• Scott McLean

    He seems ready to rock!

  • Brooks


  • mimi

    Sometimes I’m amazed at how beautiful he is…
    And how good he looks after all the sh*t he’s been through..

  • mimi

    <3 <3 <3 <3 really, :)

  • Creative Grunge Reference

    Another reason why this site isn’t reviewed as legitimate. A photo of Scott Wieland’s “new look”? That’s what you’re reporting?

  • neil

    poser douche

  • Oaresome

    I demand we have Billy Corgan’s hat updates.

  • Dennis

    And this is why we need more bands. ha-ha

  • Megamania

    I’d normally just skip the stories I have no interest in, but seriously.. who is your intended audience for this crap? If you want to be taken more seriously as a web site, this crap has to go.

  • muthafuthinASH

    All of you jealous dudes can shut up. Brett runs this site however the freak he wants. Scott looks amazing & thank you Brett for updating me on that.

  • Me

    I’m interested in how Scott’s looking… I’d rather gets these blogs than add new bands that I’m totally not interested in. I like the bands covered now on this site.

  • nick

    I didnt realize this was a fashion site. He looks like an old man trying to look hip and metro

  • Philip

    The needle and the damage done

  • Shayla

    When the owner of this site gripes that he’s not being taken seriously when trying to get interviews etc., I don’t think it’s insulting to point out that this is part of the reason why.

  • BillyL

    I’m guessing someone at has a man-crush on Weiland.

  • CorganisaDB

    Good one, BillyL! & Shayla, you make a serious (and legitimate) point there. Then again, everything reported on here is collected from other websites – a hodge-podge, if you will. It’s good in the way that we’re able to get ‘some’ information that’s relevant/important to some of us without having to comb the web. But yes, updating us on Scott’s new look wouldn’t be considered serious journalism, let alone relevant and/or important to (really) anyone, except Scott and his camp.

  • Tommy

    Never fails that the people who want to point out that this site isn’t relevant are the first ones here and the first to comment. Go create your own site you bunch of whiners.

  • Brett Buchanan

    lol at these comments. News is dry in STP/Weiland band with them embracing being nostalgia acts, so unfortunately stuff like new pictures is the only news.

  • Brian

    Thom Yorke? Just kidding, all in all, he looks like he’s about to hit the runway as a fashion model….but another poster pointed out, for all the crap he’s put himself through, he looks pretty good…

  • Brian

    Not to mention the fact that from now till about March of next year….News gets mighty slow in the music world…

  • vasili

    back to the 90’s !!!!!!!!! please !!

  • hey






    It’s really an easy concept…

  • CorganisaDB

    Hey Tommy,

    Who said this site is irrelevant? I don’t see any post indicating that. Quite the contrary…I find a lot of Brett’s posts relevant. I may be wrong (highly doubtful, though), but I think the comment about relevancy was strictly to a picture of Scott Weiland. So, go ask your mommy for a Capri Sun, watch Teletubbies and shut the fuck up!

  • ShaneC

    I am so tired of this Sears catalogue posing motherfucker.

    After that pitiful last drink coaster of an STP disc, I hope they break up. Fuck them.

    Have a nice day.

  • Oaresome

    It’s good really to see Scott is still alive to be honest, for a lot of us we expected him to be dead by now.

    I suggest we just forget about his clothes and ‘look’ and just have a banner on the front page which lets us know if Scott is alive or dead.

    and of course more articles on Billy Corgans hats.