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Jane’s Addiction Perry Farrell revealed in a new interview that he has written 30 new songs for his next project, which will be more immersed in theater and take a year and a half to finish. He didn’t reveal if the project is Jane’s Addiction’s next album or a solo project.

  • me

    says all kinds of things… we’ll see

  • Chainsgarden

    whats up with that picture? So gay!!!

  • Allura Music

    That “gay” picture was Hilarious! LMAO

  • scottguyland


  • Mia

    Yeah, what is up with that extremely homosexual picture.

  • Joe

    Awesome. Can’t wait to hear “I Like ‘Em Big, part 2″

    His wife is a real talent.

  • Christine

    AWESOME Discussion – Perry is Awesome.

  • Christine

    Oh and the pic of Dave and Perry on stage – if you’ve ever seen them live, you would “get” it. It’s called mutual affection and living in the moment. Jane’s is drop dead sexy onstage and you can feel it in the crowd, nothing ‘gay’ about it – it’s called having a soul and expressing oneself freely with no restrictions,…. aka Artists at Work.

    Apparently you’ve all missed the live videos where occasionally Dave kisses whoever is nearest him. Free Love …. I wish I were sandwiched in between those two (I’m a girl). Maybe in a future life.

    But like I said, if you’ve never seen them live, especially about 1997, you won’t get it. Do your video homework kids.

  • Christine

    Oh, and the Early December Jane’s date Perry references is in Miami

    The there Late December dates are listed to the right of the article for those of you in Washington DC, New York, and New Jersey.

    Happy New Year (please someone film those shoes or at least soundboard record them).

  • Jonkeo

    Gay Picture, funny though