Pantera Singer Telling Billy Corgan About Andre The Giant Having Sex With Mom Will Shock You


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan was recently interviewed on Mancow’s radio show, and Mancow told a wild story about former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo telling them an insane story about Andre The Giant having sex with his mother. It’s unclear if Anselmo was joking or being serious due to the absurd nature of the story, and the fact that Mancow remembered it but Corgan didn’t. Alternative Nation transcribed Mancow and Corgan’s comments.

Mancow: Do you remember this moment? Phil Anselmo, Dimebag, Kato Kaelin, you, and me.

Billy Corgan: No, I don’t remember that moment. That’s crazy, right? I’ve had such a crazy life, I don’t remember that moment.

Mancow: We hung out together, and Phil Anselmo, lead singer of Pantera. Do you have any appreciation for Pantera?

Billy Corgan: Love Pantera. One of the greatest bands ever.

Mancow: Me too. So he is out of his mind, his head is bloody from the microphone, because he slammed the whole show. You were there. He starts telling us about when he walked in and saw Andre the Giant having sex with his mother, and he told us the story in graphic detail.

Billy Corgan: I don’t even remember. Again, that’s such a crazy life I’ve had that I don’t even remember.

Mancow: He said Andre was huge.

Billy Corgan: He had [Gigantism]. Isn’t that a medical condition?

Mancow: No, but I’m talking about huge in the pants.

Billy Corgan: I get that, but you would figure it would all follow.

  • dakotablue

    Andre had a giant heart too.

  • Adam

    Where’s the story? A story about a story without telling it? God this site blows nothing but clickbait

  • Rizz

    I’m giant but not 7ft. Nothing new here for me. Carry on small people.