Nine Inch Nails Working With Big Name On New Record


The Red Paintings have revealed in a new Facebook post that Alan Moulder is mixing Nine Inch Nails’ new EP. This appears to be the first concrete news on NIN’s third EP in their trilogy that began with 2016’s Not The Actual Events.

“I realise I ain’t got there yet. I need to work with the greatest alt rock Mixer of all time and my first choice Mr Alan Moulder.

I start reaching out to my contacts to see who can and was willing to open that door. Lucky for me our programmer was and new him and his manager and connected us both. I was asked to send through mixes and to my surprise they were actually listened too, enjoyed and I was invited to mix songs with Moulder in his London studio.

When I received the confirmation email with dates that this was going to happen. That was a feeling I can’t even find words for as I’ve always felt he was only mix engineer for TRP. I recall next few days just randomly laughing out loud cause I couldn’t believe my luck. Alix starts think is trash loosening his mind?

Before Moulder sessions begin I hit studio in LA to trial one more song with Chris Lord-Algea assistant for 15 years. Amazing studio with incredible gear. Session goes well next day I’m on plane to moulder…

We mix 2 songs in what was suppose to be 3 days ends up being 8. Tension is in the air. Time is so valuable and expensive in studios of this Calibre. I could write an essay on that week alone but what I will say is my instincts were on the money. Alan Moulder nailed the harder songs to mix on this album. It wasn’t a walk in the park but he got me there.

We are all super happy and Alan wants to mix entire album. I’m so over the moon!

Then… the news we can’t move Fwd on more songs as Alan has high profile 90s band’s albums to now mix and produce. I’m told I’d have to be on waiting list. Like a certain guy first name Trent band name Nails. Which is fair enough. So now it’s a waiting game for my peers to finish their records so we can get back in and finish this sucker properly and once and for all. Joy of being at our level. Money and status of course plays a big part also.”

  • Kooler Than Jesus

    If the news is that Alan Moulder is mixing NIN… Well, he has mixed almost every single NIN album/ep/song, it’s not news that he would mix the new one.

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    • Talyn Rodgers
  • Douglas Braziel

    Who the fuck wrote this article? Did they proofread it? Check for misspelling and coherence?

    • To be fair to the author of the article, everything beyond the first paragraph was quoted from a Facebook post of The Red Paintings, who apparently spell at a 4th grade level.

      That really should have been pointed out better though.

    • Talyn Rodgers

      THANK YOU!!!
      I could not finish reading it..

      • Edna

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      • Gotharts Billy Levenberg

        This is why millennials should not be interns for a great magazine such as alternativenation. This should have been proof read twice. Fire him.

    • Corndog

      Did you notice the quotation marks or were you too preoccupied with being a smartass?

    • agentboolen

      Maybe it was just me not knowing The Red Paintings is a band but the whole time I thought it was an interview with Trent till the end. I was actually confused because I remember Trent working with Alan on past NIN albums. But then again I’m preoccupied with my kids finishing there tacos at a taco restaurant.

    • Talyn Rodgers
  • WhatADay

    I doubt anyone mentioned in this wants any of this information out in the media. Don’t be surprised if Alan Moulder drops whatever small fry project this is.