Pearl Jam will be releasing their new single “Mind Your Manners” earlier than expected. While the original release date was July 16th, the band will be releasing the song on Thursday. A reader sent in word that his local Virginia radio station is advertising the following, “Thursday, listen to Tamo @ 3:00pm for an XL102 World Premiere of brand new Pearl Jam music!”

“Mind Your Manners” is the lead single off of Pearl Jam’s 10th studio album. The band are expected to announce more details regarding their new album on Thursday.

  • DJH62179

    Lets hope that wasn’t the big announcement scheduled for Thusday and now we will still have to wait for new album details.

  • Gonzo1977

    Yep…today was a bit anitclimatic -more so since they aren’t even coming anywhere near me on the North American tour.

    Hopefully the single and album news drop on Thursday.

  • Clem Halibut

    Thursday’s will be an announcment of an announcment

  • Brett Buchanan

    Pearl Jam would like to announce that there will be an announcement regarding an announcement on Thursday!

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  • Tom

    f**k yeah!

  • jarofchains

    Looking forward to this album – should be interesting given all the talk around it.

  • Hooker With A Penis

    I interviewed Jeff Ament today at Guitar Center, and he said this album will be their best album yet. He said that sound of the tracks on the new album will “have be a mix between Ten, STP’s Purple, and Pink Floyd’s Animals sound to them.” He said that “they were influenced a lot by Pink Floyd and STP’s later works with this new album.”

    • Sue

      That remains to be seen whether it’ll be their best album yet. No doubt some will like it and some will hate it. Similar to what it’s been with the last few albums they’ve released. Im sure there are people around who want them to sound like what they did back in the 90s but the band have matured and evolved since them and they’ll never have the same sound again. I’ll probably like the album as I like most (but not all) of the stuff they’ve done in recent years. However I cant be sure until Ive heard the new album.

    • Clem Halibut

      I interviewed Boom Gasper outside of Burger Kingyesterday and he said that the Jeff Ament you thought you interviewed @Guitar Center was not really Jeff Ament at all…but actually Brian Marshall the bass player for Creed pretending to be Jeff Ament.

      STP Purple???? give me a F’n break….there is no way in hell that anyone in Pearl Jam would ever claim to be influenced by an album that is essentially one of the biggest rip offs of Pearl Jam ever made..nice try.

  • John D

    Please no Eddie pop/punk voice cracks in this album!! With that said, I have a good feeling though…just something about it and how long they’ve taken since Backspacer….I believe it’s gonna be a solid album. Hopefully it fits in there somewhere between Yield and Avocado, then i’d be satisfied.


    Pearl Jam will be releasing their new album Ghost Riders in September 2013, their first single Mind Your Manners will be followed with a second single Toy Guns, heres the rest of the official new Pearl Jam track titles:

    Pearl Jam
    Ghost Riders
    Epic Records
    Bad Animals Studios
    Producers: Brendan O’ Brien and Jack Endino

    14 Tracks:
    1. Ghost Riders
    2. Jigsaw Command
    3. Mind Your Manners
    4. The Apple’s Core
    5. Toy Guns
    6. Kernal Of Truth
    7. New World Order
    8. Happy Unborn
    9. War Path
    10. Bitch On Fire
    11. Coalmine Fucker
    12. Justice?
    13. Moon Hoax
    14. Face Value


  • Peace_Frog

    Coalmine Fucker is like Jigsaw Command on steroids! Trust me, I know a friend that gave a friend a dog that then had puppies and gave one to someone who then sold it to Eddie. So , yeah…..Its good!

  • Peace_Frog

    LITTLE KNOWN FACT OF THE WEEK: The original title of “Bitch On Fire” was “Lost Dog” but later the dog was found burned to death. The rest is now Pearl Jam history.

    • david uk

      Animal abuse is a criminal felony in some places

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  • Andrei

    For the love of Christ, will someone please record it?

  • Adam

    Bitch on Fire! Ha! Not a chance this is real.


    It is real :)

    you wanna know why??

    Because I helped Pearl Jam produce their soon to be released new album: Ghost Riders
    I’m legendary Seattle music record producer and sound engineer Jack Endino, I also helped produced NIRVANA’s first album Bleach in 1989, and Ive worked with the Melvins , Mudhoney , Soundgarden and Screaming Trees as well as some other lesser known independant punk , garage and grunge rock bands in the 1990s. You people have no idea how much hard work and time, dedication and energy Pearl Jam have put into this new album , but you will all be rewarded with some nice rock n roll music in the coming months of 2013, so stay tuned for more information from Ed, Mike, Matt, Jeff and Stone. AND YES ITS REALLY ME JACK ENDINO, I was featured in several documentaries like Hype from 1996. The track listenings I have posted are 100% real, they are the finished product of several months spent in the studio, recording and re-recording every note, every lyrical change, from the guitars to the drums to the rhythm section, Pearl Jam have finally hammered out a great album, I will admit that Backspacer might not have been their best effort but with my help and Brendan O Briens, we finally got PJ back on track again , so enjoy. Once again Ghost Riders will be out in September, the first two singles: Mind Your Manners and Toy Guns will be available soon for radio airplay, on the internet at itunes and Amazon mp3 sites . Enjoy

    – Jack Endino

    • Sue

      I do hope people like this new record and the band dont get bashed like they did with RA, Backspacer etc. I for one happened to enjoy both those albums, though there were a couple of songs on them I didnt like. They cant be expected to have every song loved by every fan with anything new they come up with, there are always going to be people who dont like some of the songs. I believe you when you say they’re a hardworking band, which is part of their ethic. Looking forward to hearing the new album when it’s released. Let’s hope it sells well too.

  • Big M

    Here’s how I know you are a liar other than the obviously hilariously fake names. Pearl Jam left Epic Records years ago!!!!

  • Hooker With A Penis

    I forgot to mention that Jeff Ament said that he and other band members thought that Backspacer was “a failed experiment” and he says that they feel that it is their worst album and he understands why a lot of fans didn’t like the album.

  • Hooker With A Penis

    Jeff Ament feels that Backspacer “was overproduced” and he felt they should have worked on the album longer and add more tracks on to the album.

    Eddie Vedder also feels that “Today’s music sucks,” and that they hope that “The new album will bring some life back to Rock N’ Roll, after all the pop garbage that has topped the charts in the last 10 to 15 years.”

    He also said that “I’d rather listen to the Backstreet Boys or N’Sync than motherfucking Justin Bieber, PSY, Nicki Minaj, or Lil Wayne. At least their hits give me some nostalgia and were catchy. I can’t say the same for today’s music.”

  • Scott

    @grungecaster aka jack endino. If you want to post fake bullshit then don’t list it under epic and don’t post it as being recorded at bad animals. Every PJ fan knows it was recorded at Henson studios in LA and I know it was mixed at studio x in Seattle. Nothing was done at bad animals!!!


    :) but at least there is a real recording studio called BAD ANIMALS up in Seattle WASHINGTON and Epic / SONY music records is the parent company of whatever sister label Pearl Jam is now under, a substitute company ok?

  • Clifford upen lepcha

    The PEARL JAM 10th album will be GREAT & BEST EVER

  • Scott

    But Sirens isn’t on your tracklist. :)


    SIRENS is a b-side to someother new PEARL JAM song :)

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  • Conrad Uno

    Hi I’m Conrad Uno….I had nothing to do with the new Pearl Jam record and neither did Jack Endino.
    This guy claiming to be Jack Endino is full of baloney.

  • Jack Irons

    I can’t fucking wait! This is gonna be sick!


    Okay its now Thursday July 11, 2013
    the new Pearl Jam singer Mind Your Manners is playing on the radio check it out if you havent already
    it really rocks , i would know i worked with the band

    peace :)

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