In a recent interview with TNA wrestler Jeff Hardy, he said the following about Billy Corgan:

“Hardy was asked whether he would be interested in working with Billy Corgan on a music project. Hardy said he loves Corgan. He said they spoke about Corgan’s Resistance Pro indy wrestling group the last time they spoke. Hardy said his own band has four produced songs. He said he and Corgan share the love of music. Hardy said his own band Peroxwhy?gen hope to have the music available by the end of the year.”

It’s always good to know there’s some BillCo supporters out there.


  • Brett Buchanan

    Jeff’s TNA theme song from his 2010/2011 heel run ‘Another Me’ is awesome, he wrote it and sang it himself. Would love to hear Jeff and Billy do a song together for Jeff’s next theme.

    Jeff’s a big Grunge fan. He has said before his favorite bands are Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam.

  • Dennis

    With all the makeup he wears I took him for a Poison guy.

  • Electric Fun


  • Taylor

    Boom x2 :)

  • Grant Faber

    Since professional wrestling is centered on being a family entertainment venue, there is a considerable amount of censorship that takes place to quieting the actions that professional wrestlers take when they are in the ring on any given night. Every professional wrestler establishes a persona that is angled toward increasing public appeal in the sport and in the wrestler. All of the outrageous antics that a wrestler comes up with while training for matches from week to week to meant to gain a wider viewing audience.’

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