@Antiquiet on Twitter is reporting that Queens of the Stone Age are searching for a new full time drummer since Dave Grohl, who is drumming on the band’s new album, will not be staying with the band on a permanent basis. Joey Castillo recently left the group during the recording of their new album, leading to Grohl’s return. Queens of the Stone Age are set to release their first album in 6 years next year.

I think the full time drummer solution is easy: Jimmy Chamberlin!

  • Jackyjackjack

    Jimmy Chamberlin yes fucking please

  • JJ

    Jimmy isn’t as good as you say he is, man…

  • Russ

    No surprise there.

  • €inestein

    Lame these queens are gay again

  • http://www.screen17.ie Eddie

    Chris Pennie. Put those incredible skills towards good music

  • bobo

    Jimmy is too good for queens…

  • allegra

    FUCK. I was hoping that I’ll see Dave behind the drums during their tour. :(((((

  • Steve K

    Jimmy on the drums for qotsa would be fucking epic. I truly believe he is the greatest drummer in the last 25 years. I can see this happening considering u don’t hear of him at all these days, so its not like the guy is super busy or anything.

  • gamermwm

    Well duh I don’t think anyone ever expected Dave to be there full time with the Queens. He does have this little side project called the Foo…and according to their latest documentary there was a little drama in his band the last time he wanted to leave for awhile to drum for the QOTSA

    But if he reeeeeallllyyyy wanted to go be a drummer for someone else for awhile, Matt Cameron will have to go back to Pearl Jam at some point and wasn’t Dave spotted at least a couple different Soundgarden shows fairly recently? That would be sick is all.

  • Max

    Josh Freese seems like an obvious choice.

  • joostone

    Yess…Josh Freese will be awesome!!

  • mandingo

    Fuck yeh! Josh is the best !

  • Shadow on the Sun

    damn str8 ppl, Josh Freese could absolutely nail pretty much anything, would be a great choice and the 3rd former APC member to play in Qotsa (van leeuwen (spelling?) and iha)

  • Alternadude

    Iha in QOTSA??

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Jimmy Chamberlain? Listen Brett, I appreciate when you copy and paste info, but please keep your absurd two cents out of it. He is simply the last person who would ever accept an invitation to join QOTSA.

  • Adam

    Barrett Martin. Josh worked with him in Screaming Trees and he doesn’t seem to be doing much these days.

  • Scott McLean

    Dave needs to be in bands where he’s singing. For example, it would be fun to see him do a few songs with Kiss and Alice in Chains.

  • Jack Irons

    I’ll drum!!! Me Me Me!!!

  • Inmytree

    Jimmy is one of the best drummers in rock but does not belong in QOTSA.

  • Shaun

    Would about Adam Lavine? He is seems available these days.

  • Kirill

    how about Brann Dailor? Josh Homme is a huge fun of Mastodon. Plus Mastodon isnt on any touring at the moment..

  • GwynnKatie

    @ Jack Irons:

    LULZ!!! I know, right? ;) That was freakin’ funny man…

    Scott McLean said:

    Dave needs to be in bands where he’s singing. For example, it would be fun to see him do a few songs with Kiss and Alice in Chains.

    ^^^ What an AWESOME idea!
    Wow – what if they read this site and that actually happened?
    Can you imagine being @ an AIC show and Dave walks out on stage with his guitar in place and a mic in his hand?
    The crowd would totally explode.
    But it would probably only happen in LA, NYC, or Seattle…

    But we can always dream.

    Oh… and I cannot understand the *gay* comments about QOTSA.
    I believe their music is well thought out, well played.
    If you don’t like them – fine.
    You either like it or you don’t – but homophobic comments have no place here. I’m sorry — but it’s like being a racist.

  • Chainsgarden

    311’s drummer is better

  • Bill

    @gamerrmwm Dave drumming for Soundgarden? good joke

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/breadbitten/ Breadbitten

    @Adam Precisely!

  • Josh

    I think Jimmy Chamberlin would be interesting to hear. Josh Freese would be a good choice too.

  • Jackyjackjack

    Yeah Jimmy wouldn’t fit in QUOTSA I suppose, I doubt he’s too much into playing other people’s stuff! But I’d just be excited to finally hear him in a good band since SP hahaha

  • Is he one?

    Josh Freeze is by far a better, more fitting choice than the incredible Jimmy Chamberlin for QOTSA.

  • Southern Discomfort

    Jimmy Bower would be a perfect shoe in.

  • Johnny

    Josh Freese. He’s my favorite drummer and he already played on Lullabies.

  • Tim

    Are you guys serious?

    Matt Cameron was the first drummer for Queens, way back in 97′, he’s perfect for the part.

  • rWilson

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Alfredo Hernandez. He drummed on their self titled, and if that albums re-release tour inspired the writing process as it has been well documented, wouldn’t he be a candidate? How about Gene Trautmann or Nicky Lucero, the drummers on Rated R? Gene toured with Eagles of Death Metal not too long ago. I cant see J-Ho getting a drummer he hasnt played with before.

  • sanchez

    suggesting Mike Byrne for qotsa’s revolving cast….then jimmy can find his place in the world again.

  • thefreewheelinmarkarm

    New project for Danny Carey?? Please??!

  • mister_elli

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Jon Theodore.

  • Kev

    This dude rips pretty hard: http://youtu.be/2HQDnF6FGEQ

  • Yup

    Insider Scoop: Jon Theodore is the next drummer for QOTSA.

  • jackblack

    steve hewwitt has been asked to audition

  • Steve

    Wayne Draves drummer of the Spits rules

  • Misshellshark

    One name only
    C. ALANIZ!
    Don’t know…. You better get to know!
    Here he comes!

  • Muse

    They need new blood. We keep replacing musicians without opening the door for new ones. There are so many talented drummers that haven’t been heard. Recycling musicians over & over only ends in the same sounds we’ve heard a thousand times before.