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Brooklynvegan has listed tour dates for Scott Lucas & Married Men. You can catch them play on the following dates:

Scott Lucas & the Married Men — 2013 Tour Dates
3/09 Chicago, IL – Hideout Inn – SXSW Send Off Show
3/14 Austin, TX – SXSW – Hickory St. – The End Records showcas
3/15 Austin, TX- SXSW – The Lodge – Reggies Chicago daytime party
4/24 Washington, DC – DC9 *
4/25 Philadelphia, PA – The Barbary *
4/26 Brooklyn, NY – Knitting Factory *
4/27 New York, NY – Mercury Lounge *
4/28 Allston, MA – Great Scott *
4/29 Buffalo, NY – Tralf Studio Stage
5/01 Detroit, MI – Garden Bowl *
5/02 Grand Rapids, MI – Founders Brewery, Co
5/03 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle *

You can also view the band’s video for their latest song entitled ‘Steady Gaze’ below:


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  • antistar

    Scott is great. Very cool tune in a completely different genre.

  • Jason

    Scott Lucas is a douche

  • Jake K.

    Not sure where you’re getting that from Jason. From my experiences he’s been quite the opposite. He tends to look kinda pissed most of the time but when you talk to him, he’s always ready to sign anything and talk about whatever, especially music and movies. He’s always been nice to fans and the band is more connected to their fanbase than most.

  • chicago_animal

    Exactly what Jake K said

  • Cobainsweater

    Yea, I’ve met Scott a few times after Local H shows and he was anything but a douche. Quite the opposite, like Jake said.

    Kill yourself.