gone with the Uke song had it not been off Ukelele Songs but Mind Your Manners it the best choice. If you look back at the August 2009 leg they did before Backspacer was released on a Sunday in September, they were only playing The Fixer, Got Some and debuted Supersonic. I would expect the same and you will hear Mind Your Manners and MAYBE that Uke song because it’s not really new at the two July shows coming up.

    Don’t know what else there is to say. Hope you’ve enjoyed what I have had to report but if you’re putting all your expectations in hearing Black 2… you’re for lack of a better saying… really fucking stupid.

    Love your PJ. They’re the greatest band ever. Stop being so cynical about them. It is what it is. Matt Cameron is the greatest.

    PEACE & you can all buy me beers in Brooklyn

    • Mark

      Interesting. Any word on why a song from the uke album will be on this? is that definite?

  • PJ

    (Not calling you stupid, Brett. Love the site. Keep it up) :)

  • Jose

    So the Uke song is remade in Can’t Keep like fashion?

    I’m down for that…

  • Net Magician

    So much conjecture around this place

  • GwynnKatie

    Brett, Never defend yourself, just ask your Dad. There has been a new crop of haters and assholes to sprout out of the dirt as of late – I just ignore them and their respective useless negative comments.
    Keep up the good work.
    I for one am excited about the release of this new record from Pearl Jam.

    PJ said:
    PEACE & you can all buy me beers in Brooklyn

    I’d buy you a couple of pints if I could.
    I wanna hear you talk. Huge fan of Type O Negative. Voices.

    I Love Pearl Jam

  • Big M

    Whoa there PJ doing a little back-peddling now? Matt Cameron should go back to Soundgarden full time.

    • Macgyver06

      What you talkin bout crazy?

  • Limeade

    Just because it is a mid tempo power ballad doesn’t mean Sirens sounds anything like Black. And it doesn’t sound like Black at all.

  • Shark of the Wire

    What’s the point of all this speculation? It’ll be what it’ll be, so quit Sniffing around.

  • Tony

    Yeah, right. Calling yourself PJ suddenly denotes authority. Where’s your source, how have you heard ‘four songs’ when nobody else has heard more than Mind Your Manners?

    I can’t wait for the new album but this sounds as vague as a horoscope.Referring to Mike McCready being amazing or a ‘beast’ is a no-brainer for any Pearl Jam album – what else is he gonna be?

    Putting aside the fact that no more recent ‘tracklists’ (however credible) contain a song called ‘Sirens’ – it’s another no brainer to say a PJ album will contain a mid-tempo ballad that’s amazeballs.

    The new album will be great (I’m sure) but all this unsubstantiated reporting on rumours is starting to do my head in.

  • Clem Halibut

    Hopefully 1993-1998 Eddie Vedder is on vocals for ‘Mind Your Manners”
    Otherwise this thing could turn out to be a hot mess.

    He’s 48 years old…some of this stuff is just out of his range these days.

    recent attempts at the following have been pretty painful to listen to:

    Sping The Black Circle