Billboard reports that Pearl Jam’s iconic debut album Ten has hit 10 million in United States sales, last week nearly 4,000 copies were sold which was enough for it to hit the staggering number.

“I’m happily shocked to hear that. Wow,” Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready tells Billboard on hearing of the feat. Back when the album was recorded, “we had no idea that it was going to ever do that well. I just felt like it was a really cool record and that I was in a good band.”

Ten was released on August 27, 1991 and features the timeless classic hits Alive, Jeremy, Black, and Even Flow.

  • Hailey

    Amazing album. Every single song kicks ass. Best PJ album, in my opinion. Everything was raw and fresh.


    Good band…..Babe!!

  • Millz

    So if it’s 10 million in the U.S. alone, how many do you think for the rest of the world? Another 10? That’s 20 million records.

  • Shadows Collide with People

    Such a good album. I never get tired of listening to it. Eddie Vedder’s vocals on Ten are nothing short of spectacular. The lyrics are very dark and heartfelt and the musicianship is absolutely superb. A near perfect record.

  • b.v.

    Weird. If you look at the website of the RIAA Ten was already at 13 x multi platinum in the US in 2009.

  • Cobainsweater

    Yea, I was under the impression Ten hit diamond status years ago.

    It’s still my favorite album of theirs; I think it towers over everything else they did. Vs., Vitalogy, No Code, Yield…all great but not monumental like this one was and still remains to this day.

  • Kirill

    1) Vs.
    2) Vitalogy
    3) Ten
    4) Yield
    5) No Code
    6) Backspacer
    7) Pearl Jam
    8) Binaural
    9) Riot Act

  • gsush

    Still the best album they ever made so no surprises there!

  • Pingfah

    @b.v. & Cobainsweater

    The RIAA classification is based on how many copies have shipped to stores, so it had Diamond status a while back. The 10 million copies is how many it has actually sold.

  • Is he one?

    Huge PJ fan here. Always thought “Ten” was extremely overrated. It’s not one of their best IMO, and that is normal, it’s their first. IMO Vs. and Vitalogy totally eclipse “Ten”.

    But still, a classic album. Just happy the band evolved quickly after it came out.

  • sott

    I lost interest after 1999 but this is one of my all time favorite albums. It is funny that they are playing these songs on classic Rock radio stations nowadays…

  • b.v.

    @ Pingfah Aaah, thanks.

  • juca

    TEN: one of the best albums in the history of rock n ‘roll!

    EDDIE IS GOD! :)

  • Search and Destroy

    I’m more shocked it sold 4,000 copies last week! That’s quite a large number for an album 22 years old…some mid level bands won’t sell that much in a couple months nowadays.

  • whisky

    Ten is one of the few albums I can listen to from beginning to end without skipping any tracks. Monumental record. After Sweet Oblivion it’s definitely my favorite record by an American band. A perfect storm of musicianship, song-writing and stellar vocals.

  • Mia

    4,000 copies in a week for an album this old does seem amazing! Wonder who is just buying the record now.

  • Deviate

    Amazing record.

  • Brad

    Great album, but Vs., for me, kicks the shit out of Ten. Vs. sounds more raw and not as polished.

  • Craigory52

    I’m a Pearl Jam fan and Ten is a good album. However, I agree with those who say it is overrated especially compared to Vs., Vitalogy, and Yield which are better records in my opinion. Look at how many more hits Vs and Vitalogy had. Some songs weren’t even released as singles and they are played on the radio. Anyways, glad to hear the news even if it isn’t their best record in my opinion.

  • GwynnKatie

    This is no surprise, Congratulations guys, whenever it was that this milestone was reached… sure the experts here will verify truth. :D
    *Present Tense* from No Code is my favorite PJ song ever.
    Vocals are just — well there is no comparison.

  • Christine

    I’ve gone through at least four copies of it myself but still prefer the live official (and unofficial) bootlegs. Anyone remember KTS (Kiss The Stone) or Great Dane “back in the day”? Ah, bootlegs, a thing of the past.

  • Raj

    Ten is an amazing record, I think PJ set the bar so high that it was tough when people expected Ten part two. Everything else looked inferior because Ten had a lot of hits. Vs. is a great album. I find every album after Ten is missing something, it’s almost like every album after is safe, a bit muted. With Ten it’s full of energy and risks.

  • Tastes Grungey

    I’ll take Vs. over Ten any day, but it really is one of the greatest debut albums in rock music.

  • Butthead

    I thought Ten sold 10 million in the US a long time ago. Cosidering it was certified 13x Platinum in 2009, I thought sells for the album were way bigger.


    I hated the record. I bought the Melvins record instead.

  • Beavis

    I hated both Nirvana and Pearl Jam. I bought a Tad album instead.

  • Butthead

    I hated Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the Melvins. I bought a Toad the Wet Sprocket album instead.

  • NiceNcleaN

    This puts them on top all time now. All the rest just bow.


    Jeremy spoke in a Mansion, todddaaaayyyyyyyy



  • shoegazer

    I never understood the “it’s too polished” argument. The album sounds great, and the songs are great. PJ was never indie, and they came out of the gates sounding professional. I guess I’m somewhat of a hypocrite, because I’ve sometimes felt albums like Vitalogy could have been a little more polished. My thought is if you write a great song, make it sound as good as you can in the studio. Keep the “raw” sound to your live shows.

  • GenXLady

    Ten reminds me of being in college. It was on in my car on cassette tape during many commutes. I still likeTen and listen to it periodically. Not on cassette tape anymore though!

  • Alternadude

    Raj you got It all wrong. Quite the opposite.

  • Raj

    Alternadude, how so?

  • BJay

    A good album it is, still feel Vitalogy is their best though…