Baldy, who works with Alice In Chains, posted this on the band’s official message board:

The onslaught won’t be unleashed until the new year, so I don’t think any samples will be forthcoming in 2012.

But at least that gives everyone an ample amount of time to rest up, drink plenty of liquids, and get prepared to have the wax melted out of your ears in 2013.

  • Scott McLean

    Yeah, I can’t wait!

  • Tastes Grungey

    Lotta leather in that pic

  • YUMM

    A whole year and AIC barely say anything just little statements like this. they need to be more involed with social media. at lrast give us something. thats were AIC fall s behind on more than any other active grunge band. staying in touch with their fans. i bet this is all were gonna hear from them for a long time. kinda sucks

  • tenbob

    Hope there’s gonna be a UK tour to go with that new LP!

  • Adriano

    AIC is all about music…
    They don’t give a shit about Twitter, Facebook and cr@p like that…which I think is awesome.

    In the end…it is a rock band…not EMO.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I can totally see Adriano’s point but in this day and age, if you want ppl to know u have an album, to know that u are even touring you have to promote it.
    Little tidbits like this are great but we’re at least 6 months away from getting an album and how many ppl saw this and how many ppl will remember this tidbit in 3 months?

  • Is he one?

    Damn this is alright! :-D

  • Dennis


  • Chainsgarden

    When did Obama join the band and grow out his hair??

  • cosmicatomic

    Hopefully the album is released sometime during 2013.

  • Blind Lemon

    just soo much awesome news today on this website!

  • Philip

    Are you serious YUMM?
    You ever stop to think Alice is not obligated to Tweet and Facebook every little insignificant thing to its fans simply for the sake of what YOU’RE identifying?
    Frankly that’s stupid, meaningless. Empty.
    Hit us up when there is actually something to discuss, something worthwhile sharing. THAT is what Alice are actually doing. Not wasting our time. Not posting vapid drivel. We are far too inundated with that crap already- you should be grateful Alice doesn’t pile more on top of it. The band is handling things as they should. People today have way, way too short attention spans. If you YUMM have forgotten all about Alice In Chains because they don’t ‘post’ enough ‘nothingness’ for you, then your loss idiot…

  • red

    2 years ago i went to an AIC show in VA and it was barely promoted,the show wasnt even sold out.sad! they need to start caring about promoting their stuff.

  • flock

    yeah this band never speaks they are just as reclusive as ever

  • Katie

    I personally like how you have to actually search in order to find information on them. It makes the whole thing a lot more fun in the long run when you have to take a little effort to know what’s going on instead of them giving you everything easily.

    I hope there will be a new album soon and even if we have to wait, it’ll sure be worth it. They never fail to come out with good material and even if the whole album won’t be amazing there’ll be sure to be some great singles. I’m personally happy they decided to carry on even without Layne because imo they’re still making good music albeit it sounding different. I bet if Layne were still here people would be complaining about any new music anyway since it looked like they were going for a more electronic sound with the release of Tripod. Though of course you never know since they tend to sound completely different with each album even though you know it’s them.

    All I can say is that I’m glad we finally have some bit of information because there was hardly anything new for a few months there.

  • jarofchains

    Awesome!! Some news is better than no news in this regard!

  • EMB

    Chains Forever. I don’t need Twitter, FB, or any other social media to anticipate or look forward to anything they do. Join their fan club and you’ll get all the info you need. I’ll be a fan till my last dying breath.

  • Dan

    Totally agree with Philip and whatever and whenever they come out with new music it’ll be epic

  • Mark

    The media usually blows up with info a month or so before they put something new out…if they were promoting their stuff non-stop then we’d all be sick of hearing about it and people would say they’re “Overexposed”.

    The new shit is gonna rock no matter what, so who cares?!

  • WizeKraker

    DuVall just doesn’t have the voice to sing Laynes parts.

    Sounds like a cover band IMHO.

    and Black gives way to blue really wasn’t anything special. Huge step down from Any other AIC release.

    Jerry should go back to doing his solo stuff, there is some real Gems in there.

  • HannahNirvana

    What a way to start out the new year: new Soundgarden, new Alice in Chains, new Pearl Jam (hopefully soon), new Green Day. It’s great, man!

  • Anth

    I’d rather have very limited updates on the progress than the constant parade of missed release timeframes we had with BGWTB. Remember how we kept seeing pics of them in the studio and every other day the story was how the album was just about done? Then it turned out that they hadn’t even started recording yet and were only writing. Then a couple months later, we randomly got a preview of “A Looking in View” out of nowhere and it was amazing.

  • LoveHateLove

    Yes, we all miss Layne. But Jerry sang on alot of those songs as well. Loved Degredation Trip 1 & 2. Tripod was pretty much all Jerry… Across all albums, they have made great music and will continue to make great music. Stop wishing for what you can’t have (AIC w/ Layne) and appreciate the genius of what AIC still is/can be. DuVall has a unique voice (just like Layne), loved Last of My Kind (pretty much the one single on BGWTB that featured Duvall). The music is still what it has always been…deep, dark and intense. Long live AIC!

  • Scott in AZ

    Alice reminds me of Tool. No time for bullshit. No need to please. Just great music and shows and a fan base that is absolutely LOYAL. Love these guys and always will.

  • YUMM


  • Spoonman

    i know im off topic, but anyone have the King Animal download?

  • Raj

    Awesome, I liked the post-Layne album. Of course everyone knows post AIC will never be the same but that is why I hate comparisons. The next AIC album should only be compared to BGWTB and not the other
    AIC albums.

    Duvall is not the singer, he was brought in to sing the lead parts because Jerry always did the backing vocals. On BGWTB I like the dual harmonies carried over, however it pretty much sounded like Jerry singing the whole album with the exception of a couple of songs.

    I know Will was on there but his vocals were like turned down. Jerry could do a bit more in terms of lead singing, he’s got to go back to his solo stuff. Look at ‘Cut You In’ and ‘Anger Rising’, his power and range came out more.

  • Spoonman

    ^^^ I like william’s singing and my favorite song on the album is his biggest contribution (Last of my Kind.) but god please nothing more like jerry’s solo stuff. am i the only one who thinks both albums were horrible? i mean there were a handful of good tracks but overall the two albums were bad, real bad

  • Anth

    @Spoonman I like about half of Boggy Depot a lot, and the rest of it is decent enough. But Degradation Trip (the 2-disc version) has to be one of the most disappointing albums of all time for me. I heard so much hype about how incredible it is but 90% of the songs sounded the same and lasted like four minutes longer than necessary. And it’s so freakin’ dark too. I’m all for honesty and emotion in music, and normally I find ‘depressing’ stuff like Nirvana and AIC empowering in a way. Degradation Trip is the only time I can remember listening to music and actually feeling worse about myself.

  • Dolan

    I wholly agree with Raj. I really like about half of the album but as always AIC are mixed and mastered pretty bad altough BGWTB takes the prize. I own the vinyl and even that is almost compressed beyond recognition. And yes Duvall is way too low in the mix. I hope that issue will be corrected on the new album. He has a fantastic voice and I want to hear it, otherwise I wouldn’t be listening to the new album. That said I have no problem seeing Jerry as the new leadsinger. Songs like All secrets known, Your decision, BGWTB sound terrific but I think Duvall should be higher in most mixes and particularly in a great song like when the sun rose again. And btw I’d love myself a new semi-acoustic EP.

  • Missi S.


  • André

    Take your time guys , im pretty sure that the new album will be awesome , i saw Duvall live and he is a very nice choice ( if it exists ) to replace Layne :)

  • YUMM

    New AIC vids of them performing “your decision” and a interview about acoustic music, in the studio. Just cameout couple of days ago. But i doubt anyone wants to watch it. to quote @philip, it will probably just “waste your time” and you might consider it “just vapid drivel” whatever the fuck that means. anyway here are the links .

  • Josh

    I always felt that Layne held back Tripod from being even greater than it was. I was never a fan of that distorted mic he used recording the vocals. I liked it for one or two songs but for the entire album it just got somewhat annoying. Don’t get me wrong though. I love the lyrics and harmonies that he wrote for the album but the distorted mic ruined it for me. I just found it to be a poor creative choice for the album.
    I don’t think it was even a matter of him not being able to sing his parts because he had just gotten done with mad season and we all know how great he sounded on that album.

  • GwynnKatie

    Prior to BGWTB being released in September 2009, AIC released tiny little snippets of studio footage to their fans. The 30 second – 90 second videos focused on each week they were in the studio, and were sent to those of us on their mailing list willing to receive emails.

    The very brief videos were called “In The Studio”. The videos each week focused on a different member (*Guitar Riffs with Professor Cantrell*, etc.) or a different aspect of recording the record. They were great – basically because they were quite short (not a big waste of personal time to watch) and contained oceans of AIC humor – much like old footage from 90’s MTV Headbangers Ball episodes.

    I have no idea why they arent doing it this time (funding.. someone willing to film them, perhaps, time?… I mean someone had to film all that, edit it, type in the headings, etc…) and I truly miss it because their sense of humor is epic and matches mine. It was always good to open those short but hilarious emails and laugh.

    Sort of kept this personal connection to the band during the recording process.

    Will: “Where’s Mike?” Someone answers — “He’s washing Dog off his hands…”

    Will imitating Ronnie James Dio singing off of a Black Sabbath’s *Born Again* and can’t stop laughing while he’s trying to do it.

    Jerry Cantrell in a Fat Bastard costume.

    Sean: “It’s like a fucking horseshoe to the brain…”

    You either like that sort of thing or you don’t. I don’t do social media at all. No Facebook, no Twitter account. This is the only internet site I post on, I don’t even own a cell phone. My Yahoo account is probably jammed with over 1000 unread emails.

    I’m just glad they are still actively recording and touring.
    Sorry so wordy.
    AIC Forever

  • allie

    mind controlled puppetry.
    but there is always hope.

    CIA forever… look in the mirror.

  • ILoveLayne

    Missi–I agree. I want to like the new stuff…I’m trying…but….