• CornellSTFU

    Ahh yes the capitalist campaigning for the socialist. Interesting.

  • Deviate

    Yeah, interesting, isn’t it?

    If anything, he should be supporting neither candidate.

  • Deviate

    I love Soundgarden, and respect Chris for his musical accomplishments (except for Scream). But it’s sad that he’s mixed up in all of this.

  • SuperSG

    Cornell can do what he wants. Put yourself in his shoes. Maybe Obama promised things that Chris wants to see if he can accomplish? Maybe all the ideas Obama gave during his Campaign in 2008 made sense to COrnell and CC wants to see if he can make those ideas a reality? If you were in that position of musical importance, wouldnt you use your influence to support something you believed in?

  • CornellSTFU

    No I wouldn’t. Music is an escape from the f*ck clowns running this country. Anyone with half of a brain can see that Bush = Obama, and Republicans = Democrats.

    Sh*t hasn’t changed, and its worse.

    If Chris Cornell wants to help people, he can start by letting his 60 million out of his bank account and helping people.

    You cannot say you are a socialist, or preach the ideals of socialism when you are a capitalist yourself. F*cking hypocrite.

  • Junior

    Yeah, it’s obvious you’re the one with at least “half of a brain” and Cornell is the “dumb” one here. Again, people are way to far gone with ignorance for any progress to ever be made. Bias and selfishness will forever rule over logic.

  • bon3z

    CornellSTFU, really, what’s wrong with you people? Do you measure happiness only in money? Stupid americans.

  • Junior

    ^Don’t bother bon3z, once someone exposes such ignorance there’s no changing it. God himself could come down and tell these people that they are wrong, and they would still argue and throw some communist/socialist label at him and threaten to burn the bible. Logic is thrown out the window when it comes to these things. It’s impossible for people to be wrong, plain and simple.

  • SuperSG

    Politics are a waste of time IN MY OPINION. Opinion is the focal point in this article. In Cornells opinion, he feels its best for him to support his political agenda, which Im absolutely fine with. In other peoples opinion, its Cornell turning against what he once stood for

  • CornellSTFU

    Who said money was a measure of happiness? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black… Its called if he is going to be such an avid supporter of a President who is so ardent on socialist policies then he should cough up the cash. Who says I am not an Obama supporter? I am just saying if you have 60 million in net worth, you are a greedy f*ck to sit on it and not give it to those in need. If that is stupid, then you are a selfish, narrow minded idiot. Stupid worthless European/Australian/Canadian idiots and your two World Wars that costed hundreds of millions of lives. Yeah go f*ck yourself I am proud to be American and I am FREE, unlike you European/Canadian/Australian p*ssies who are a**-F*cked by your idiot socialist policies that aren’t working. Watch, America will come out on top again. It starts by getting O’Dipsh*t out of the office.

  • Junior

    ^^Because you know exactly what he has been doing with is money right? Again, making assumptions based on a blatant bias will get you/us no where. And the rest of what you just said doesn’t even deserve a response.

  • Mia

    Hey, I went to Living History Farms on a field trip in elementary school. Seems like a strange place to have a concert.

  • CornellSTFU

    Net worth = 60 million means he has 60 million allotted to himself. So that means that 60 million he is NOT giving to someone else. Or it would not be a part of his net worth.

  • CornellSTFU

    Bottom line if you are backing up a socialist candidate who is about hope and change, and you have 60 million dollars sitting in a bank account you are a HYPOCRITE. The biggest joke is when Chris Cornell sings, “I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadents.” That is as hypocritical as it gets. If 60 million USD isn’t decadence, then what is? He is a rich POS who sits on his money like Dick Cheney or George Bush, then pretends to be a liberal. Its phony BS. And we have Kool-Aid drinkers who buy it hook line and sinker every time. I am sick of wealthy liberals telling us how to run our lives. If you have 60 million you could give away 55 million and live a wonderful life. However, Chris Cornell is far too selfish.

  • tycobb667

    So then by that logic CornellSTFU, if u had a $100,000 income, how much should u be giving to charity or similar entities?? Hmm? Tons of people make good money in this country and don’t provide shit to the needy, so don’t sit here on some soap box with your sensational/backwards logic….

    And on another important note, how in the hell do u know one way or another if Cornell hasn’t already been making contributions to the less fortunate? That’s right, you don’t…And neither do I…

  • CornellSTFU

    Dear TyJACKASSCobb,

    You are diverging from the point, bottom line this guy has a huge nest egg. 100,000 USD is too much income for a single person, and with that kind of an income I would give 75,000 to charity, and rent a simple apartment and live off of the rest for my expenses.

    How much would you give?

    Doesn’t matter what tons of people are doing, it matters what the individual is doing. Tons of people are a-holes, big deal. I make a modest income of 32,000 a year. I pay about 4,500 a year in payroll taxes. I have 26,500 to live off in a year. I pay 8,000 a ayear in rent, and about 1,500 in utilities. That leaves me with 17,000. I keep about 4,000 a year for groceries and 1,000 for gas. That leaves me with 12,000. I donate 8,000 of that to charities and churches. That leave me with 4,000. I save 2,000 of that for my retirement, and I have 2,000 for personal expenses/entertainment. So if I can survive off of 32,000, and give 8,000 to charity, which is 25%, Chris Cornell could do exactly as I am, and live off 32,000 a year, he could donate $59,968,000 a to charity. That is what I would be doing. He will make more than 32,000 a year for many years to come from royalties and touring. So its true, Chris isn’t doing sh*t when you compare him to me.



    Look at the big picture, CornellSTFU is giving a valid argument here. Chris, Eddie, etc. are totally hypocritical. These people sit on millions and then criticize those who do not.

    CornellSTFU (your name is crude, but your message is clear) good solid argument, good points. I am sick of politicians, and I am tired or rock musicians who act like they aren’t a part of the celebrity hollywood scene. These tools (cornell, vedder) all took the big record contracts (which means they wanted the fame and fortune) and now they wont share their fortunes with millions of people!

    How can people sit there and say cornell is a good man, when he hides 60 million a year? Its repulsive that a man could sit on that much money when people are dying from starvation and poor living conditions.

    Wake up, imagine how many people we could feed and house for 60 million! Chris save the world, leave the hollywood greed and help the needy!

  • Junior

    Ending your arguments in 3…2…1…none of us know how much they give to anything or anybody. NONE OF US. The end.

  • tycobb667

    Nice double-entry there STFU haha….You’re such a tool, nobody here is going to be able to convince you that you’re just another puppet who has been suckered along with the NORMAL republicans by the right-wing extremists.

    Let me counter what u posted earlier. I am sick of the greedy, conniving conservatives who have hijacked the Republican Party. They have fooled countless into believing that they are the party of the people, that they want to downsize government and stick up for “American” values. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

    For several decades now the Right has persuaded middle and lower income Americans to vote against their own economic self-interest, by diverting their attention to “values” issues such as affirmative action, the sanctity of the flag, illegal aliens, gay marriage or abortion. These right-wing extremists know what they are doing, having shifted voter’s allegiances using these cultural anxieties and moral/emotional issues, even though it may significantly hurt them financially…

    It’s sad that such a large portion of our populace has fallen in line with these extremists, either because they aren’t educated, refuse to acknowledge the truth, or simply don’t care…


  • CornellSTFU

    Wow TyCobb, you are like the sl*t swallowing liberal c*m at the end of a bad p*rno flick right now.

    Nice try arguing that I double posted, wow, you look like a liberal c*m sl*t for posting that. You are the puppet chanting along with Cornell about stealing bread from a decadent. There is a decadent sitting right in front of you.
    Normal Republicans? Nice try, I am not a Republican keep guessing c*m sl*t. I already posted that I am helping out charities with every extra cent I have, and this guy, Chris Cornell, sleeps on top of $60 million a year, all the while people die from starvation and poverty all over the world. I am sick of liberals saying how they are for the people sitting on these huge nest eggs. There is smoke and mirrors. A guy with $60 million in a bank account saying he doesn’t mind “stealing bread from the mouths of decadents.” $60 million isn’t a decadent? Yeah right you took Obama’s big black d*ck pretty deep when you swallowed his load? Eh.
    Yes its all brainwashing, and you are the glorious savior from the left who is endorsing a President who is undermining American’s wealth every day. Did you hear about Obama’s GM Volt being dead? How much did that cost US taxpayers subsidizing GM for nothing? Using cultural anxieety? LOL! How about the liberals still pulling class war-fare? Then lowed his load? Eh.
    Yes its all brainwashing, and you are the glorious savior from the left who is endorsing a President who is undermining American’s wealth every day. Did you hear about Obama’s GM Volt being dead? How much did that cost US taxpayers subsidizing GM for nothing? Using cultural anxieety? LOL! How about the liberals still pulling class war-fare? Then you have idiots like Cornell sitting on 60 million nest eggs! No he is not rich, at 60 million he is just a part of the middle class.

    Or how about Michael Moore-on? Have you bought into his lies?
    Have you read up on Barack Obama’s affiliations with Tony Rezko? The lawyer who had “no idea” Tony Rezko was swindling taxpayers out of millions used to help the poor?

    You have bought into the liberal lies… Ever notice how well off the liberals are? Its because they steal money from the middle class by imposing high taxes, and offering farce social programs that go broke in the long run. Read your social security statements. It already states that by 2037 they will not be able to pay 100% of the benefits. That means that your money has BEEN STOLEN by politicians using the money on other programs to buy votes, something liberal politicians are notorious for.

    Its sad to see suckers like you singing along with the decadents about stealing their bread. The second you buy a ticket to Soundgarden, or Pearl Jam, you put money into the decadents savings account.

    I hope Chris Cornell gets strung up by his feet and left hanging for dead. You, I wish the same.

  • tycobb667

    ^ And there goes the ranting of a desperate attention seeking whore, right on cue! :D It’s pretty laughable to read the vitriolic language you feel is necessary to use, guess I must have struck quite the nerve with you huh?

    Also I had no idea “decadent” was the word of the day. Grow up, get your head out of your ass, and maybe you’ll feel a little better about life and your fellow man.


    Can you put your mouth out, this is Chris Cornell, I gotta have some idiot’s mouth to cream in! There is a nerve to strike, picture Obama and Cornell having a circle jerk on your face!

  • jjc19461

    This is all really pathetic, and nice job CornellSTFU “I hope Chris Cornell gets strung up by his feet and left hanging for dead. You, I wish the same.” Someone has some problems, to say the least.

  • SuperSG

    CornellSTFU…what are you smoking that hypercharged your PMS? Where can I get some???

  • SuperSG

    Ummm, it starts with the Individual and is most successful in communites. You truly are backwards CornellHater.

  • Right On

    Right on Cornell STFU!

    Its so hypocritical when celebrities preach to the little guy about how we can do more!!!!

    Then we find out the nest egg they sit on!

    There is a great story about a wealthy person giving 50 bucks to charity, and he has a bank account of 20 million at home. Then there is a guy like you, at 35k or less a year, and you give 5 bucks. Who is making the sacrifice? It runs deeper than percents or consistency, its about making the sacrifice.

    At 60 million, this guy only cares about himself like evil CEOS and evil politicians like George Bush and Barack Obama. EVIL is EVIL. Hoarding money in the multi millions is EVIL!

    Tone it down on the death threats though man! Just because TyCobb can’t see how greedy Chris is sitting on a Nest Egg, its too bad for him. He’ll always be Cornell’s puppet.

    Great analogy on the stealing bread lyric. That song is a laugh because right now Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell are both decadents.

    That celebrity net worth thing really puts it in perspective.

    Its like the whinny crap that these bands aren’t Hollywood too. I am effing tired of that one as well. These a-holes all signed on big record deals and took the big bucks and did business with “decadents.” Now they aren’t decadents because some tool like TyCobb thinks other wise?


  • SuperSG

    You are now in Mayan territory my Conservative buddy. Your demeanor is obvious, as shown by how you harp on the person who proved you to be pompous in your statements. Seriously, please look at it from all angles. You’ll get a better understanding of whats going on!

    And If you’re aware of what crime Cornell actually commited, do please tell me, because I see only an innocent, talented artist who is recieving WAY too much flak from fools who simply are being arrogant for the sake of being so.

  • Paul

    Bottom line: Cornell can do whatever he wants. Politics is not strictly about economics. Maybe he supports Obama’s social positions, like pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, etc. Whatever the case, it’s not our place to criticize.

  • Ryan

    You cannot support the social issues and reject donating to them. Its called stick to the topic. If you support a candidate you support all that they do. A rich guy is a rich guy. This just proves the people at the top of both the left and right are selfish wealthy aholes. I am a proud independent voter when I see garbage like Cornell is putting out.

  • Liberal Crap

    I am with the people who are effing tired of these musicians spewing their crap.

    I don’t care who Cornell endorses for President.

    He has no clue what is best for the rest of the country.

  • tycobb667

    I see your point CornellSTFU. You win. I was 100% wrong.

  • bark at the moon

    Whatever it’s his money he earned it let’s see you accomplish a third of what he has jealousy is an evil thing

  • Damien Kennedy

    Chris Cornell and his band Soundgarden performed at Rock for Choice concerts which went from 1991 to 2001 to support abortion through fundraising.