Yesterday when I posted the new Scott Weiland 1990-2012 photo timeline I made in commemoration of Weiland’s 45th birthday, I mentioned a Layne Staley one I posted on April 5, 2010 on to commemorate the 8th anniversary of his passing. People asked me if I could repost it, so here it is. I made a slight modification to it, adding in the October 31, 1998 photo of Layne backstage at a Jerry Cantrell show that surfaced on earlier this year. The photo timeline covers the entirety of Staley’s recording career, from the Facelift days in 1990 all the way up until Staley’s final recording sessions in late 1998 (Get Born Again/Died with Alice In Chains and Another Brick In The Wall with Class of 99).  You can click on it to enlarge it.  I am considering doing photo timelines of Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder sometime around Christmas when news is slow.

Another Layne note, this photo has been in circulation for a long time but nobody has able been able to definitively confirm when it was taken.  The only date I’ve heard is New Years 1997 (December 31, 1996/January 1, 1997) but I’ve never gotten official confirmation.  So try and identify the other guys in the photo and contact them to figure it out!

  • MacKeena

    Thanks for this Brett!

    I wish there were a release of an official book about his life (like there are about Kurt Cobain) or a documentary film or unreleased demos or something…

    I still believe there something more about Layne to know.

    The less the band can do is to release a book about his life.

  • Russ

    ^ Great idea for a book on him.

  • Creep

    Layne. I miss you. Your amazing Vocals, interesting style, your frog leg pose, and your goofiness.

  • moltas granola

    such a fantastic vocalist and lyricist. pure talent and soulful expression. i don’t mind the band doing it’s new thing with will, it’s just not the same without layne. best thing they could do to celebrate layne is to release what unreleased material there is feauturing layne. loads of demos that are just gathering dust. why there hasn’t been made a single documentary about this mans life and ordeals i just can’t understand. same thing with a official book. i wish someone would keep his legacy going, see the hendrix family for example. released tons of fantastic cd’s and dvd’s with awesome music that the fans can enjoy and cherish. that’s keeping the legacy going. not getting a new singer to karaoke old songs. i know they’ve made new songs as well, but it’s no way near the same without layne. without layne the magic was lost.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    This is a bit tougher to look at. The 1st pic of 1992 he looks so healthy. Damn those needles, too bad no one could save him from himself

  • Alternadude

    Fucking drugs killed our decade of music.

  • bon3z

    so that’s a wig on 98 photo? Also not all the best musicians were killed by drugs (Jeff Buckley)

  • RödeOrm

    If the band were to release a book about his life, everyone would say theyre making money of him and call them respectless, its hard to do anything in the grunge world without being called stuff.

  • jjc19461

    @bon3z Or Mr. Scotty Weiland. Its really a shame that Jeff Buckley died that way by drowning.

  • red

    Nancy doesn’t want anything out; she has all this stuff-photos,poems,etc and all she wants to do is lock them away. The only books about him are written by that Rubio bitch. Aic/Layne have always been under the radar with the music industry and the public; they/he just aren’t viewed the same way Kurt is-unfortunately….They/he certainly should though. But you have to also figure that if AIC wanted to do something for Layne or even Mike for that matter, they would-but they don’t.

  • Raj

    Very cool, Layne Staley was an awesome singer. He and Jerry created great awesome music in Alice in Chains. Can’t wait for the next AIC album.

  • Robert

    Very cool

  • Luke


    AIC do want to do something for Layne and Mike by letting their legacy speak for itself, instead of whoreing out their names to every holywood film and media scumbag just to be reconized, let these great musicians rest in peace. No one should be trying to make a buck off of these guys including AIC. you think Kurt would be happy about being put on a pedestal and his name being branded and used for the very things he hated?

  • imzetkaa

    thanks brett, i was waiting for it ;) well done

  • Philip

    It’s just frightening how terrible he looked at the end. In contrast to the 1992 slicked-back blonde hair “Would?” video look he going then. And that unknown photo of him at the bottom, been just devastated by smack. A soul as strong as his, he’ll be reborn into someone else, somewhere else, with that talent carried over…

  • Maverick785

    Sad to see his downward spiral over the years. He looks like the quintessential frontman in those pictures from 1992.

  • nick

    that last pic he’s frail as shit the one with the guys.. thats def 2000 or later

  • Chris

    I wonder if the hat worn in the photo with the ‘1994’ under it is the same hat worn in the larger picture at the bottom?

    Looks like it. What was that 1994 photo from?

  • dakotablue

    Layne is a beautiful soul inside and out.
    We miss him and his fantastic voice, lyrics and kindness.
    The devil smack may think he won on this one, but NO. Layne has touched and still touches many, many people with his talent and goodness!

    Layne Staley Lives Within

  • RG

    The big picture shows Staley with the pink hair and earrings, same as the `96 photo

  • Jenna

    That first picture of him he just looks like a young naive kid. Then jump 6 years later, the picture of him with pink hair you still see that vulnerability in his face. Its heartbreaking because It could be anyone’s child.

  • http://google george

    there is a last photo i found of layne

  • http://google george here is a new photo of layne from 99 think

  • allie

    can you imagine? some people state they have seen layne riding a bike or walking in costumes. wigs clothes etc. one a homeless man, yet another a younger man on a bike. hmmm. very strange we dont hear from tanya at this point since she had all the hidden things. i remember especially the witchcraft clues and zings from her site. i also copied every word she wrote there. they are saved. didnt you suggest at one point that layne faked his own death? if so why? revenge? yet again fooling? where was that ceremony wiccan that u spoke of? yes layne and mike may have had some fun foolin around with the darkside but why you put it out then removed it? SCARED? the inverted cross on laynes forehead meant nothing. angry is all. i have all i need. dont play games with your stupid ass witchcraft lies as lame as they are. warning. anyone else reading this forgive my way. i am speaking to another. we are sick of all those lies. cast your last spell bitch! its halloween soon. boo! scurry away rat.

    • http://N/A LiquidG-man

      @allie what the hell are u talking about Layne was never into witchcraft nor was he a pagan Layne and his family is very catholic/christian he never had a inverted cross on his forehead either , i’m not one to diss people with mental illnesses cause i have alot wrong me adhd, depression, anxiety, and social phobias, and addiction issues but you really have too stop believing conspiracy theorys especially with no evidence

  • lucy

    nice picture…Layne I miss you ….:(

  • Hebert

    this is GREAT!

  • Mister V

    Please note the mistakes in this picture :

    The last 1994 photo (the one on the right) is from 1995.
    The last 1995 photo (the one on the right) is from 1993.
    The first photo (top left from 1990) is from 1989.
    The creator of this timeline could have replaced the faulty photos.
    This can lead to confusion.People will think that he looked better than he did in 1996 or they will think he looked bad in 1994(which is not true). Also, the creator of this could have put photos from around the recording of Dirt in 1992 in which Layne was skinnier then in 1996. This makes 1992 looks like a healthy year while it was actually the year where Layne was almost destroyed by heroin.
    At least check your information and make a decent photo before posting

  • Em

    Mister V – do you know when the last additional photo is from?

  • Mister V

    Em- Sure, the last additional photo is from 1996(I didn’t even notice this one). It’s been public for a long time. Now we have that new photo from the 1998 recording sessions. Maybe more will appear.

  • anthony magda

    As a close and personal friend of both layne and demri I find it both frustrating and irresponsable for people to publish photo’s without knowing anything about the time, place, and people (besides layne) in the photo(s).
    I met layne through demri in 1995 on capitol hill, we were all strugling with heroin addiction, when demri said, “my boyfriend is kind of famous, so don’t fawn over him, just treat him like you do me”. I took this to heart, he picked us up in a cab, and right from the start he was like a brother to me, for a couple of reasons, niether ofwhich had ANYTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS. First I acted like I did’nt care who he was, as in a rockstar. Second I respected he and demri’s privacy (the only reason I’am doing this is to dispell this myth about him being less then human do to his addiction) and for this he loved me. I could not keep up with he and demri when it came to drug use, I would have died had layne not suggested that he help mme enroll in the mmt @ THS on capitol hill. THIS IS WHY I LOVE LAYNE, and why I get so mad when people say he was pro-drugs, he was, for himself, he had a great grasp of the disease of addiction, and knew it would kill US, so he and demri called and set up my intake, AND PAID FOR A YEAR OF TREATMENT, TO THE TUNE OF NEARLY $4000.oo dollars, and I was his main H connect at the time, so he was hurting his own situation trying to help ME, not what I call pro-drug. The man had a huge heart. He and demri really cared about me, he a famous rockstar, and she, his beautiful girlfriend, who by this time had contracted endocarditis, and had to have open heart surgery to replace a heart valve, I should have been the last thing they worried about, but they did.
    I did’nt see he or demri until her funeral, and I can say with 100% certinty that when demri passed he was a dead man walking, he gave up, and spent the next six years commiting suicide. Yet he was still happy to see me clean, and happy.
    The last time I saw layne was in the u district, near his condo, my new wife and myself were walkin up 45th and a killer looking firebird pulled up with a very skinny and disheveled guy behind the wheel, and it was layne, they say he weighed 80lbs, that is an exageration, he probably weighed a whole 100lbs, I know because the fucker got out and hugged me and my new wife. She is a huge AIC/Mad Season fan, and did not know who he was until he dropped us off downtown, and as he drove off I told her, that was layne, to which she said, “oh my god, he looks like he is dying”, to which I said, “honey he has been for three years, and will be soon unless. I think we should all quit speaking of layne unless we remember him for the loving, gentle yet tourtured soul he was, he and demri are together and not in pain anymore. I choose to think of them in that context, not a rockstar and his beautiful girlfriend dying like a couple of street junkies, I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH LAYNEE AND D, as I called them, I feel you around me all the time, and I KNOW YOU HELP ME STAY SOBER, you guys saved, and continue to save my life, and for that I’am eternally greatful…. so to all you hack journalist (yes you mr. Rolling stone dick) and internet trolls, speak of them with love and respect, or don’t speak at all. GUYS I MISS YOU BOTH MORE THEN EVER, and layne I will hit demri for you, we just need to be patient bro… only THEY AND I KNOW WHAT I’AM SPEAKING OF, IT IS AN INSIDE THING… love anthony (ant to you two)

  • Ncb

    My father introduced me to AIC and my friend to Mad Season. I love the music of both and I have never related to any singular bands music more than AIC (though Bob Dylan ties).
    I am 15 and was born in 1997, so I am just old enough to remember my father playing AIC in his truck when I was a little boy, and just old enough to remember Layne’s death. He was one of the best singers and lyricists of all time.
    Wherever you are Layne, thankYOU for everything you created, you helped me become who i am, I miss you.

  • VS

    hi, just wondering, have any newer pictures of Layne surfaced in recent history? Listening to Unplugged now

  • Seola

    The last known photo in existence was taken by Layne’s mother, Valentine’s Day 2002, just over a month before he died. He had emerged from his reclusive hideout to hold his new nephew. She has never released this, but I hope someday she does. This photo timeline surely shows his demise from drugs. It’s expected he started using sometime in early 92 when his drug-addicted dad sought him out after 15 years of no contact, and then started Layne on getting high. Great parent, huh? I’m not even so sure on the mother at this point – if this photo she claims to have is mere weeks before his death, he was 87lbs when he died, he had to be under 100lbs, yet he was over 6 feet tall. He couldn’t have been more than a skeleton. Why not have him involuntarily committed either psychiatric or physically? She hadn’t heard from him (despite claiming to be extremely close to him) for weeks. It was his accountant who sent the alarm bells going up – that accountant watched Layne’s accounts more carefully for him than his own mother or family did of him. I get he was a recluse, but he was obviously having some contact with people – he was known to frequent a bar and he had a dealer.

    • MrsCarlton

      Dirt was released in 92 and it was all about heroin and drug use, so he didn’t start using in 92. That record was already in the can in 92.

      Layne’s Mom, Nancy, was volunteering at a rehab facility when she got a call to check on him. She went to check on him two days before that call, but nobody answered. He had been to rehab 13 times. She tried. He was her son. To imply that she didn’t care enough or didn’t try enough is ludicrous.

      • Seola

        Actually, I wasn’t referring to rehab at all – I was referring in my old post to him being committed through a psychiatric issue. He clearly was unable to help himself or take care of himself – people don’t drop to 88lbs without having serious mental issues. Rehab has nothing to do with that process. My note is in her contradiction of how close she claims they were, yet she had no idea he was gone, hadn’t spoken to him for a few weeks, etc. In fact, between his accountant, friends and bar patrons and knowing how bad it was at Valentine’s Day (the last photo WE have seen, he was already gaunt and sickly and that was 4 years prior to his death. Yes, there is only so much one can do in an OD or such, but he was wasting away for years. Clearly, there was much precedent for being appointed a conservator.

      • Seola

        And I should say, my thoughts on her are rather tinted after her media hopping, then her attempt to trademark Alice in Chains (which obviously failed, since she lied) and sued a few years ago to get a bigger cut of his royalties… then tried to go through the courts to force the remaining AIC to consult her in all AIC biz decisions and wanted cash money for all the new stuff AIC did – in which Staley played no part, because AIC and apparently, all things ever are Staley’s. (They aren’t.) After my post, it gets even weirder – she gave a bizarre interview last year where she claims she doesn’t even known what Staley wrote or what his contributions to AIC were and there are some interesting comments below that interview, where she’s held up other people’s projects with Layne as well.

        She also inexplicably says he’s a Christian – he hated organized religion. His own words. So, yeah, I’m not giving her a lot of leeway in truth here.

    • Derek JCG

      “Real Thing” on their first album Facelift (1990) was originally titled “Heroin,” but was later changed, and the lyrics in that song are all about using. By Dirt, Layne’s songs were pretty much exclusively about being deep into the drug. Listening to Junkhead is enough to show how far he was into it, but the song Hate to Feel reveals he’s been doing it for awhile, here’s two lines from it: “Used to be curious, now the shit’s sustenance.”

      I was actually talking to a coworker of mine who once had a customer (idk if it was the place we currently work or back in his day a little at some other place) who was the one who reported seeing Layne on his last day sitting in the corner of a cafe or pub or whatever. I had read about that last encounter online not even a month ago, too, so it was strange.

      • David Bronstein

        He started using heroin on the Van Halen tour in summer 1991. His friend Yanni confirmed this. This would tie in perfectly with his experiences in the recording of Dirt. The very top picture i’m guessing is the latest Layne weve seen and id go for sometime in 2000 or even 2001. But maybe 2000. Just read Grunge is Dead, where his friends explain what Layne was wearing back then.

  • john connor

    pinkish hair, around unplugged time?

  • john connor

    this is me too sorry.

  • john connor

    is this disqus thing ok? sorry for the derail!

  • john connor

    nutshell is monumental! Layne looks like he can barely open his mouth, but the sounds still come out! (outstanding/upsetting performance).

  • asddd

    Songs about heroin doesn’t mean he used it in 92. My guess – he got in
    to it heavily in about 94, but if it was “pure” stuff, than maybe even
    92. Look at all those Elliott Smith drug related songs (who is as great
    songwriter as Layne is) and most of them were written even Before he
    started using chemical shit. Listen to “True Love” – his unreleased
    song, one of the most beautiful drug related songs, aswell as Junkhead.

    • Seola

      Actually, it’s now widely known (as an update to my earlier post) that Demri Parrot – his on and off again girlfriend/fiance – introduced the drug to him around late 1989. While I couldn’t say how heavy it was, most people say he was into it “quickly”. That said, the change in his body (given how lean and semi-muscular he was, as well as tall) would have easily been put off for a year or two. He’d also had some rehab in and out of there 90-92, so he could have gotten clean for several month periods before he gave it all up to the drug.

  • Chris Cornell’s Mustache

    He was already shooting during the recording for Dirt and Dave Jerden (producer) could back that up because he told him he should get clean and it pissed Layne off and they were in a feud from then on. Also, these idiots must have forgotten Chains were on the road at that time anyway and he didn’t use dope regularly on the road cause you can’t afford to not find any and get sick.

    Also, more proof is, the heroin that he used was black tar. If anyone is familiar with that they’d know it’s a sticky brown substance that kinda looks like cheap hash. It doesn’t break down into a powder so you can’t snort it, you either have to smoke it or cook it into solution and shoot. Layne shot up Mike in the studio and Mike crawled around throwing up.