Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme Uniting With Nine Inch Nails Members Is Awesome


Former Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese recently shared a photo with Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and current NIN members Robin Finck and Alessandro Cortini.

Freese wrote, “New super group or just some Dads wearing choo-choo hats at a kid party? @robinfinck @alehan @queensofthestoneage.”

New super group or just some Dads wearing choo-choo hats at a kid party? @robinfinck @alehan @queensofthestoneage

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During a recent interview with Adam Buxton, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme discussed being arrested in the past at an airport. When Buxton was discussing airports, Homme said he’d been arrested at one. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“Which I’ve been arrested at.”

“I told them that I thought there were certain things they could improve, but that was on the way out. But also my friend Jesse Hughes for my birthday the night before, I had a party at my house, and I was traveling early the next morning. What’s funny is he was on tour so he was going to be there, and he gave me a collapsable wand as a gift, which is a weapon, a baton.

He put it in my overnight bag right by the door, which I had packed, so I just went to the airport, because I packed my bag, and I said, ‘That was a gift. That seems weird right? Does that seem like a weird thing? Actually look at my license. See how I smell like booze? And clearly I haven’t slept, and also both of those things ain’t illegal, and here’s my license, which says oh my god, I turned a year older. So you can see where the misunderstanding is, in fact, it’s yours, from one guy to another.’ Then I ended up going to jail.”

He then added, “So then I said I’d like you to hear the following things since we’re going to jail. So I explained all of this stuff in my own language, which apparently was no good. Took a few kicks in the ribs.”

  • Trovoid

    That supergroup would probably be pretty awesome. And that airport arrest story is typical Josh Homme.

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  • Hutttrash

    Garcia, Reeder, Hernandez were travelling through on the same day, saw the altercation go down and just kept on going.