Promoting Yourself As A Band Or Artist


Promoting Yourself as a Band or Artist

In the past, most bands or artists relied on the label that signed them to record, mix, publish their album, as well as find a distributor for their music. It was a time-consuming and expensive process. Even indie legends such as Oasis had to sign to an independent label like Creation Records. However, in light of the internet and modern communication methods, this is changing. Musicians can reach out directly to their listeners and market themselves for little or no money. In fact, if your music is good enough, sometimes it can market itself. Below, we’ll look at some of the best ways to get your music out there and noticed.

Set up a Social Media Presence

In addition to an existence on Spotify and iTunes, you or your band should have a dedicated Facebook page where fans can view your updates, follow your touring schedule, and contact you directly. Twitter wouldn’t hurt in this regard either, especially when it comes to sending out brief bits of news to a vast number of followers. An Instagram account is a great way to build a brand whilst showing fans a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes life of touring and recording. And, of course, having a SoundCloud account to publish your latest demos is invaluable. Not only does this give people a platform to listen to your music, it also offers the chance for feedback from your listeners, and for regular SoundCloud users to stumble across your music.

A Unique Domain Extension

Creating a website should be high on your priority list when self-promoting. However, with all of the competition out there from other musicians vying for the spotlight, standing out and being distinctive is essential for drawing attention to your music. One option is to consider registering a unique domain extension, so that instead of .com, a new top-level domain like .music or .band could really make an impression and immediately let people know what your site is about. See for yourself and think about if this is a good choice for you and your music, but a new top-level domain could also aid in getting the website URL you wish for. As there are millions upon millions of websites, domain extensions improve the likelihood of securing your preferred domain name. ‘Defiance’, as a band name for example, is a common word, TV show, movie, and video game, so is one way to help you stand out on the internet.

Check out Reddit Music

Reddit is arguably the genesis of most viral trends on the internet and it’s no different with music. The Reddit Music thread is a grassroots-type community that shares and discusses music of all genres. It’s a good place to see how music is being viewed and received, and a great area to share some of your own music to millions of dedicated music lovers.