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It’s the weekend so I thought I’d post some random stuff that people have e-mailed me (grungereport over the last few days.  I think we are going to start covering some new Northwest/Grunge bands in possibly a weekly article type thing, maybe for weekends.   We’ll see, it could end up being bi-weekly or monthly.  The band covered today actually formed in 1998 so technically it isn’t “new,” but in comparison to the bands covered here I guess it is.  So no ripping on me for a misleading title!

Jake sent this:
Spiral Pitfall is a Post Grunge/Hard Rock band that was formed in 1998 and is based in Portland, Oregon. The band is comprised of Guitarist/Vocalist Jake Sheffer, Guitarist Nick Rogers, Bassist Jared Haines and Drummer Bill Schattner. The music reveals influences from the likes of Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Janes Addiction and other bands which helped define the 90’s grunge era, while incorporating new themes without missing the point. The band’s current discography includes their debut EP ‘Cryptic Poetry’ and a rarities collection. All of this music is FREE to download on their website The bands next album ‘The End of Old Ways’ is planned for release in 2011. The album cover is posted above.   CLICK HERE to listen to “Look Away,” a Jar of Fliesesque song by the band.

Oskari sent this:

Found your nice site via Google, when I was searching latest news about Jason Finn (from the Presidents Of the USA, Love Battery, Skin Yard….)

and I thought you might be interested about my recent interview with Dave Dederer from Presidents of the USA (

My site also has a pretty complete Jason Finn bandography
  • ben

    Cool. Will have a good listen later.

  • Chris

    Cool stuff, I’m going to pick up this album today. You MUST MUST listen to Violent Soho if you haven’t yet. Their release from last year is absolutely incredible grunge rock. My favorite new band this decade. Michael Lavine took the photos for the album, and was the same guy who took the photos for Nirvana’s Nevermind. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore signed Violent Soho to his label. Amazing amazing band, every song on the album is incredible and I never thought I’d live to hear something so good again. VIOLENT SOHO self titled cd, get it!

  • Riley R

    So, are we allowed to post stuff about modern grunge bands now?(and not post-grunge) things that 104.9 Garage Monkey plays like Red Fang, Antique Scream, Grammatrain, Atomic Outlaws, Death First, The Missionary Position, Stone Axe, etc.

  • Brett

    E-mail me some stuff and I’ll try to post it in the weekly thing.

  • Robin Hood
  • Jay
  • Dave

    Haha Red Fang is bearded-drunken-stoner-trash. Don’t insult grunge like that!

  • tommmy

    Hello my names Tommy.Im a solo artist and i primarily play grunge.If you could do me a favor check out my tunes it would be greatly appreciated .If you like them plz share them with others.thx
    i play more of the heavy grunge like Alice in chains.