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Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready is credited as playing additional guitar on “Eyelid’s Mouth” on Soundgarden’s new album King Animal. His Pearl Jam bandmate Matt Cameron wrote the music to the track. McCready made a guest performance at Soundgarden’s show at the Forum in Los Angeles in July 2011.

  • Spoonman

    BADASS best song by far plus i was at that show!!!

  • Julz

    I was there too, it was brilliant

  • kez

    im liking the album you dont need to sit and listen over and over to get the feel they put alot of effort and thought into this material which cant be said for pearl jam who brought nothing but crap in their last album i really hope pj get their mojo back and pull out sumthing great but the way ed’s voice is these days i doubt it..and thanx to sg for letting mike let loose on this track we got pretty much nothing out of him for bs

  • Pete

    Oh come one, the last PJ album was “crap”? Give me a break.

  • Spoonman

    the last pj album was definitely full on crap

  • kez

    thats just my opinion pj have lost it and direction..they dont know what they are doing mainly thanks to ed ved..they have turned their distortion off and instead of pulling out masterpieces like release immortality nothingman elderly woman indiference just to name a few they release crappy shit like just

  • Kirill

    The last album was actually solid, but short its the only bad thing about it. Songs on Backspacer are catchy and not dragging like they were on Binaural or Riot Act.
    As for King Animal, the album is solid as well, couple of misses and one track that sounds much better in demo version rather what they put as a final album version.
    Heres my rating of the King Animal.

    Been Away Too Long – 7/10
    Non-State Actor – 8/10
    By Crooked Steps (Album Version) – 9/10
    A Thousand Days Before – 7/10
    Blood On The Valley Floor – 9/10
    Bones Of Birds – 10/10
    Taree – 9/10
    Attrition – 6/10
    Black Saturday (Album Version) – 7/10
    Halfway There 5/10
    Worse Dreams (Album Version) – 10/10
    Eyelid’s Mouth – 10/10
    Rowing – 8/10

    so the final rating 8/10 very solid album and as expected, I mean as SG themselves put it, its a continuetion from where they left off on DOTU.

    Althou the album could have been much better if:
    they would have left untouched Black Saturday, demo version is way much better and Bones of Bird demo version is so fucking awesome, 11/10, this track alone is outfuckingstanding

  • dennis

    here is a link to the mike and stone interview with kim and matt!download|220p8|3698355491|SOUNDGARDEN_Interview.rar|151063|0|0

  • Chainsgarden

    Kez, Pete is right. The last PJ album wasn’t crap!! It was made out of plastic with bad songs on it come on man!!!

  • dolan

    The last album by Pearl Jam was definetly crap. I wish they’d be more depressed as when they made riot act. Ed Ved of today is too fat and lazy. I also hope that the unexpected quality of this album will revitalize the Pearl Jams songwriting. Oh and PJ (Harvey)s last album was great!

  • SuperSG

    lol. sorry pj, but this album was a callout, to sorta say, ‘we are better than you! You dont think so? Prove it!’

  • hardaway

    Honestly could not tell the difference on this song with Mike’s guest appearance. No trademark ‘wah’ sound at least from I could hear. Guess I’ll have to go listen again or wait for them to release a super duper audio file “no loudness” version for purchase to download or something.

  • Nate

    @Kez… I have to disagree with you. I think “Backspacer” is an incredible PJ album. Far from ‘crap’ at least. For sure much better than their 2006 self-titled album. That is the only PJ album that truly disappointed me.

  • jjc19461

    I think Mike McCready is playing those high notes in the song that sound almost like Brian May playing toward the end.

  • HannahNirvana

    That was Mike on Eyelid’s Mouth? I think I better listen to it again..
    By the way, I actually like Backspacer. Then again, I’ll like anything Pearl Jam puts out.

  • Robert

    Great album I love it.

  • TC

    You can totally hear McCready soloing at the end. He must have had a blast, Temple of the Dog style.