This September, Pearl Jam returned to Missoula, MT to support Senator and long-time friend Jon Tester. The show was so memorable to the band that it was deemed an “Instant Classic” and was released as a bootleg almost immediately for a limited time at a curtailed price. The Missoula gig is on sale until the 13th.

The band is insistent that more shows will be available under this “Instant Bootlegs” category, when the band feels that a show was, as Pearl Jam’s site says, “one for the books”. This is a pretty smart and forward-thinking step for the band, and definitely for the fans.

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  • Jack Irons

    Cha Ching…
    They need to cash in on something if their not touring next year.
    Maybe more t-shirts… The 23 new ones they just added might not be enough for the Christmas rush.

    How about putting out the Xmas single on time instead of all this horseshit??

    Elderly Woman to open and a snooze fest during both encores is an “Instant Classic”???
    The Oracle setlist was ten times better!!

    EV is a greedy clown!!

    Anyone who forms a political opinion based on a musician’s beliefs is an imbecile…

  • Joe

    They aren’t greedy. They have existed pretty solely only for their fans since 1996. Pearl Jam fans want more Pearl Jam EVERYTHING, and the band gives it to them.

  • Spents

    Hey, don’t go so hard on EV Jack…he needs all of that extra money to buy Gatorade to fill his wine bottles with. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Thanks to PJ i own their 2005 Winnipeg show which was a 2hr 45min set and i get to re-live that whenever i want to. What other bands allow you to own cherished memories like that?

  • ZeldaZonk

    I was at this show, so I’ll definitely be adding this to my collection of PJ boots!

  • Jack Irons

    What’s the differnce betwen “Instant Classic” & the regular boots??
    They just released the Deluna Festival as a regular bootleg but this snooze fest is deemed “Instant Classic”.

    All kidding aside, What the hell is the difference?
    I could understand if they were releasing back catalog…

  • Jack Irons

    Shadow on the Sun:

    There are a large amount of acts that sell their live recordings. Any major act that has a decent live following, they sell them… It’s not 1998 anymore.

  • chachi8

    Hey Jack,
    Who started doing the selling of live sounboard bootlegs at affordable prices? PJ did and they did it because the fans wanted it and were willing to pay $50 for poor quality bootlegs. They gave us what we wanted and now other bands have followed suit but you are calling out the pioneers of this act???

    I know other bands…..Zeppelin, etc…..have put out live recordings but nothing like an entire tour, so that every fan could have a copy of the very show that they attended. Since PJ are unlike other bands in the fact that every show and set is unique, this is a cool and wonderful treat.

    I understand you dont like PJ but if you are just commenting to comment, thats a waste of time.

  • Joe

    CASHING IN by selling the mp3 for $4.99 there really are some miserable people in this world

    No band treats their fans like PJ, its been that way the last 15 years… stop the fucking bitching or go find a new shittier FAKE band to follow

  • Mitch Michaelson

    You guys all take Jack Irons way too seriously. In my opinion he is a PJ fan, but one that is willing to call their BS when it comes up. I too dont understand why they would label this concert an instant classic – especially having been at 5/21/10 at MSG… for his more troll like remarks about EV smoking and drinking gatorade, who cares?