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A Rage Against the Machine box set called Rage Against the Machine – XX will be released on November 27th through Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Records. This release will be a 20th anniversary box set that includes two CDs and two DVDs. The first disc includes Rage’s debut self-titled album remastered, as well as a couple of b-sides from that era. The second disc is the demo versions of Rage’s early material, recorded back in 1991. This demo used to be sold for $5 at early Rage shows and helped get them signed. The DVDs include plenty of concert footage spanning the band’s whole career, including its reunion. Source

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  • Dennis

    Just what the fans want! Oh wait,…that’s new music. Umm,…hi

  • ManBeast

    I had it pre-ordered with Amazon when they listed it for £15…they cancelled my order then just changed the price :(

  • blewharvest

    Wouldn’t be nice to get a surprise outtake or anything other then the b-sides ‘Clear the Lane’ and ‘Darkness of Greed’? ‘Clear the Lane’ must be on a half dozen singles.

  • Brett79

    where can i hear this song darkness of greed? i’m a huge fan of zach’s band before rage and they had a song called darkness of greed. be interesting to see if it’s the same lyrics!

  • Max

    Ugh, the self-titled remastered? Are you shitting me? That’s one of the last albums that should ever be “remastered”.

  • whisky

    Classic albums should rarely, if ever, be remastered. Pearl Jam totally sucked the life out of Ten with their remaster. “Oh, it has too much reverb, it sounds like a pop record, blah-blah-blah…” Give me a fucking break. I don’t understand how these giants of rock can become so embarrased by their legacies. Stupid.

  • Max

    But RATM is widely regarded as one of the best sounding albums of all time. No way it will be anything but worse.

  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    I had the original box on my wish list for some time, …. time to run and swap my wish for the new one.

  • whisky

    Well, either they think they can make it sound better – which they won’t – or they want to cash in. So they’re either stupid or greedy. Either way, fuck that shit.

  • Mike

    How many millions of dollars can you make bitching about capitalism because people get the hint…

  • C. Wordsmith

    @Mike: Yeah, but I would buy your CD, with you complaining about some bands, that must be some really interesting stuff …