In a new Rolling Stone article, it was revealed that Pearl Jam recently met with Brendan O’Brien regarding their new album. Ament also said this regarding RNDM and Pearl Jam, “There’s a lot of ideas kind of floating around right now,” says Ament. “I mean, the cool thing about taking a year away from [Pearl Jam] is, you know, we could almost start from scratch and it wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, you know? I hope it comes out this year at some point. But, if it doesn’t, we have another RNDM record ready. If RNDM’s my band for the next year, I’m stoked.”

  • Ben

    Hey, seeing as this is their 10th album, why don’t they call it Ten ;)

  • Big M

    If RNDM is your band for the next year I am pissed.

  • Old MR

    I agree with Big M

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    pearl jam 10th album= 2014……………………..

  • Patrick

    At this point, I don’t care if they put out a new album or not. I just want them to do another big US tour.

  • mandingo

    Fuck that man ! The album better come out this year ! No offense to jeff but RNDM suck mate , stick with pearl jam and see if you cant get the boys more organised !

  • fsh

    Agreed, RNDM is pretty weak.

    I get the feeling more and more that Pearl Jam, the band, is becoming less of a focus for these guys. Look at all the side stuff each have going on. Those things seem to be consuming more of their time than Pearl Jam itself. “Pearl Jam” is the side project now.

  • Ef

    I hate to say it, it looks like the album will be on Spring 2014. They are taking their time to make an album good enough with Pearl Jam legacy. It’s ok if they take their time to deliver a good product, I’d rather wait instead of having a rushed and awful product that everybody would hate.

  • Mitch Michaelson

    Ef, I hope that you are right. While I certainly agree that they are taking their time, they seem to be in no rush to finish (based off of my interpretations of the interviews posted here). This makes me wonder about the quality, both current and final product, of the music. Hopefully I’m wrong and they come out with a classic or something ground breaking and not a one-off – hopefully something with some grit, energy and emotion. I’d prefer to an Avocado or Riot Act over a Backspacer. But that’s just me. I love Pearl Jam and they are my favorite band, but I’m not in the camp of being happy just to have something/anything from them.

  • Nerdypjfangirl

    I DEFINITELY want a new PJ album this year! However, if it means the quality will suffer due to all the side projects & extra touring they’re all doing, then I’ll wait. I won’t like it, and I’ll do it with teeth clenched.

    I can see them coming around next year. I had hoped this year. All the signs are pointing to later rather than sooner. Other than a mention of Fall tour dates and a vague mention of maybe sorta kinda being halfway done, we are pretty much information-less right now. I’ll go along for the ride – PJ never disappoints.

  • Pingfah

    Jeff’s latest solo album While My Heart Beats is a lot better than RNDM, it’s really good in fact.

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    While I would obviously prefer a Pearl Jam album, if that’s not going to happen I would rather Jeff do another Tres Mts album than RNDM

  • drew

    hey pj-

    i am a decent guitar player with dozens of originals i am dying to have worked up with a kick ass rock band!

    if all you need is some fresh material to work with and a 3rd/4th guitar player, just hit me up!

  • Sasho

    FUCK! Can’t believe these guys can’t finish a 10 song record in 4 years. :( 5 band members – everybody should write 2 songs in 4 years, record them in two weeks and thats it, it’s not rocket science! :(

  • Pearl Jam

    Hello there drew! Yes we would very much like to have you in our band! You see, things have been slow for us lately, and you sound like just the right guy to get us going! How would you like to be contacted?

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    Hey drew
    Mark Arm here, if the Pearl Jam offer that Eddie is making you doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always try out with the fathers of Grunge, Mudhoney. We are currently searching for new blood and new ideas.
    Touch me I’m sick!!

  • Christine

    Brendan O’Brien had engineered and/or produced essentially every favorite LP/CD I’ve ever owned.

    BeGeezus is that the REAL Mark Arm above :wink: how fun would that be!

    “I Am Now” is pretty awesome (song and DVD)

  • Fred Durst

    What’s up Drew? Freddy D here. Our guitarist Wes Borland has recently left the band and a position for lead guitar player in the Bizkit is now available. It would be preferable if you are already down with the Limp and familiar with our catalogue of songs but you will be given 2 months to learn our current setlist. We are also currently recording a new album with Cash Money records so your input will also be required on that. If you’re willing to wear face and body paint on stage that would be cool to but that can be discussed. Please send your demo tape to me at:
    Cash Money Records (504) 835-2676 2800 Veterans Memorial Blvd Metairie, LA 7000.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. ‘Keep Limping with the Bizkit’.
    Fred Durst

  • Pearl Jam

    Hello there drew, Eddie here again! Dont let’em other guys tempt ya’, You belong with us! I mean, yeah, sure, Mike and Stone have over 20 years of experience and are great songwriters, but that doesn’t mean anything in the music business! Also, are you able to “rap”? Jay-Z turned us on to this revolutionary way of singing last year and we can’t contain ourself about this brand new influence! You will of course be given a mansion full of strippers and booze, so you can get comfortable in the rock n roll-lifestyle as fast as possible! To join our band, send your credit card-information to

  • Badmotorfinger

    How amazing would be if PJ recreated Black and Alive for the new album.

  • Fred Durst

    At the end of the day it’s your decision man but ask yourself this? Who you thinks got more bitches, Limp and Cash Money or those old married dudes in Pearl Jam?? Also they just discovered rap?! We’ve been doing that rap rock shit for years, we invented nu-metal, do u wanna be with the innovators or the copy cats? All these bands like Pearl Jam and STP were great in the 90’s but they just release the sane thing over and over again whilst the Bizkit keep pushing the envelope and creating fresh music, that’s why we signed with Cash Money, we know how to stay relevant in the music scene. Keep on rollin baby!

    Fred Durst

  • Badmotorfinger

    Dear Fred Durst,

    You are a sell-out, and your the frontman of the gayest band in the world. Also, I’ve gotten more bitches in my lifetime than you have since 2002.

  • Fred Durst


    Why the fuck you wanna hate me?Actually, I know why you wanna hate me… Cos hate is all the world has even seen lately! Everybody hates me and my band so bring on the hate you hater we’re used to it hate. FUCK LIMP BIZKIT! Hahaha. Seriously though Drew and anyone else who’s out of the loop check out our new video for ‘Lightz’ it’s our first with Cash Money and we expect it to be a big hit.

    Fred Durst

  • Frank Zappa

    Hey hey hey now, zip zop balippity bow. Why can’t we all just get along guys?

  • planet schmanett janet

    Please, please, please! I’m all Soundgarden-ed out

  • Fred Durst

    Where u at? Where u been? I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again cos this world is really small can’t we all get along?

  • Calvin McLain

    I am with those that feel it won’t be here till at the very earliest November/December of 2013, but imagine it will be a 2014 release. Hope I’m wrong, but highly doubt they’re gonna put something together quickly with everyone doing their own things and no pressure to put out an album. Always enjoy Mr. O’Brien’s touch producing anything, and he’s always been PJ’s best, so it’s very fitting.

  • bmeade

    I can’t. I can’t tell if Fred Durst is really commenting or not. Funny nonetheless. Maybe Nickelback will start posting too.

  • hey dude

    pearl jam should just call it quits…
    they´ve done their job. great band! but like some dudes here say pearl jam is just not their focus anymore, so i think that when that kinda situation happens music just suffers and becomes mediocre.

  • Robert Plant

    Hello Drew. Robert Plant here.

    Forget about joining any of those bands. I’m trying to scratch together a Led Zeppelin sort of reunion. Well only I’m having a bit of trouble. When I heard someone on grunge report was looking for a job I was overjoyed.
    You see Jimmy Page let me down, he says he is too busy jamming with The Edge and Jack White for the release of “It Might Get Loud 2.” I mean seriously Jimmy what were you thinking. He just doesn’t realize that the world needs him right now to give rock and roll a kick in the butt!

    I tried contacting Kim Thayil to step in but he was too busy recording and growing his beard for some cash grab reunion gig. I even considered Matt Cameron could take on the drumming side of things (some dude on here said he was really good) but I heard he is already in 2 bands so I didn’t want to bother him.

    So Drew I hear your looking to jump straight into rock n roll and quite frankly I’m the one to speak to on all matters rock n roll. So don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries – but please don’t take your time, I’m running out of patience.

  • Ray Charles

    DREW! I’ve been looking all over the internet for you! You see, I have not released an album for a long time, some people even think I am dead! Truth is, I just haven’t got any new ideas :( And I am so glad to finally see someone have original songs, I think it’s just the thing to get my, sorry, our career going! Are you good on the piano? You know what it doesnt even matter you are obviously a very capable musician and if you are interested in a collab, just send some smoke signals to these coordinates:

  • Elvis Presley

    Ey drew, wanna be “The Prince”?

  • drew


    i got so many offers! now who go with………..pretty much love pj, mudhoney and zep equally, so i’ll have
    to spend the weekend doing yoga and meditating to reach the best choice!

    i’ll keep you posted guys! eddie, if i go with you guys, can i play as close to stone as possible?

  • Pearl Jam

    You can play on top of Stone if you’d like, he’s not moving anyway!