I finally received my digital review copy of Soundgarden’s King Animal yesterday, after it had already been released streaming on iTunes. It included the Worse Dreams, Black Saturday, and By Crooked Steps demos.

I like the vocal effect used in the ‘Worse Dreams’ demo particularly on the chorus, would have been cool to hear that in the actual song. The demo sounds a lot rawer than the studio version, but same song structure. The lack of production gives it a grungier feel.

‘Black Saturday’ is more stripped down that the studio version, Cornell’s vocals are a bit more somber compared to the studio version. I actually think I prefer the demo, while the structure is the same the stripped down nature and slightly different delivery of the lyrics just makes me like the song even more.

The ‘By Crooked Steps’ demo definitely sounds like a demo. The vocals don’t have the effects from the actual song and the guitars aren’t as polished. It is cool to hear the evolution of the song.

My favorite of the three demos I’ve heard is the ‘Black Saturday’ one which is just fantastic.

  • bon3z

    i think they masturbate on cleaning the sound too much these days… Listen to alice in chains – Died, or junkhead(demo) … they sound fuckin PERFECT

  • Mark

    Completely agree, bonerz. I prefer the muddier sound so much more

  • jjc19461

    Yeah it was sad that Layne was at a stage in his life where he was so isoloated from everyone. Died is so haunting, and raw. It makes perfect sense.

  • eoin

    Brett, any chance you can upload/give us a link to these demos?



  • Kirill

    Actually, there are 5 demos
    Worse Dreams, Black Saturday, By Crooked Steps, Bones of Birds, The Thousand Days Before
    Bones of Birds’ sound is very raw but at the same time is resembling some Audioslave song, cant remember thou which one
    The Thousand Days Before, the pace is a bit faster and the bridge part is very unfinished, however the middle eastern solo is very sharp

  • TC

    Excited to hear demos of ‘Black Saturday’, ‘Bones of Birds’ and ‘A Thousand Days Before’.

    Anyone else heard them?

  • Jaspero

    I received my deluxe uk copy, It has 3 Bonus Tracks- Same as Brett’s. I thought there was 6 demo’s in full?? Bones of Birds & A thousand days before and last but not least Halfway There )Demo) I have all 5 of them guys except Halfway…..

  • Jaspero

    I’m right.There is 6 demo’s. Got them all now!!!

  • chris

    NZ/AUS (and Germany I believe) have 5 demos –
    Worse Dreams
    Black Saturday
    By Crooked Steps
    Bones Of Birds
    A Thousand Days Before

  • Jaspero

    No Halfway there(Demo) on that version?

  • chris


    However I picked up Halfway There (demo) off iTunes.

  • TC

    Anyone heard these?:

    17. Bones of Birds [Demo]
    18. A Thousand Days Before [Demo]

    The Halfway There demo is cool, so much better than the album cut.