Ozzy Osbourne ‘Exposed’ For Lying To Fans For ‘Money Grab’


Radio SiriusXM host and rock podcaster Eddie Trunk has slammed Ozzy Osbourne after the The Prince Of Darkness claimed his supposed farewell tour should be called ‘Slowing Down’ and not its official title ‘No More Tours 2’.

Osbourne stated at a press conference that his definitive-sounding 2019 world tour was actually him scaling back his touring rather than waving goodbye for good, a sentiment he-reiterated to the Pasadena Star-News.

“People have gotten that all wrong,” remarked Osbourne. “The tour should have been the ‘Ozzy Osbourne Slowing Down’ tour. I’ll still tour, but not as extensively.”

Trunk, however, was less than impressed with Ozzy’s explanation, and launched into a lengthy rant on his radio show about Osbourne and farewell tours in general that was laced with sarcasm.

“It’s unbelievable,” he yelled. “You guys are out of your trees if you believe anybody is doing a farewell tour. This guy’s been doing a farewell tour for 30 years!”

Trunk clearly suggested Osbourne and others were deliberately misleading their fans with their claims of final tours for the sole purpose of greed.

“So we’re going to milk you and call this the ‘No More Tours 2’ tour, because you may remember I did a ‘No More Tours’ tour 25 years ago – and now in the middle of it now the title’s a little misleading. Well who named it that!” Trunk said mockingly.

“For the love of God, stop the madness, everybody stop with the farewell, end of the road, no more tours, this, that and the other thing – it’s bullshit! It’s a money grab!” he continued.

Trunk then went on to cite Mötley Crüe as being ‘the only band in history’ he could think of who had done a farewell tour and not returned shortly after. Nonetheless, he cynically suggested that might be about to end.

“They’ve done it, they’ve stayed away, still,” he remarked. “But they’re on the clock hard! Because that movie’s coming, and music’s coming…” he added.

I hope they stick to it because they’ll be the only band I can think of in history that actually did a farewell tour once and adhered to it. Because the minute you don’t adhere to it, you’ve exposed yourself as lying to the fans, as a money grab,” he concluded.