The following comes from Nicole’s official Facebook page:

People keep asking me if I’m serious about my respect and admiration for Beyonce. of course I am! the woman is amazing. she’s a prime example of the female empowerment we teach at Rock Camp for Girls. support, uplift and encourage one another. There’s plenty of room for all of us. The fact that she has an all female band (and had Destiny’s Child perform with her at the superbowl) proves that she is confident and secure enough in herself to know that she doesn’t need to compete. it’s all about empowering one another. She’s a power house of a singer and her band is super solid. Also, i have no problem with women (or men) feeling and looking good/sexy on stage so long as they have the talent to back it up. I think people should dress in whatever way makes them feel confident on stage, whether it’s jeans/t-shirt or heels/short skirt. if you are being authentic to yourself, performing with integrity and giving it your all, you have my support. That’s what feminism in the entertainment industry means to me. Thank you, Beyonce for being such a badass.

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  • yo

    Love this woman.

  • Big M

    Ummmm parading around and shaking your ass all over television does not say integrity to me it says attention whore. Not that it wasn’t nice to watch but do I respect her? Hello No.

  • Big M

    Billy Boy needs to bring back D’arcy

  • Jackyjackjack

    I agree, D’arcy’s lack of ability and vocal talent would REALLY help SP become better…

  • jarofchains

    Jackyjackjack said:

    I agree, D’arcy’s lack of ability and vocal talent would REALLY help SP become better…

    Well it worked back when she was with the band – they were 10 times better with D’Arcy

  • Is he one?

    What!? Anyone really think SP was better with D’Arcy? I mean ok if you prefer SP’s music before 1999 but believe me it’s not d’Arcy’s presence or absence that makes so. Nicole is awesome and ten times better than d’Arcy in every way. Not to mention a lot hotter too.

    “Billy Boy” needs to not bring back D’arcy

  • Tastes Grungey
  • Inmytree

    I like Nicole but Beyonce sucks, that’s not music, that’s marketing.

  • Big M

    My comment wasn’t really about looks or musical ability. It was more that this bitch is an idiot and I don’t respect her idiotic fembitch outlook on things. She’s just eye candy for a band that doesn’t matter anymore(and her bass playing isn’t making SP’S RECENT OUTPUT ANY BETTER) so you might as well bring back D’arcy.

  • Alternadude

    So not true Big m. Oceania is terrific and Nicole contributes greatly to It. Just shut up please.

  • Mayonaise

    Chauvinist Big M proves that good musical taste does not makes a person smarter or better.

  • Kirill

    ….still waiting when BillCo says what kinda admiration he has for Justin Bieber

  • Fuzz

    Smashing Pumpkins are dead to me… Jesus Christ… We have the Smashing Pumpkins bassist flapping her gums about how she loves fucking Destinys Child… Jesus Christ Billy… Keep Jeff and get Mellisa and Jimmy back.

  • Jackyjackjack

    I can’t believe that people can like music other than rock! So strange! Jheeze!

  • Kirill

    at JackyJackjack theres other music that you can like other than rock, but this music has to have an integrity and not some lip singing shit. We all have seen “singing panties” wannabes and what not, and we all know what have become of them

  • Jackyjackjack

    But why does it matter what anyone listens to? If someone likes that kind of music then people shouldn’t be criticising it just because it’s not the kind we like. It’s like some guy who likes to go to posh, expensive restaurants looking down on a guy who goes to a fast food joint or something ahahaha

  • Fuzz

    @Jackyjackjack The fact is that this new bassist is just some nitwit who finds artists she likes from TMZ or something. She could be trying to bring new creative interesting music to peoples attention but instead shes just flapping her gums about Destinys child and how Beyonce has an all female band… Who cares what the sex of a band is?

    It would be empowering if Beyonce just went up on stage in a sweater or something and let the music speak for itself instead of making it all about sex, sex, sex… Really not setting a good example for young girls…

  • Fuzz

    Nicole seems to be missing the huge fact that Beyonces sex appeal has as much to do with making her famous as the sound of her voice… It’s not like Beyonce just decided, hey I feel like dressing up sexy today.. It’s a very large part of her whole gimmick and she looks like that every damn time she plays a show… I’m sure sometimes Beyonce would love to play a show in just jeans and a t-shirt but doesn’t because the get up is a part of her show… Not authentic at all… Nicoles a chump.

    I miss the old Pumpkins… I just can’t get on board with this new gong show.

  • Christine

    * gives Fuzz a hug.

    I hear ya man.