Review: Foo Fighters Perform As “The Holy Shits”, Talk New Album At Firefly

After a long and brutally hot day at the third annual Firefly Music Festival, the Foo Fighters took the stage to play one of their first post-new-album completion shows. The band tore through its catalog of hits from each and everyone one of their studio albums.

The entire band was in top form musically, but not physically:  guitarist Chris Shiftlett was bound to a chair with a broken ankle. “Its because he’s old”, Grohl mentioned. “When you get old, hair grows in weird places and your bones just break.” Groh did stress that it was Chris’s decision to attend the show despite his condition.

Though everyone in the audience seemed keen on the band playing new material, Dave Grohl could only tease what was to come. “We recorded eight fucking badass songs,” Grohl mused. “We’ll give them to ya’ at some point.” The band then launched into the Taylor Hawkins-led “Cold Day in the Sun”. Grohl later remarked that he couldn’t wait to return and play the new stuff.

During an extended guitar solo, Grohl made his way to the scaffolding holding one of the spotlights in the middle of the giant crowd. After this, he seemingly disappeared for three minutes, leaving the band visibly confused as they dragged their jam on with no sign of their frontman. Out of nowhere, Grohl emerged from the crowd holding a beer can in his hands.

Before playing “Big Me”, Grohl referenced how he hadn’t wanted to play the tune in a long time because the fans would always chuck mentos at him when the band performed it, referencing the song’s weird video. One of those incidents in Canada led to Grohl asking for a lighter to burn the packs of mentos onstage, which in turn led to thousands of lighters being chucked at him.

What was perhaps most surprising about the night was the weird way the Foos chose to return to the stage for an encore. Grohl and Hawkins staged an argument over the amount of encore songs they should play on the two large screens on either side of the stage. Grohl played grouchy while pretending to want to play only one or two songs, while Hawkins kept adding to the proposal, eventually coming to the decision of playing five songs.

The band came out with the name “The Holy Shits” written on the back wall of the stage. Grohl said that what the band was about to was a first in their history; the band reinvented itself as a ‘bar band doing classic rock covers’ named The Holy Shits. From there, the band launched into covers of “School’s Out”, “Miss You”, “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love”, and “Under Pressure”, closing out the night with a “cover” of Everlong and a barrage of fireworks.


Times Like These
The Pretender
Learn to Fly
White Limo
My Hero
Cold Day in the Sun
Big Me
Monkey Wrench
These Days
This Is a Call
Best of You
All My Life


School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover)
Miss You  (Rolling Stones cover)
Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love  (Van Halen cover)
Under Pressure  (Queen/David Bowie cover)

Disclaimer: Sorry about no pro-shots, was not issued a photo pass despite having media access. These are angles from the monitors.