Pearl Jam Planning European Tour

Stone Gossard has told Gaffa Magazine (via @PearlJamOnline) that Pearl Jam will tour Europe in June 2014. Pearl Jam last toured Europe in summer 2012. The band are currently touring North America and will play in Australia in early 2014 as part of the Big Day Out touring festivval.

  • dambax


  • Dee

    if it doesn’t cost a kidney and a half I will be the oldest screaming grupie in the front row

    • FitPearl

      your kidneys worth 70$ ??

      Or you meant “I am not from Europe so travelling oversea would cost me a kidney” ?! :P haha!

      • Dee

        well 40-60€ are a lot of money for me. In family we are two so 80-120 € only for tickets (crap tickets, if I would better tickets?). If they will not play in my city I’ve to move, sleep and eat. From this the expression ” a kidney and a half”.

  • Frank

    Its been 8 years since thay played colorado like I said the UK and the east coast can suck a fat one I hate you lucky countrys and states

  • Timsen

    This is misleading. In the article it says, “løfte sløret, at Pearl Jam nok er tilbage på turne i Europa i juni 2014″, which means, “revealed that Pearl Jam is PROBABLY back on tour in Europe in June 2014″. Probably is a big word to leave out.

  • Thomas

    Kind of expected that to happen anyways – I’m just hoping that they play some great, unusual places in Europe, especially southern and eastern Europe. Still waiting for their return to Roskilde, maybe to play a string of acoustic sets or so, to take away the fear of shit going down again.

  • Veit Kreuzfelder

    Great News!!!!
    Instead of the–Bolt—I am looking forward to the June-Concerts.

  • Vann

    Hate news like this..I really wish Matt Cameron would focus on Soundgarden full time.

    • DownUnderTheUpside

      I Agree!!!

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  • Pearl Jam ~ Denmark

    Stone Gossard said that Pearl Jam will *probably* tour Europe in June 2014. Don’t get overexcited too soon :)
    He has earlier told Danish radio that PJ is “likely to return to Europe next year.”

    We’ll see.

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