Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament was recently interview by ESPN about his love of basketball. A lengthier text version of the interview is available on Ament discussed Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love mocking him for playing basketball, “Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love talked trash about the fact that I hooped. I once stopped to say hi before a show, and as I walked away, Courtney yelled, ‘Go play basketball with Dave Grohl!'”

Ament also discussed playing basketball with celebrities, “That reminds me of the first Rock ‘n Jock game I played in. [Leonardo] DiCaprio was about 14 or 15. He played in that game, but he was just terrible. You know who’s a good player? That Malcolm in the Middle kid. But the best musician I ever played with would be a tossup between two drummers — Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Steve Gordon of the Black Crowes.”

  • Nerdypjfangirl

    I just have to say: Screw Courtney Love!
    On a positive note: Love you Jeff!

  • Roger

    So technically, Jeff by playing basketball, was more alternative than Kurt and Courtney who simply did the cliched rocker thing by shooting heroin in mass doses.

  • Deviate

    That miserable piece of shit crack whore has no authority to mock anyone for anything.

  • workman

    We’ll all dance a hearty jig when that trash-snatch croaks…

  • Big M

    It was just more of her and Kurt’s “we’re alternative and Pearl Jam isn’t” shtick. Sooooo stupid.

  • Dave

    Yeah, and look who’s still alive, in good health by staying active, and isn’t a loathed basket case. Enjoy the last laugh, Jeff.

  • Badmotorfinger

    I like Nirvana, but the more I hear about his opinion on Pearl Jam, the more he sounds like a douchebag to me. Like seriously, which band stopped doing music videos and fought Ticketmaster??? Which band sells a huge line of t-shirts in Hot Topic and Journey and and is a an idol to every 14 year old kid on earth? Nirvana are the definition of overrated.

  • Patrick

    @Badmotorfinger – thumbs up.

  • Alex

    Hey Brett, just a heads up.. The drummer of the Black Crowes is Steve “Gorman”

  • Raj

    @Badmotorfinger, Kurt said he and Ed were friends, but that he didn’t like their music or the band. They both agreed to not a do a cover on Time magazine and what does Ed do, he’s on the cover.

    It’s just teasing, but yeah a lot of musicians when they were in high school weren’t the jocks, didn’t have the whitest teeth or were the teacher’s pet. Back then being active and healthy in the early 90’s was nowhere near what it is today.

    A lot of them were really quiet, shy, loner type kids. They really didn’t like jocks and organize sports because they weren’t athletically inclined.


    kurt said in an interview in 1993 that eddie was a good person and he did’nt like pearl jam at first but they and nirvana shared alot of the same fans so there was no point in fighting.he just was not a big fan of there music nothing wrong with that

  • Big M

    @Badmotorfinger- Kurt was certainly a loner in high school and on the outside of his town in Aberdeen. When he joined the musical community I think he found real connections. In Seattle, when Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard left Green River to do Mother Love Bone it was percieved as an attempt to become arena rock stars by those in the grunge scene. Certainly Mother Love Bone had more commercial appeal but to some it was seen as a real sellout move. Jeff was a hardworking guy and wanted to do something with his future and likely felt constricted by Green River and the whole garage/punk thing. If they hadn’t decided to branch out we’d never have had Pearl Jam so thank god they did. I don’t think Jeff and Stone ever said we are all about the cash, I think they just got over the Seattle scene and wanted to try things besides the whole Mudhoney garage rock thing. At the same time Kurt Cobain worked his ass off to make it in the music industry and totally polished his sound up for his major label debut. Does that make him a sellout because his band sounds more commercial and less like it was recorded in someone’s basement. Also Nirvana retained more of a punk rock sound than Pearl Jam who owed more of their sound to the rock music of Led Zepplin, The Doors as well as punk elements. Essentially Kurt felt worried he was a sellout and not “punk” and wanted to retain his cred with the underground Seattle rock community where as Jeff Ament wasn’t out to please anybody. Jeff has said himself that he and Kurt actually had a lot in common, both outsiders in their conservative small towns. Jeff just wasn’t wrapped up in the I’m more punk than you pissing contest that Kurt was wrapped up with till his death. But then Kurt Cobain struggled quite a bit more with lots of things than Jeff Ament I believe.

  • Clinton Sell

    Jeff is the coolest.I hope the Sonics come back to Seattle.And as far as Courtney Love Is concerned at least Jeff is doing something he loves and Is healthy.Not smoking and damaging his body like she does.

  • Shayaan

    By ’93, the whole Pearl Jam vs. Nirvana thing was over, Kurt and Eddie had said as much. You can see in Pearl Jam 20 that Kurt squashed the feud. No one’s perfect, and after the kind of childhood Kurt had, I can understand why he would maybe rag on Jeff for playing basketball a bit.

    Courtney was DEFINITELY a bad influence though.

  • chuck shaq

    So Seattle Kings or Sonics? I like Kings better.

  • Maak

    It’s Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes. The Black Crowes are the best band of the past 20 years.

  • Jeff

    Kurt liked PJ after he and Eddie had “a few conversations” and he considered him a “nice person.” He hated their band at first. But then he realized that the same people that liked Nirvana liked PJ. Almost verbatim quotes from Kurt on PJ20.

  • drew

    jeff is awesome!!!

    he might not be totally up front in the mix, especially live, but if you pay attention, he’s flawless! great tone too!

    funny that he thought leo d was “14 or 15″……in 1994 or 1995 he was 20 or 21!

  • YUMMyyyyyy

    Im a big nirvana fan but i respect pj and their fans more. kurt tries to make pj as the sellout gringeband but kurt was the one calling mtv that they werent playing their videos emnough also i think kurt was jelous of pj because they became bigger thannirvana and the fan thing nirvana has some of the dumbest fans in rock. Outta of all the grungebands i think pj fans are the best most loya andsmartest even though i like aic the most and pj the least

  • Unglued

    Haha it’s funny moment. I think Kurt won. I don’t know Kurt did like that.
    And im suprised Jeff keep that thing in mind for 20 years.

  • Alex

    @Maak Agreed. I have an unhealthy addiction to their music and live shows

  • mikewails

    It could have been a good natured razzing. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Corndog

    @ Raj – What did Ed do? Ed did nothing, they put him on the cover without his consent. He absolutely did NOT agree to it.

    Read the PJ 20 book. It’s mentioned in there.

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