The following comes from Pearl Jam’s official Facebook page

Thank you for making “An Evening With Pearl Jam” the fastest concert sell-out in Wrigley Field history! Thank you to all of Pearl Jam’s fans!!

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  • Curmudgeon

    No new music in almost 4 years and still sell out huge places immediately. Just goes to show what a great band they are.

  • Bob Parker

    Just goes to show the power of the ticket brokers,in 10 minutes they have more than 1,000 tickets from $300 to $1,500.

  • Raj

    That’s really cool, Chicago loves their PJ.

  • ew

    wheres stone?

  • Big M

    As much as Backspacer sucked they still put on one hell of a live show and people know it.

  • Butthead

    Agreed with all of you guys. I Didn’t like Backspacer, but I still love the band. I just wish they would stop being lazy, and get in the studio already. I miss the days when PJ use to have an album every two to three years, but now they more like the Chili Peppers and Tool, and are making us wait like five to six years for a new album.

  • drew

    a picture without stone is not a picture of pearl jam!!

  • versus

    This is a little misleading, as more tickets were sold prior to tickets “going on sale” than any other Wrigley concert. In addition to the large amounts of tickets made available to Ten Club members ahead of time, every Cubs season ticket holder had the option to buy tickets before they were available to the public. Regardless, it would have sold out quickly no matter what. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this show despite the fact that it’s a terrible venue, & I hate when bands play shows when there’s no new music to play. Reminds me of the Dead or Buffett.

  • Lgkrahn

    Just goes to show how people with nothing nice to say are the only ones who post. PJ are the shit, backspacer was excellent, and who gives a crap about the venue… Would give my left nut to see that show from the parking lot! Shut the f$$k up and enjoy. Bands like this are a dying breed. Pure talent and love for the music! Period!

  • Mills

    Backspacer was great. Pearl Jam is in the studio right now and I would bet the album comes out this fall.

  • Jack Irons

    They’re in the studio right now??
    That’s pretty big news considering both Soundgarden & Brad are on tour right now…

    Lgkrahn: You’re right, this band is a dying breed. Except they died about 6 years or so back.

  • Jay

    What’s misleading is who bought the tickets. As a fan desperately wanting tickets, I sat at my computer for an hour plus, credit card in hand (in the virtual waiting room) until the SOLD OUT sign appeared. whu? I had no chance of getting tickets. Scalpers had the tickets on sale on ebay for over a grand for a pair. Something needs to be done so that real fans can get tickets instead of these creeps who snatch them up and resell them. Sickening. I love Pearl Jam and would have waited hours for the chance for a ticket.

  • Christine

    You mean best live band in the world – yes. Well done PJ! I stopped trying to get tickets eight years ago. With a dozen shows pre 2003 and all the live CDs from the fan club, time to pass the baton to the kids so they can appreciate and respect how a great band sounds (live or otherwise).

  • versus

    I get a lot less excited about PJ shows than I used to, but it’s probably because I saw them so many times in the 90s-early 00s. They do still put on a great show, but parts really become redundant. They still play too many early songs, especially from Ten (how many f’n times do we have to hear songs like Alive & EvenFlow???), and I can’t tell you how boring it gets when they close with a N. Young cover & Ledbetter.
    It would be nice to see more younger people at the shows, as so many 90s bands have the same audience they had 15-20 years ago. I’m looking forward to this Wrigley show because it’s not a part of a tour. This means all the songs should be well rehearsed, and Eddie should be on for a change. We all know he has the tendency to be sloppy with lyrics etc. with the few songs that aren’t regulars in the set list, though alcohol could have a part in that. Even when Eddie’s having the occasional “off” night, the rest of the band is so awesome that they can carry him through the show.

  • c’mon ed

    Jay – I feel your pain. Sat at my house 3 blocks from wrigley with multiple computers in the waiting room just trying to get struck by lightening and get the chance to buy two tickets for my wife and I. PJ of all bands should know the plight of a true fan getting screwed by ticket prices. They knew this thing would sell out and demand would be much greater than supply, yet they do nothing to prevent everyone across the world from getting a 500% (a 500 level $55 ticket is going over $250 on stubhub) return on pair of tickets by scalping them. When are bands going to wake up and make you pick up your tickets at will call to minimize the scalping. Especially when you play one US show the whole year. I’m half disgusted that no one from PJ was awake behind the wheel and half pissed I got shut out. My wife, dog and I will be listening from Sheffield Ave for free because I’m not paying some a$$hole $250 bucks for a nosebleed seat.

  • Truth

    Hmmm don’t seem to see anyone mention your sorry trolling ass name Jack Irons?! Why are you commenting? Thought you said you only comment when someone mentions you? So your a troll and a liar. How sad.