Some previously unseen photos of the late Layne Staley of Alice In Chains have surfaced on eBay on an auction for Layne’s sunglasses, which sold for $1,800.  The auction features a few photos of Layne as proof that they were his sunglasses, and the photos, according to the seller autographs99, are from Layne’s final ever public musical performance with the Second Coming.  If this were indeed to be photos from Layne’s final ever performance (post summer 1996 AIC shows/Grammys 1997 appearance) these would be the first post February 1997 photos of Layne Staley to surface.  Below are two of the other newly surfaced photos.

Now let’s try and figure out when the photos may have actually been taken.

Layne played a handful of shows with the Second Coming in fall 1994 and then another show with them in fall 1995.

Above is a photo of Layne performing with the band in fall 1994, looking nothing at all like he does in the newly surfaced photos.  His hair here is vintage Layne, a bit shorter and slicked back.  Layne’s performance with the band in fall 1995 was during the Tripod era of Alice In Chains, when he also had shorter hair, so the photos are unlikely to be from any of those performances.

The only time Layne sported a look like this at all was in spring 1994, but the only reported performance he did during that time period was a brief performance with Tool, and he had a ski mask on while performing.  So it is a possibility that the photos are from this time period, but his hair looks longer (especially on the side) and his face is whiter in the newly surfaced photos.

Here is an enlarged version of one of the newly surfaced photos.

Sorry if I bored everybody with this article, I’m a die hard Layne fan and his reclusive years fascinate me.  I have always wanted to see a picture of him from that time era, and also hear some of the rumored home solo recordings he made during this time.

If any readers have any insight as to when these photos may have been taken, let me know!

  • http://www.twitter.com/six7six7 Joe

    just look at the microphone placement.

    In the one you can tell it’s him, he has his mic alot lower than the dude in the picture above.

    You’d think a singer would keep something like that a little more consistent.

    • ALittleBitter

      If you look at the “last” known picture of Layne when he is at a Halloween party with members of second coming etc. he has long, straight, mousey-colored hair at that point. If this is/was the middle to late 97 and the “last” pic being Oct of 99 then it looks like his hair would have grown to that same length with out cutting it during those two years. I’m 99.9% sure that is Layne. Coming from a complete freak fanatic.

      • ALittleBitter

        I believe they are also the same glasses clear back from 92′ (would? video) and dozens of live AIC performances. He had quite a collection of sweet shades.

  • yumm

    Dude its easy (sorta) just ask the guy on ebay that sold the glasses he should know. He said that he got the autographs personaly. But then again a lot of those guys are full of shit just so they can make more money. But they look like theyre from around the same time from the fourth pic. In the fourth pic he just doesnt have as spiked up as long. Anyway who ever got those sunglasses in one lucky motherfucker. Thats if theyre even his. Also this is more interesting than some of the stuff youve posted before. Like that time you posted pearl jam being mentioned on tv. That was boring ;)

  • Kris

    It looks like Layne to me but an even skinnier look than normal which would make sense. The pictures just sadden me … :(

  • Adam

    Layne has his hobo gloves on which was 1995 and onward (supposedly to hide the needle injection marks). He looks better than I thought he would. So sad about his final few years.

  • billy

    i’d believe it was him and it would make sense time-wise of late 90’s since second coming would’ve had an album out at that time (which had a few really good friggin songs on it)

    Be careful what you wish for tho Brett, if he was that skinny in between 97-99, it might be wise to never see him deteriorate even further. I think sometimes that i’d like to just keep the memory of him as a functional human being.

  • Jake

    Layne’s last few years really interest me, but I’m not sure I’d want to see a picture of him like a week before his death. When his body was discovered he only weighed 86lbs and Layne was a decently tall guy, like 6’1” or 6’2”. I guess I’d rather remember him in his prime form.

  • cosmicatomic

    He actually looks a lot better than I would have thought he looked in 1999. He looks better than he looked on Unplugged.

    But then again, if I’m not mistaken, he recorded a few songs in 99: Another Brick In The Wall (with Morello), Get Born Again and Died. So he was at least trying to be a functioning musician.

    I’m sure at some point he just said F it and gave up….”slow suicide”.

  • Dreux

    There’s something very strange about morbid curiosity. The second I read “possible late 90’s photos of Layne Staley”, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat excited. Now I just feel disgusted. I don’t know why, but it seems that when it comes to Layne Staley’s reclusive years, I really do want to see something from that time in his life, but at the same time I hate the thought of seeing him completely deteriorated. It’s a lot like wanting to see a photo of Cobain after he shot himself. It’s sick, but I would probably quickly look over it if I had a chance. But then I would probably never be able to look at a picture of him when he was alive without thinking of how he looked post-suicide. One thing I can say about these pictures is that he really doesn’t look too bad here. He looks a bit better than he did on the Unplugged concert, anyway.

  • dakotablue

    I don’t think these photos are late 90s. For one thing, I only saw Layne wear the patchwork jacket in earlier days. As far as his skinniness, he was a slim guy all his life, really, although scary skinny at various points (like in the Again vid).
    I also wonder if the eBay seller is legit, since the sunglasses came with a TV Guide addressed to Layne at his condo a full year after he died, as well as the listing of his condo for sale after he died.
    Thanks Brett for posting this–I’m also a diehard Layne fan! And to those who think he looked terrible in the Unplugged performance, I disagree–he looked sad and thin but still beautiful. Such a loss.

  • Ace

    The top 3 are not photos of Layne. They are photos of an unauthorized movie that was being made by a terrible author of an unauthorized and terrible book about Layne. What a shame.

  • cosmicatomic

    You don’t think he looked bad in Unplugged? I thought he was terribly skinny, pale, unkempt and weak. From what I read, it sounds like he’d just gotten out of rehab.

    He certainly kicked ass and delivered an epic performance, but he looked bad. You could also tell how hard some of his big notes were (his eyes would roll in his head and he looked dizzy at times).

    I recently watched all of Alice’s vids chronologically on their Music Bank DVD, and it’s so sad actually watching Layne noticeably deteriorate from video to video. I’d say he was in his prime on ‘Would?’ and then it was pretty much downhill from there or at least shortly thereafter. The last 5 or so are gutwrenching – he is either pretty much completely phased out or he looks just awful and inactive (if my memory serves…..Again, Grind and Get Born Again are some of the bad ones).

  • Robert

    Honestly think this is photo from 1994 possibility through 1997. He didn’t look to be bad in these photos. There is one photo that surface a year that looked more from his reclusive days where it was taken on Halloween and he had long hair with glasses on. He looked even thinner there with the same man purse gloves and many layers on. I heard description what he looked like in very late days. It still sucks that Layne is gone and had one of the best voices in rock.

  • Me

    Hmmm, I’m skeptical that they are actually his glasses and that these photos are even him…

  • http://facebook.com/kimberlygregor Kimberly

    Based purely on looks alone and how much I am obsessed with anything Layne related, I would bet money that those pictures are NOT of him. To me, it looks a lot like him.. but they are off. IMO, those pictures are not Layne.

  • BonerJam

    Does anyone know what company of type Layne’s glasses are, I want a pair!

    • fern

      Yes, I have them. They are Ray bans…

  • Robert

    I think it is Layne because I could tell by the features on his face but I believe this is a photo of him in 1994/95 and in the photos of him around the unplugged performace and other photos in the 1996/97 the gloves he wore were more thicker. As I said before I believe there is one photo of him in the reclusive years that with two other guys on Halloween with long hair and glasses. That photo surfaced a year ago. He look really thin and pale there.

  • jess

    That’s not layne! Obviously!

  • http://twitter.com/uncapped2001 nevernamed

    I am curious about his last years. Its curiosity and its morbid, but I am still curious and want to see what Layne became.

  • Tom

    Okay now I’m curious about the Halloween pics that Robert mentioned. I don’t recall seeing any pics with him after the early 90’s with long hair. Curious, links?

  • yumm

    Now that i think about it I think the sunglasses maybe fake. I think the guys just added the tv magazine to make it seem more legit. Also just because theyre labeled autographs 99 doesnt mean theyre from 1999. Ive seen other ones from when Madseason performed new years 1995 and the pictures are also labeled autographs 99. And the people that heard all those rumors that he weighed 86 lbs and all that other dont believe it until it becomes fact. There was also rumors he arm was amputed and all kinds of other things. It was all made up.

  • steve

    As much as I would like to believe these are late 90’s photos. There has never been ANY reports that he performed live any time after 96. Hard to believe we never would have heard about it until now. He was very private in his final years. In “Everybody Loves Our Town” Tripod producer Toby Wright stated that in 2002 Layne had agreed to do guest vocals on a song by Taproot, but he would not let anyone other than Toby be present at the recording. He talked about how excited Layne was to sing and create music again. Sadly that never happened due to his death. Anyway these cant be from a 99 performance as such a thing never happened. We would have heard of it before this dude came up trying to sell his sunglasses.

  • vintageguitars

    Cool photos Bret! Thanks for posting them.

  • Jimmy

    I think these could be from 1999- how the hell would we know for sure anyway? It does look similar to the spring 94 look, but his hair longer and wilder in these new pics…also in the 3rd new picture, he’s standing there in one place – had it been 94 I think he would have moved around some more. Also, in all the 94 Second Coming videos/pictures with Layne, his hair was either slicked back or unslicked, but NEVER spiky. I suspect in his later years, he stopped caring too much about maintaining a hairstyle and it could have grown out like this….He looks pretty skinny and very pale in these new ones, so I wouldn’t doubt it was in 97/98/99. But definitely not 2000/2001/2002, because he REALLY didn’t do anything then. In Everybody Loves Our Town, there’s a descrip. of Layne late in life where he’s wearing “mismatched clothes” and was looking skinny… Interesting find though.

  • Jimmy

    And someone for fuck’s sake link to this photo of him on “halloween”? I’ve never heard about that

  • Millz

    These photos are legit. This guy has been on ebay for a long, long time and has met everyone from Bill Clinton to Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain too. He’s based out of Seattle and is a professional autograph collector. He gets everyone and has gotten everyone at least once. Don’t know how he does it but I’m a fan for sure.

  • Robert

    Here it is

  • Robert
  • GrungeAttack

    For all we know he went dumpster diving or its a bunch of fake shit. $1800 he got for old shades and old TV guide L-o-L what idiots. Shit I know people who can fake this shit better pass on to them where to make some quick $$$$ just kidding..;..

    Ty Cob you all here at Garbagereport.net

  • Millz

    Not sure about the time frame, but he does have phtos of him with Layne, Jerry, Mike and Sean from pretty early on. Autographs99 is his seller name, not anything else. He started selling on ebay in 1999. I think these are legit. Also I saw Layne perform with Tool at Rockstock 94 in Seattle, while wearing the ski mask and red hoodie if I recall. The bill was Tool and Candlebox. The next day we came back to the same venue for a TAD/Soundgarden show.

  • Dreux

    @ GrungeAttack


  • Millz


    Here’s a condo for sale in Lyne’s old buidling. Its not his but you can get an idea of what his condo was like.

  • slatesphanboi

    ‘The top 3 are not photos of Layne. They are photos of an unauthorized movie that was being made by a terrible author of an unauthorized and terrible book about Layne. What a shame.’

    Did this flick have a name while in development? Just curious as a I would like to find out more about it.

    BTW I have been meaning to watch ‘Last Days’ like forever! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Last_Days_%28film%29 )

  • Brett

    Millz do you know how to contact the guy and try to find out when the photos were taken? I tried messaging him on eBay but no response.

  • Millz

    No I’ve just been following him on ebay for a couple years, and gathered information there. Some of the autograph guys I know here in Phoenix know him or know of him. If you look at his Alice auctions and previous auctions, he has photos of him with Layne and guitar picks from Layne and he sold his Mad Season ticket stub and a Layne pick for a huge amount recently. He has photos sitting in Dave A’s house from Pearl Jam. Ebay is the only way I would know how to get in touch with him, and he wouldn’t know who I am. Your guess is as good as mine.

  • yumm

    Also some of his “friends” stole a lot of his stuff. I woukdnt doubt if some of the stuff he has is stolen. How the hell does he have all that layne stuff

  • Millz
  • Millz


    Here he is singing in the jacket.

    The jacket also makes a few appearances in the “Man in the Box” video.

  • Jack

    These photos have been posted already several times in this guys auctions in the past. I bought a “Layne” TV guide from this guy back in 2000. He used the same pictures back then too. Good seller but these photos just like just about everything else on this site is rehashed!

  • cc

    That is Layne for sure. The guitarist is the one from Second Coming, just check out the videos with Layne and them. And i would guess these pictures were taken between 1994 and 1996. Have seen one photo on Johnny bacloas old website with a picture of Layne performing with them in 96 as well.

  • cc

    and also, there are pictures of Layne where he looks almost like this (around the time of the “playboy mansion interview”) but it is Layne standing next to Harry Shearer (Spinal Tap, Simpsons)

  • cc

    but those pictures w harry Shearer are from 92 or something…

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  • http://www.reverbnation.com/lemonlang nevernamed

    The only thing I’m skeptical of, is the fact the TV guide was delivered up until february 03 when layne died in april 02..

    but those pictures him..

    He was a rayban glasses wearer. I know his mom got most of his stuff from his condo.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/lemonlang nevernamed

    I have to add on to this above statement. While the TV guide was sent to that address until feb 03, the address, including the apartment #, is 100% correct.

  • Nat

    That’s totally Layne. Just not in the late 90’s. Duh.

  • ally

    I to am a huge layne staley fan. don’t know what to make of this picture but i ran across an interview with the entire band i believe it was 1999 and they asked layne about second coming and he said F**k one of the member’s they had ripped him off. so would he be playing with them in 99? just thought i would add that not sure the video but if anyone is interested maybe 1999 phone interview AIC.

  • David

    It’s definitely Layne. You can tell by the clothes but even more from the way he stands at the mic. He started to address the mic in a less aggressive stance after 1995 and it’s definitely after that period. From the post 96 photos I’ve seen of Layne his health and look vacillate a bit but throughout he has gloves and long sleeves and is pale. Plus he’s playing with the guy from second coming .. Who else would it be? My guess is that this is from around 98 when he had a mini revival of sorts

  • chrissy
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  • ivan

    quisiera saber que marcas de gafas uso Layne Staley en unplugged

  • ivan

    espedialmente el modelo que uso

  • Lizayne

    Layne was sick before he died. He was always skinny but when you get sick and have bad diet and hygiene, you’re going to lose weight. He wasn’t dope sick at the time he was actually sick i.e. flu or cold (wouldn’t take much when you’re immune system is dilapidated). Mike Starr even says in his interview w Nancy that Layne was sick and Mike wanted to call the ambulance but Layne was very against that and said he would never speak to him again if he did so Mike got pissed and left. He was likely the last and only one to see Layne in quite some time.

  • Tan

    You could try contacting Johnny Bacolas and ask him about it. He has both a Facebook and a Youtube account.

  • lefthandshake

    autographs99 is a fraud. He makes a living from forgery and uses a few of the same photos of him with various band members on multiple eBay listings. Most of the autographs on the items he passes off as legit are downright laughable.

  • Eric Radz

    It is Layne. That red/black checkered jacket is from the Man in the Box video.